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Welcome to Tish creates a blog post on her iPad in bed because it is 11pm and she wants to keep her commitment to herself to publish a post every Tuesday.

So, obviously I am busy if I haven’t made the time to write something for this earlier. How about I just write about what I’ve been up to? I say it’s okay.

Well, tonight Jed came over to record a podcast with me and Juliana. Jed is awesome. I helped on her short film last month and I’m going to help out on her last shoot day on Saturday. So proud of her! She’s moving to Toronto for school in a week and I will miss her. We met at work. All the cool people I’ve met at work that I want to be friends with leave the city. It’s so unfair.

Work is getting busier. No overtime yet but like I didn’t have time today to write this while at my desk because I was really into what I was working on. Several multi-tab spreadsheets were involved. I’m in charge of venues, box office, anything with cash. So I have a whole system of keeping track of who’s got what and deposits and devices. Pretty happy I got this done today because last year it was something I was creating the weekend before the Festival. I hope I can stay ahead on everything else I’ve got to do. I’ve written more than once already about how I like to be kept busy with work so I don’t need to tell you how rewarding this is.

Despite the busy-ness at work and Juliana packing up to move (into my building!!!) we have been keeping on schedule with Rated F. We’ve got a written price for this Friday and the next few things planned so we don’t actually have to record until drunk Halloween episode.

I’m applying for a job as a programmer at another film festival. (As a part-time second job! I don’t want to leave the CFI!) No idea if I have a shot, but I’m not not qualified so maybe!? I had my coworker look at my cover letter and resumé and I basically redid the whole letter because of her very helpful notes, so I feel pretty confident. I would LOVE this job. I’m fairly certain programming is really the film job I want to do. I love telling people what to watch. And part of programming is writing about the films. And filmmaker Q&As and stuff on stage. It’s everything I love! I love movies!!!

Is this 500 words yet? I really try to write at least 500 every week. Maybe I should up that for next year. I’m also thinking of doing one Tuesdays with Tish video every month next year. Haven’t made a video in a long time.

I’m gonna be Coraline for Halloween. I try to work with my hair for costumes. This year it’s a blue bob, so… Coraline.

Okay time for bed.

I’m a rewatching Charmed.

I’m a rewatching Charmed.

Sharing is Caring: say hello to my new obsession, Loora Wang. I want to be her. Don’t ask wtf are these videos or wtf is tiktok. It doesn’t matter. Just watch her. Experience her energy. She is my new role model. Also now I want that haircut?!