In the Movies Ep. 44: Set It Up & How We Watch Movies


Tish and Juliana talk about Set It Up and how we watch movies. We agree that Set It Up is charming, fun, hilarious, and clearly written by women. With Cannes banning Netflix originals and studio directors clinging to the idea of "sacred cinema", what is the future of movies viewed on the big screen? We talk about our real movie theatre experiences that make us glad that we can watch movies in the comfort of our own homes with streaming services and dvd/blu-ray.


The Death Of DVD Will Haunt Us [Huffington Post]

Domestic movie theater attendance hit a 25-year low in 2017 [The Verge]

Theater chains are terrified of MoviePass because of subscribers like me [The Verge]

Movie Theater Attendance Has Hit A 24-Year-Low, And 2018 May Be Worse [Uproxx]

Netflix Originals Are Now Barred From Competition At Cannes [Birth.Movies.Death.]

How frequently do you go to a movie theater to see a film? [Statista]

How many people stream Netflix? [Recode]

15 Reasons Why People Don't Go To The Movies Anymore [Screen Rant]

Netflix Is Not the Problem: Why Bad Theatrical Presentations Are Destroying the Experience [IndieWire]

Steven Spielberg Doesn’t Think Netflix Movies Deserve Oscars [Variety]

Netflix vs. Cannes: why they’re fighting, what it means for cinema, and who really loses [Vox]

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