Doctor's Companions Ep. 21: Christmas BFFs

It's Christmas time at the podcaaaaast! We choose our favorite Christmas specials and then talk about how much Linda loves Kylie and Juliana and I love Russell Tovey. There's a lot to talk about in this Christmas special, even though we don't think it's that great.

And then it's The DoctorDonna! I think we can all agree that The Doctor and Donna miming/mouthing/signing at each other across the room is one of the best scenes in television ever, right? And then there's the cute little Adipose! What a great way to lose weight and meet some cute lil aliens! We are so excited for this season with Donna. She's an amazing character and their relationship is just the best!

Our question for episode 23 is a weird one: What vegetable or fruit would you like to use as inspiration for a Doctor Who alien? Sometimes we struggle with coming up with questions related to the episodes, so the potato-looking Sontarans is the direction we went.

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