The Doctor's Companions Ep. 16: Art Deco Daleks

This week is full of good times because instead of discussing these mediocre episode, we have fun talking about Dalek snails, whether or not Martha has showered yet and learning about the Cult of Skaro.

First thing's first: Here is the amazing picture Linda made for me! 

This week's question; What would you change about the Daleks? Linda and Juliana really want to get rid of the useless plunger immediately while I imagine a Dalek that leaves a snail trail as it glides around.

We hate hearing the ridiculous American accents and yell at Martha to change her clothes! And then we wonder if she has showered since she got on the TARDIS, and what the TARDIS shower facilities might be like. But that Dalek art deco style, doe! They may be evil but they got the look. We learn about the Cult of Skaro and the OG Daleks. Then we get scared by loud noises upstairs (possibly a murder, but we'll let you decide) before deciding that Daleks fart out that vent area in the middle, and that pig face Laszlo should consider a new life as a truffle hunter.

But we want to hear from you! What would you change about the Daleks? What would you do with your pig face? What do you think Daleks eat/consume and where does their poop/farts go? Wanna make us some fan art? And definitely answer this week's question so we can read it on episode 18: If you were a time lord with a chameleon arch, what object would yours be?

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