The Doctor's Companions Ep. 17: Tish is Here!

This week we talk about a number of fascinating things, most of which have nothing to do with the episodes. You know us, when the episodes aren't interesting we find other stuff to talk about. Like what Linda thinks of the twelfth Doctor. (She's almost caught up!)

We have a variety of answers for this week's question; Which baddie would you like to see become an ally? And we discuss the idea that The Doctor changes his appearance when he regenerates to match his current companion.

But then we get to the important stuff: Tish, Tish, Tish! We get to know Martha's sister Tish! I obsess over her name, her full name (Letitia! The same as mine! Even the spelling! That never happens!), and the Doctor saying my name. *Swoon* I also suggest that someone could pull off this de-aging thing as an elaborate prank and wish that The Doctor would just straight-up kill a bad guy for once instead of putting everyone's lives at risk with his elaborate plans to indirectly kill bad guys.

And then we go to The Impossible Planet 42 minutes until we crash into the sun. We discuss the various scientific inaccuracies, although Linda assures me that a good gangster tint on the windows would be enough to protect their eyes that close to the sun. We all cheer when Martha is jettisoned away and think that she and that guy should definitely hook up and she can forget about The Doctor because it's never gonna happen, gurl! Oh, and Harold Saxon is no longer just whispers, he is real.

So, have fun listening to us complain more about Martha and bad science, and for episode 19 tell us which episode would you choose if you had to choose just one to show someone to get them interested in Doctor Who.

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