In the Movies Ep. 11: Coraline and 3D Technology

This week we watched one of my favorite movies, and I got to research a topic that I have been interested in for quite some time. It's a very technological episode as the making of a stop-motion movie like Coraline is very technically challenging, and 3D movies is a technology with a lot of history.

I think the most interesting, and a little surprising, fact that I learned about 3D technology is that it's been around almost as long as photography has been around and it hasn't changed much since then. It's still the basic concept of giving each of your eyes a different image to see that your brain puts together as a perception of depth.

Neither Juliana nor I are fans of seeing movies in 3D these days, but it was fun to watch Coraline at home with the pink and green 3D glasses. Okay, we didn't make it through the whole movie, but we gave it a chance. 

Unlike Juliana, I saw Coraline in theatres, and bought the DVD when it came out because I loved it so much. In fact, I love Coraline so much that while I was waiting for Juliana to come over to watch the movie, I had some fun on

. You can interactively explore the whole world of Coraline on the site, see movie clips, behind-the-scenes clips, and have fun giving yourself button eyes and spelling your name in mice. I highly recommend checking out the site and having some fun!

Here are your links, as promised. Have fun learning about how 3D glasses work. Maybe you'll understand polarized light better than I did...

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