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Got my hair cut this morning. What’s it like to be a person who will actually tell the hairdresser when they do something you don’t like? I mean, we’re all just sitting there hoping they don’t cut too much off and wondering when they’re gonna get to that thing we specifically said we wanted at the front, right?

And, everyone breaks their neck when they wash your hair in the sink, right? Like there is no way for that to not be painful. I’m sore for the rest of the day.

I remember cringing as one hairdresser cut my bangs totally wrong and just thinking “Whatever, I’ll fix them at home.” If you go to the hairdresser every time you need your bangs trimmed… who do you think you are? If you can’t learn to keep your bangs trimmed, you don’t deserve bangs. I bet you can’t pull them off anyway. Let them grow out. They will look terrible as you do because you also don’t know how to trim your bangs to get them to blend in as they become side bangs, so that is your punishment. Why am I so harsh on bangs?

I can’t imagine going back to the hairdresser to ask them to fix something. Nope. I just live with this now. Or I will fix it myself. You know, good job, you got me this far, I’ll finish at home, thanks.

The last time I got my hair done, the hairdresser called me Lisa the whole time. I think she got confused when we were introducing ourselves because her name was Lisa. I wasn’t sure that’s what she was saying the first couple times, and by the time I realized that she was in fact adding Lisa to the ends of sentences and meant me, well, it’s too late. You can’t correct someone after you’ve answered to the name several times. My name is Lisa for the next hour until I leave here and never come back.

I used to always cut my own hair when it was short. I’d just decide one day that I wanted it even shorter and hack at it in front of the mirror. It was fine. Or it wasn’t but who cares I was young and had crazy hair. And I always cut my bangs as I grew it out. Like I thought bangs would make the rest look longer, or I could pretend it was longer if it was just long enough to pull back in a tiny ponytail and just have bangs framing my face.

Look, I’m neck deep in finishing ComicCon panel writing, so this is all my brain could think about for this week.

Well, my hair is all spiffy now, I just gotta tweak the color a bit and I’ll be all ready to present myself to ComicCon. I mean present our panels at ComicCon.

Has anyone ever felt this sensual while getting their hair cut?

Has anyone ever felt this sensual while getting their hair cut?

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