The Doctor's Companions Ep. 28: The Specials

It's the beginning of the end! This week we tackle those three specials that Tennant did after season 4, to have some more adventures before the real big finale. (Hold back you tears, we'll get to that later.) 
We continue the Marvel & DC theme to my content and answer the question of which Marvel or DC character we'd like to see pair up with The Doctor, with some answers that have us wishing for some crossover comics!
We love two out of three of the episodes, so that's pretty good odds! We get through our least favorite Christmas special so we can talk about our favorite coulda/shoulda-been-companion, Lady Christina de Souza, and finish up with the creepy water infestation on Mars, where The Doctor loses his damn mind! We track The Doctor's descent into madness throughout these episodes to prepare ourselves for the big finale.

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We asked you: Would you like another Doctor Who movie? What would you like to see in it?

We're getting together this weekend to watch the Doctor Who movie together! (Two podcast episodes away...) 

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