The Doctor's Companions Ep. 26: Molto Bene! Allons-y!

Allons-y to one of my favorite episodes! It's molto bene! I love the suspense, mystery, fear, creepiness, and show of human nature in Midnight. I think it's a brilliant episode with everything that's great about Doctor Who (except the spectacular visuals, I mean they're on a bus the whole time). Linda and Juliana are not so enthusiastic about its brilliance, but we all had a great time discussing it. And then we were glad to see plenty of Donna in the next episode, but found it so depressing! What a rough world it would be without The Doctor! What a great episode to show how incredible Donna Noble is, even without The Doctor. She's so smart and brave! This was a great podcast episode, so have a listen and let us know what you think about these episodes! And how sad are you already thinking about what comes next?!

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Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill at Ottawa ComicCon!

We asked you: Which DC or Marvel superhero would you like to see team up with The Doctor?

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