Spring is Trying to Be Sprung ✚ Tuesdays with Tish

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! Hard to believe when you look around at this city covered in slick ice patches between piles of dirty snow. March is tricky like that. Sometimes it just stays Winter, and sometimes it hits you with a week of 20+ temps to mess with you.

Last March, as my Timehop has been reminding me, I was very busy getting ready for my store to open. Lots of photos taken of store displays, lightbulbs, printer cables, more lightbulbs... My life was a lot about lightbulbs for a while. I was working at least 12 hour days, often by myself. #humblebrag On March 20th, the store finally opened and instead of being relieved that the worst was behind me, I was immediately bored and hated my job. Give me the one million responsibilities of opening a franchise store and I'll thrive. Make me interact with dumb and rude customers and I want to kill myself. (Spoiler Alert: I wasn't stuck in retail hell for much longer. Yay!) Also that day, I got the email from Ottawa ComicCon informing me that our panel had been selected for programming. Much more exciting than the first day of a record store. (Again this year, I'm waiting to hear back about which, if either, of our submitted panels will be selected.)

March always feels transitional and hopeful. No matter how quickly, slowly, cold or hot the weather, it is moving towards SUMMER! All you crazy people who say you prefer Winter- let me set things straight. Summer is always better. No one likes either extremes presented by the seasons, but Summer's extremes are never as bad as Winter extremes. Summer is hot. That's it. Okay, some may say it's also humid and that's terrible but I am a very dry human body so I will take sweaty humidity (easily relieved by a quick cool shower) over the dryness of Winter that means I have to keep my humidifier filled and still deal with nosebleeds. So, Summer is hot (and humid). But that's it. Enjoy some A/C, a pool, a sprinkler, the shade and you'll survive. Winter is not just cold. First of all- "cold" does not cut it some days when your skin will freeze with only seconds of exposure. It's cold, it's snow, it's ice, it's multiple layers of clothes and outerwear, it's a constant runny nose because of the cold, it's DARKNESS. Okay, I've already written about how terrible Winter is twice (it makes me sad and angry), so let's not dwell too much. But my point is made. Winter is worse. Summer is sometimes too hot/humid but Winter is always TOO so many things.

Let's stay positive; I'm getting through the last dregs of this never-ending Winter by looking forward to jackets instead of coats, clear & clean sidewalks, more wardrobe choices, more sunshine, sitting on my balcony with a frozen drink and a good book everyday after work, picnics, bike rides, walks, leaves on trees and grass on the ground, unfrozen rivers and lakes to see, and the general feeling of freedom that comes with moderate temperatures, blossoming nature, and sunshine.

me @ the snow and ice

me @ the snow and ice

Sharing is Caring: I’ve been listening to Sigrid’s album Sucker Punch everyday on the bus. Bops on bops on bops! Don’t kill my vibe!

See you next Tuesday!