In the Movies Ep. 48: Fifty Shades Drunkest


Tish and Juliana got drunk watching Fifty Shades Freed and then talked about it. And Tish’s neighbour’s loud dogs, abortion & adoption, heteronormative societal expectations, sex toy designs, and tried to remember how all the secondary characters are related.

Drinking Game(s)
Fifty Shades of Grey Rules
Fifty Shades Darker Rules

Fifty Shades Freed Rules:
- someone says "Mrs. Grey" or "Mr. Grey"
- Ana calls Christian "Sir"
- you see just the top of his pubic hair
- when he's in only jeans while fucking
- Ana is surprised by his rich lifestyle
- it reminds you of Twilight
- Ana shows some spine
- you think NOPE!
- their sex is far too quick to finish

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