The Doctor's Companions Ep. 9: Highs and Lows

This week we go out of order to talk about one of the highest-rated episodes of Doctor Who and one of the lowest-rated. We put episode 4 with episode 7 of this season, to avoid any three-part podcast episodes and keep all these two-part stories together. (There are three two-parters this season!)

Despite being one of the highest-rated by fans, Juliana and I have major issues with "The Girl in the Fireplace". How could he leave Rose and the TARDIS for that woman?! Despite being a good episode and story aside from that, we just cannot ignore the fact that his decision is so out of character! I did some research on this Madame de Pompadour and she's not even historically or personally interesting or impressive, so I cannot wrap my head around his fascination with her. Linda doesn't have a problem with it, but I think I probably didn't much on my first viewing either. I think it came after rewatching the whole series enough that I knew The Doctor well enough to see how out of character that is for him. 

After Juliana and I get through our ranting, we quickly get through one of our least favorite episodes, "The Idiot's Landern". Aside from Rose and The Doctor looking adorable in their 50's outfits, we all greatly dislike this episode. The baddie is lame and unexplained and we're just plain bored.

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