The Doctor's Companions Ep. 23: Sontar-Ha! Potate-Oh!

Despite our disappointment in seeing Martha again and wanting to just punch that genius kid in the face, we did have fun with these Sontaran episodes! We continue to be amazed with Donna and how her character is developing. So smart. So funny. So brave. The DoctorDonna have some great moments and one of our favorite characters, Wilf, is back! What a fun, yet annoying, story!

This week's question was quite creative- Since the Sontarans look like potatoes, we wondered what other vegetables or fruits would be good inspiration for a Doctor Who alien. Linda, the artist of our group, drew her creation inspired by an eggplant, Juliana forgot to bring in her drawings of rutabaga and carrot-inspired aliens, and I didn't have an alien creation exactly, just a fruit of inspiration.

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Our question for next episode is inspired by The DoctorDonna's adventures with Agatha Christie: If you could experience an adventure with an author in the style of their books, which author would you choose?

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