The Unicorn Hunt: Season 2 Finale!

I finally finished off Season 2 of The Unicorn Hunt! Ya, I did some major procrastinating/avoidance. I put off finishing videos that I'm just sick of, or when I'm just not in the mood to look at my own face. I finally decided to just use images from the Internet instead of my own drawings for PITCH, so that made it easier, but still tedious to edit. And then MAP was so much work filming, I was disappointed to see it's not even 4 minutes long. So much work, and it still sounds terrible because it was all outside on busy streets. OH WELL, it's DONE! ...Or is it...?

I still have ideas for The Unicorn Hunt, so there may be a Season 3 someday... But for now, I'm glad to have these done so I can just focus on Tish.TV and podcasts!

Don't forget to get your own Unicorn Hunting License! Happy hunting!
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