In the Movies Ep. 16: Christmas Party By Proxy

It ain't a holiday without a Drunk Disney episode from your favorite podcasters/drunks! This time, we're watching 90's teen heart throb, Jonathan Taylor Thomas (not his real name, as we discover) in a delightfully terrible Christmas movie. Also starring the ageless beauty Jessica Biel as our new feminist hero.

As usual, when we get drunk and try to talk about a movie, we end up talking about so many other topics that have nothing to do with the movie. This time, we talk a lot about how annoying it is that we had to record while my landlords are having their Christmas party upstairs. Apologies if the crappy electric guitar sounds make it impossible to listen to the podcast at all, but we weren't going to cancel a date to get drunk. Oh no, we have a responsibility to our listener(s?) to provide you with a festive, drunk podcast before Christmas, so here it is. Upstairs Christmas party and all. 

Here are the drinking game rules that we used for the movie, including the ones we made up as we watched.

Drink every time...

Your heart is warmed.

Someone says "Merry Christmas!"

You sing along with a Christmas carol

Someone says "The spirit of Christmas" (or similar)

You see a mall Santa and/or a Santa costume

You see an angel or a guardian angel-type character

Christmas decorations being used incorrectly

There's a disaster!

Someone calls Jake (JTT) "Santa"

Jake is in a new state

One of the college dudes refers to himself as "-man" (ie Ed-Man)

And don't forget the classic Santa hat on the corner of the TV. Drink every time it looks like someone is wearing it.

The next podcast will be our 2015 Year in Review, so stay tuned! And check out our latest (spoiler-free) movie review video for Carol!

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