RATED F Ep. 54: Drunk Disney + Descendants 3


Tish and Juliana got drunk watching Disney's Descendants 3 and then talked about it. The end of the Descendants journey brings many controversial topics with it; immigration laws, wrongful imprisonment, appropriate hairstyles for young men, and incestuous sexual tension. Juliana investigates Hades's age and Tish dubs Harry Hook a #bicon. Once again, Descendants brings the bangers, and we bring the drinking game.

Drinking Game

Basic Rules:
- title mentions
- when you can predict the next line
- when there’s a song to sing along to

Descendants 3 Rules:
- when you wanna go “Awwww! They’re still together!” seeing all the same couples”
- when Doug looks at least 40 years old and you are disturbed
- when you feel these immigration laws/imprisonment of children is wrong
- for every outfit change!
- every time the dog talks because you forgot there’s a fucking talking dog here
- every time Audrey does an evil laugh
- when you feel the homoeroticism
- when Mal and Hades’s sexual tension makes you uncomfortable

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