The Doctor's Companions Ep. 27: Ten's Companion Round-Up!

Everyone's back! Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Jack, Sarah Jane, Martha, and Harriet Jones (Former Prime Minister)! Jack brings Torchwood (the institute and the show) and Sarah Jane brings her son, Mr. Smith, and K-9 (from her show, which none of us have watched). The gang's all here to help bring The Doctor one second out-of-sync with the rest of the universe to find the Earth, Davros, and the Daleks. Things are a bit dangerous for a while, but then The DoctorDonna is created and saves the day!

The companions all go off to their happy endings. Well, most of them. (RIP Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister) Rose's happy ending is bittersweet as she says goodbye to The Doctor but gets to live happily ever after with her own human-ish Doctor in her parallel universe. Donna, however, gets the most tragic end. No, she doesn't die or get dropped off in a parallel world to live out her life. She gets to keep living... as just Donna. Donna without The Doctor. Donna without self-esteem or perspective or an adventurous spirit... She has to forget everything about The Doctor and their adventures and being "the most important person in the whole of creation" and go back to being "just a temp" Donna. The most tragic ending.

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