The Doctor's Companions Ep. 18: The Professor and The Maid

It's the beginning of something wonderful... We love this two-parter and agree that this is where the show hits its stride and never looks back! No more episodes we begrudgingly watch just because we have to, nearly every episode from now on is spectacular! The rest of this season is great (Blink! The Master!) and then we've got Donna for a season, and then the age of Moffat begins! 

We love this story so much we don't even hate Martha! She's mostly awesome and take-charge in awful, racist 1913, until she whines about her unrequited Doctor love again. On top of just terrible 1913, there are also a truly terrifying villain, the scarecrows. Legit scary. And then The Doctor himself gets legit terrifying with his dark and twisted punishments for the Family of Blood...

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