just so i can say i wrote something this week ✚ Tuesdays with Tish

i can’t write anything this week. i have not been doing well. in case anyone actually reads this i’ll just give you some advice that i probably won’t take myself- go to a doctor when you feel sick, physically and/or mentally. eat more vegetables. reach out to friends when you realize it’s been a while since you talked. drink water. watch The OA, it’s really good. (my new rating scale for movies & tv is if it keeps my attention enough to keep away the physical symptoms of my anxiety. so far this weekend Every Secret Thing and The OA have passed the test.) a fidget cube in hand makes it easier to focus on movies too. exercise more. get off your butt and dance. those adult coloring books are great but don’t skimp on the pencil crayons; get the good shit. puzzles are good too; tiny feelings of accomplishment adding up. block people who hurt your heart and mess with your head. tell your friends what’s in your head. cry when you feel like crying. scream when you feel like screaming. breathe. 

thanks, i feel a bit better.


see you next tuesday