In the Movies... Ep. 7: Is It the End of Film?

Juliana and I were excited to talk about our first documentary on the podcast. This is a movie I saw last year that I put on my list of podcast ideas because it was itself a discussion on a movie industry topic. The film, through interviews with filmmakers, asks the question "Is it the end of film?" I suggested the movie and topic to Juliana, unsure if she would be interested in delving deep into this aspect of the film industry. Fortunately, the doc explains the technical side of film & digital in a very clear, simple way that anyone can understand. Anyone interested in understanding a bit more about how movies are made will find this perspective interesting.

I also wanted to ask the question "Is awareness of the movie industry ruining the magic of movies?" We both love behind-the-scenes stuff, but is there a limit? We talk about seeing the same few Hollywood actors in every movie, Marvel's 20-year plan, and the lost magic of seeing a movie in a theatre.

Movie News We Talked About
Pitch Perfect 3 [Vulture]
Maleficent Sequel [Deadline]
Lucy and Colombiana sequels [Vulture]
Ghostbusters Set Photos [Hello Giggles]
Ghostbusters Chris Hemsworth cast [Vulture]
Rose McGowan calls out Hollywood sexism [Business Insider]

We Didn't Talk About
Martin sheen cast in Anne of green gables TV movie [CTV News]
Christopher Lee died at age 93 [Daily Mail]
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them [Nerdist News]
Tom Holland will be Spider-Man [LA Times]
More Black Widow Merch is Coming [MoviePilot]
Mark Ruffalo on the "I am not a feminist" internet movement. [Tumblr]
Looking for Alaska has a female director [Hello Giggles]

Fun Movie Stuff
Where are the Women? (A Sort of Supercharged Bechdel Test) [Tumblr]
The Furiosa test [Tumblr
When there are enough women [Tumblr
Dustin Hoffman on Tootsie [Tumblr
If men were treated like women in Hollywood [Tumblr]  
Add 'ing' to movie titles [Tumblr]

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