Buddy the Elf is Just Like Us!

Oh, hello. You’re probably here about the story...

It's the story of a grown-up who loves Christmas a little too much. Like we all do, right? Elf is the most relatable Christmas movie because we (just me?) have so much in common with Buddy...

He feels like a failure when he compares himself to his peers.

He wants to make friends with all the animals. 

He mistakes overweight men with white beards dressed in red for Santa. 

He knows what revolving doors are really for. 

He likes pushing all the buttons on the elevator. 

He has trouble with escalators. 


He loves singing Baby, It's Cold Outside. 

He knows that guy at the mall is not the real Santa.

He has awesome holiday plans. 

He has a healthy, balanced diet.

He takes snowball fights very seriously. 

He has trouble expressing his feelings to the person he likes. 

Office work bores him. 

He likes skate dates.

He feels he is a disappointment to his parents. 

He knows the true meaning of Christmas. 

(It's, like, "spending time with family" or something, right?)

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