The Doctor's Companions Ep. 25: Count the Shadows

No technical difficulties for this episode! And good, thing, too, because Juliana loves this two-parter so much there's no way she'd let the podcast episode go. Although, maybe she wouldn't have minded having to do this one again since she loves it so much. I love it, too! It's a great Moffat story about scary things in the dark and, most excitedly, the first appearance of my beloved River Song!

Aside from just loving the fun and danger of the story, we talk about River's and The Doctor's timeline(s), and wonder what River's cyber afterlife would really be like. I also have a slightly inappropriate guess at what the "only time [The Doctor] could" tell River his name. What do you think it is?

At the top of the episode, we answer the question of which Doctor we'd like to see have more adventures with River. Juliana and I are pretty sold on Ten, Linda's not sure, but we all agree that River and Nine would probably just hate each other! And our question for you to answer when we talk about the season finale with the Daleks and their creator, Davros, is; Who do you think is The Doctor's greatest enemy? Ooooh.....

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