Goals and Feelings ✚ Tuesdays with Tish

I finished making A Thing last night. A Thing that is part of a larger Thing that we are doing with the podcast. I like making Things. I also like seeing the finished Thing.

I wrote earlier this year about my Core Desired Feelings; Joy, Accomplishment, Connection. I chose those Feelings in part because I knew that I felt at my best when I felt those feelings. But I’ve been rethinking those CDFs. Joy and Connection are still goals for me; I would like to accomplish goals that make me feel that way. But Accomplishment, I already knew, is an everyday feeling. It’s a feeling inherent in any goal. A goal in itself is accomplishment. And, so it’s not one of my CDFs that I need to guide me and my goals. It is daily life.

So, I’m looking for a new word, a new Core Desired Feeling. Not that I need a certain number of them, but three feels like a good number for me.

I have those three words written on a whiteboard in my bedroom, but I honestly have not done any goal-setting with them in mind. Or any goal-setting really. To-do lists abound but no big goals or plans.

Maybe then it is time to check in on goals and plans and Core Desired Feelings. Hmm… what’s up. I’m getting ready to present panels at Ottawa ComicCon. Although I will be anxious before I get up there each time, it is a thrill to do it and a total high that lasts long after it’s done. Joy! Doing these presentations with my BFF, talking to people during/after the panels, and hopefully some opportunities that come from it make me feel a part of something bigger. Connection! My grandparents are visiting my parents in May, so I am taking a week off work to also stay at my parents to spend time with them. Joy! Connection! I’ve made a new friend. Connection! I would very much like a boyfriend/girlfriend (although I’m taking a break from the dating apps since it feels like a waste of time to swipe through photos of unattractive people and then have dead-end conversations with the few I match with). Connection! I’m very impatiently awaiting the arrival of Spring/Summer weather so I can relax on my balcony, feel the sunshine, go for bike rides and picnics, spend time by the water, and in general feel lighter and freer. Joy! My desire to travel- Joy. My desire to not travel alone- Connection. This is all stuff already in the works and feelings I already know I desire.

I’ll have to do some work on goals and feelings and get back to you. Does anyone else have Core Desired Feelings? How do you use feelings to make goals? I’ve been going with my gut on goals/plans and then linking them to CDFs, but I should probably re-read The Desire Map and do the work on goal-setting.

Pretty good, excited, tired, happy, sad, overwhelmed, supported, alive, hungry

Pretty good, excited, tired, happy, sad, overwhelmed, supported, alive, hungry

See you next Tuesday!