In the Movies Ep. 13: It's My Birthday!

Celebrate my birthday with me and my ten favorite movies! In this special birthday episode, we record the podcast by candlelight and learn about my life in movies. You'll notice a big difference between my and Juliana's top ten lists. My movie choices, and a reason I chose each of them, are visually stunning. It's a big part of my movie watching experience; the sets, art direction, animation style, location, colors, wardrobe, etc. Juliana's list, however, was focused on groundbreaking filmmaking and acting performances. Just another example of we come at movies from different perspectives; I, a filmmaker, and Juliana, an actor.

All of these movies affected my life in big ways. They may not have the same effect on you if you're not a thirteen year old girl watching Thirteen, but I, of course, I recommend you watch all of these movies. If nothing else, maybe you'll get to know me better, which I know is the real reason you're here.

Girl, Interrupted


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Butterfly Effect


Lost and Delirious

Spirited Away

The Fall

Under the Tuscan Sun

Sucker Punch

And if you want to know even more about me via my favorite movies, check out my list of

23 Movies for 23 Years

 of my life. You'll see most of these on there.

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And check out this new thing we're doing! A quick video review of advance screening & new movies we go see! This week we went to see Spectre at an advance screening!