In the Movies Ep. 31: Spotlight on Yulin Kuang

Tish and Juliana talk about filmmaker Yulin Kuang. Probably most widely known for her short film I Ship It (now a series on the CW Seed), Yulin is a young short filmmaker whose work we adore. You can find most of her work, which often focuses on coming-of-age tales and romantic comedy, on her YouTube channel,

Yulin Is Working

. We talk about Yulin's body of work and why we love it so much.

Yulin Kuang Filmography

First Kiss (2012)

The Perils of Growing Up Flat Chested (2013)

Kissing in the Rain (Series, 2014)

I Didn’t Write This (Series of shorts, 2014-ongoing)

Irene Lee, Girl Detective (2014)

I Ship It (2014)

We’ve Met Before (2015)

Angie & Zahra (2015)

Love Wins in All 50 States (2015)

Tiny Feminists (Series) (2016)

If Women Ruled the World (2016)

Belinda (2016)

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