The Doctor's Companions Ep. 15: Thou Art Stuck in Traffic

Martha gets the standard one trip to the past, one to the future, new companion test. Juliana, the theatre student, geeks out over Shakespeare stuff (I think she was one step away from reciting the podcast in iambic pentameter). I find the "witches" words instead of numbers kind of science/magic to be interesting, while the futuristic traffic jam gives me plenty to complain about. 5 billion years in the future and we still have cars and traffic jams? 

We answer the question of where & when we would like to go if we had to stay on Earth. A little bit forward? All the way back? Pterodactyls? And ask you the question: Which baddie would you like to see come back as The Doctor's ally? We've seen it before in Madame Vastra and Strax.

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