The Doctor's Companions Ep. 19: Chan Don't Blink Tho

This week, we have fun talking about two great episodes. While everyone is trying not to blink, I'm wonder if the camera/us, the viewers, count as a set of eyes, because the Weeping Angels are statues when no characters can see them, but the camera is on them. Plot hole? Or Moffat fucking with the fourth wall?
Speaking of Moffat, he had something great to say about writing for Doctor Who in the corresponding episode of Doctor Who Confidential. "You know you've got a good Doctor Who story if you think- Well, I've just blown that feature film idea. That's the size of story you need for 45 minutes of Doctor Who." Do you agree? Are Doctor Who episodes little feature films? I think the good ones are. 
And then we travel to the end of the universe- with Captain Jack Harkness! He's immortal! What?! Only a surprise if you didn't also watch Torchwood. Chan and then we get introduced to Chantho, my favorite insect/humanoid tho. And, who's this? A very brilliant professor, or someone else...? It's the beginning of The Master! But, more relevant to us, we are introduced to Hermits United. Great fun. For a hermit.

Send us your answers to this week's questions! We answered which episode we would show an outsider to get them hooked on Who, and asked what's your favorite Christmas episode?

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