The Doctor's Companions Ep. 24: No Actual Unicorn :(

This episode was our first time broadcasting live on Periscope while we recorded and the first time we needed Periscope when we were done recording! That's right, we actually needed the saved recording of our Periscope because some dummy (me) didn't make sure Garageband had the right mic selected (after having some issues with that while recording the #50ShadesofDrunk podcast last weekend) so when we were done, we found that there was nothing recorded! After about 30 seconds of considering our options- record the episode again with much less enthusiasm or just skip the episode- I looked to my left, at my iPhone in its little tripod currently sending us through cyberspace via Periscope, and realized I could save the Periscope recording and take the audio from that! Even better- it doesn't sound too bad! So, that's the story of how Periscope saved the day!

So, get over the slightly worse audio quality and listen to us talk about which author we'd want to adventure with, the weird Doctor Who family connection of Peter Davidson, Georgia Moffett, and David Tennant, and one of the best Tennant-Tate scenes ever!

Who News
New show runner [BBC]
Matt Smith in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies [LionsgateFilmsUK]

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