Tuesdays with Tish: Christmas Decorations DIY

In which I show you my Christmas decorations, watch the Kemptville Santa Claus parade, and shoot an episode of The Unicorn Hunt.

Some things I didn't mention about my DIY decorations...

Felt Mistletoe: I drew a couple different stem with leaves templates on paper, pinned it to the felt, and cut it out. (You could also trace it with a felt-tip pen and then cut it, but I wanted to avoid the inky mess.) I made five sprigs and glued them onto another little piece of felt rolled in a cylinder. This made it easier for the sprigs to be a little further apart, so they don't all fall flat on each other. I cut the white berries out of a white fuzzy fabric I had, but tiny white pom-poms from the craft store would be great, too.

Paper Snowflakes: Remember to fold your paper to make six points, not eight. Try using a protractor to get the angles, 6 x 60º = 360º. For my big snowflakes on fancy cardstock that I couldn't fold, I had to trace a pattern on and then cut out. Try making the snowflake the regular way on paper, then tracing that onto the cardstock. Or make just the pattern (60º angle, fold in half, cut pattern) and repeat it (measure your 6 60º sections) tracing it, and then cutting it out. I hung my snowflakes with white thread tied to the snowflake and to a sewing pin (which I painted white, so they wouldn't stand out) which I could easily stick in my false ceiling tiles. You could try white thumbtacks or just scotch tape for regular ceilings.

I think I explained the rest of my DIYs enough in the video. :)
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