In the Movies Ep. 10: Drunk Disney's Descendants

We are very excited about our new podcast feature that we are calling Drunk Disney. It wasn't really planned as a new type of podcast format, it just so happened that Juliana and I were both really excited to see the new Disney Channel Original movie, Descendants, so we decided to get together and watch it. When I came across a drinking game for the movie on

, it became clear that we must not only watch the movie together, but get schwasted while doing so. And since I can't just do anything without wanting to make some some of content out of it, I thought we could try out a Drunk Disney quickie podcast after we watched.

We definitely had a lot of fun watching/drinking the movie and a lot of fun going over the best parts after for the podcast. We highly recommend following in our foot steps; watch the movie and play the drinking game. You will not regret it. So. Much. Fun.

Here's a fun trick I discovered: In the iOS Podcasts app, you can listen to podcasts at 1x, 1.5x, 2x, and 1/2x speeds. Juliana and I cried laughing as we listened to our last episode at half speed. It makes us sound super drunk. Trust me. Just try it. I'm sure any podcast would be hilarious, but since we were a little drunk for that podcast, it made it so much funnier to hear us sound really drunk and slurry. Ha ha ha.

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