In the Movies Ep. 20: 2016 Awards Season

You'll know from listen to our podcast that Juliana and I don't put much weight to film awards. We're more of the thinking that movies are art and art is too subjective and personal to be label "good" or "bad" or ranked or rated. Not that we don't acknowledge the vast amounts and variety of technical work that goes into making films. Like in the case of


, we could see that the movie was very well made in nearly every aspect, but we just weren't drawn into the story and the characters. "Technically good" does not mean everyone will enjoy it.

Despite our history of seeing very few Oscar-winning movies and refusing to give movies a quantitative rating, we felt we couldn't let this year's awards season go by unmentioned. We wanted to focus mostly on the Oscars, since it is the biggest deal in both the industry and the public's eyes. And because of that, its problems like #OscarsSoWhite (for the second year in a row) and lack of women and LGBT recognition are also big deals. 

So, listen up as we discuss the Oscars past & present, who's voting for the Oscars, and how people of color, women, and the LGBT community fair at the awards, and in the industry.


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