In the Movies Ep. 25: Drunk Disney: The Haunted Mansion

We spent most of this terrible movie discussing plans for our dream house, which has a lot in common with the haunted mansion, so that's what we spent most of the podcast discussing. It's not like there was a ton of great stuff about the movie to talk about. We did create a very effective drinking game for you, though. You're welcome, Internet.

Drinking Game
Basic Rules:
- title mentions
- when you can predict the next line
- when there’s a song to sing along to
- something relates directly to your life
- hidden Mickey

The Haunted Mansion Rules:
- bad jokes/innuendos
- cheesey horror movie cliches
- Casper reference
- "20 minutes tops"
- the crow
- you're reminded it's 2003
- the sound mix is really bad
- clever seamless cut between scenes
- when it reminds you of the Disneyland ride
- "forevers and evers"

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