In the Movies Ep. 14: Entourage and TV Show Movies

Yeah! Oh yeah! My boys are back! Juliana and I have a great time talking about the Entourage characters that we know and love on another Hollywood adventure. We talk about what we love about each of the characters and lament over the lack of female characters, and how terrible the few are represented. 

The Entourage movie really felt like the show which is great as a viewer of the show, but other TV show movies don't accomplish that. We agree Serenity is the best example of how to end a TV show with a movie (R.I.P. Firely. Gone too soon.) and the second Sex and the City movie was unnecessary and ridiculous. We also discuss the countless movies based on old TV shows that are made in an attempt to reboot the property. (Dukes of Hazard, anyone?)

We're very excited and looking forward to our next couple of episodes. That's right, we actually have them planned already! We're getting Christmassy with the next episode about The Family Stone and ensemble casts. And then we're getting really Christmassy with another Drunk Disney episode watching I'll Be Home for Christmas starring JTT. We've never seen it before, so send us your drinking game ideas, or we're going to have to make it up as we go along!

Don't forget, we're making videos now, too! So far, we're just reviewing new movies that we see at advanced screenings or in theatres (spoiler-free) but in the new year, we'll be doing some more movie-related fun sketch/vlog kind of videos! Find In the Movies videos on my channel;

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