The Doctor's Companions Ep. 22: Pompeii History Lesson

What's that you hear? A beautiful new intro for the podcast? Why, yes it is. And then, what's this, we have a Twitter? Why, yes we do! Follow us @DrsCompanions and then join in the podcast fun by answering questions and generally saying what up. You can tweet us your answers to our episodic questions, like this week's question about Peter Capaldi being announced as the Twelfth Doctor. Juliana and I had some issues with the reuse of a Whoniverse actor. But we move on and enjoy learning all about what really went down at Pompeii (or what I think really went down). And then I get weird again, asking about the Ood's bodily functions...

This week, we asked you: If you could experience an adventure with an author in the style of their books, which author would you choose?

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Peter Jackson will direct an episode next season! [Facebook]

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