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That Time I Was Into Wicca

Before I get to Wicca, I have to talk about witches. Born on Halloween, I like to believe that I was destined to be a freak, a weirdo, an outsider, someone who loves to dress up and pretend to be someone else (and not just on Halloween). (Also, I’ve really got a sweet tooth, so free candy on my birthday is a dream come true. Or free candy on my birthdays helped develop my sweet tooth...) So, is it really any wonder that as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in and inspired by witches? 

Aside from a inborn kinship to the mention of witches, my first exposure to a witch character was probably Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. As much fun as Sabrina had pointing her finger at stuff, it wasn’t until I saw The Craft that I found my idea of witches. The girls in The Craft, particularly their leader, Nancy, were rebels, outcasts at their school. They weren’t on their own; they formed a group (“circle” or “coven”) to add support and structure to their witch-ness. And, my god, did they look bad ass in their black-and-white school uniforms and outfits. 

It was these 90’s witches (also including the Owens sisters of Practical Magic and Halliwell sisters of Charmed) that inspired my childhood desire to be a witch myself. What would draw a young girl to this witch life (other than her own birthday)? I believe it was the idea of power and control in a world that largely ignored me and gave me none. I was a quiet, shy, timid, introverted kid. It’s hard to make friends when you can’t bring yourself to speak to anyone and no one notices you sitting quietly by yourself. I did have a few friends, though, and I decided that we were to be witches. I had a ring with 4 gems stuck on it that I told them represented the four directions (North, South, East, West) and their corresponding elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). I, naturally, was the Nancy Downs of the group. No, I didn’t turn evil and crazy, but I was the leader with all the knowledge, bringing my friends along with me, instructing them how to be a witch. I’m sad to report that the only time I remember us attempting to work any magic was to do something mean to a girl we didn’t like. Perhaps our fourth member that had left the group. I do remember that our little coven was broken up due to lack of commitment from the other girls, and perhaps my own Nancy Downs-ing (just a bit overbearing). 

I mostly let go of that witchy phase of my childhood, writing it off as a kid playing pretend, as silly as if I’d told my friends we were actually fairies and I knew how to transport us into the fairy realm (Damn, that would have been cool), until I was around 13 years old and decided to look up a word that my favorite witchy show, Charmed, used occasionally; Wicca. I did some Googling and Wikipedia-ing, and learned all I could about the relatively new religion, Wicca, and it’s connection to witchcraft. I learned that the magical world in Charmed had very little to do with the real religion of Wicca, or real life witches, other than some mentions of Sabbats and the vague ideas and tools used for spells. 

This is the part of my article where I encourage you to do your own quick Googling and Wikipedia-ing of Wicca and Witchcraft, if you are interested in learning what I learned back then. If you’re not interested in learning about Wicca for yourself, well, keep reading to learn about how it played a part in my life. 

It was quite a revelation in my life to discover that this magical thing, that I thought I could only imagine ever being a part of, was a real thing that real people did. I could be a real witch(Wiccan)! I learned as much as I could on Wikipedia articles, Charmed fan sites, and Wicca websites. In that research, I found out that someone named Scott Cunningham was basically like the Wicca expert, and that I should get his book. Well, lucky for me my little town’s little bookstore (and not even the used bookstore run by the old British man who smoked a pipe on its steps, but the legitimate new bookstore in the strip mall) had quite a robust “New Age” section. I bought many books in that section over the next year or so. Some, like Scott Cunningham’s book, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, were written by Wicca experts and practitioners, while some were a little less reliable in their sources with names like “Spells for Teens”. I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could find. I learned the beliefs, the rituals, the Wiccan rede, the rule of threefold, the sabbats, the spells, the elements, the meanings behind every color, rock, feather, number, and candle. I knew it all. I had collected what I needed to create an alter honoring the God, Goddess, and each of the elements, and changed it seasonally to reflect the Sabbat. I was such a good little Wiccan. Except… as much as I knew exactly how to do rituals, or spells, the right phase of the moon, the right candles to burn, the right words to say, that was the part I couldn’t really get into. Sure, I knew all about it, agreed with most of the beliefs, and loved all the stuff that came with it, but I just wasn’t devout enough to really focus to perform a ritual and really mean it. 

Perhaps I should have mentioned this before, but it doesn’t become relavent to my Wiccan journey until around this time. I was raised Christian. Presbyterian, to be more precise. My father was a Presbyterian minister. My brother and I were raised Christian and went to church every Sunday. I mention this all now, because just as I found I couldn’t truly “get into” a completely devout Wiccan way of life, I had never been a devout Christian. Going to church and Sunday school every week did not convince me to be a “good” Christian, or believe anything, or want to worship anything, or devote my life to anything. I just went because I had to. Before you think I was actively rebelling by not being totally down with Christianity, let me say that my “Christian household” was not as overwhelmingly religious as you are probably thinking. The most religion in my house, aside from Christian paraphernalia and books in my dad’s study and sheet music for hymns sitting on my mom’s piano, was saying Grace before dinner. Of course, church was a big part of our household. It was my dad’s job, one that he did mainly from home, and my mom was always involved in the choir, Sunday school, and other parts of church life. But we didn’t discuss Christianity around the dinner table, or say our prayers before bed. My dad would talk about Christianity more like a theologian than a Bible-thumper. And my mom seemed more concerned with maintaining a reputation of a perfect Christian family than actually enforcing Christian beliefs or practices on us. 

You needed to know that part of my childhood and family before this next part of my Wiccan journey. Throughout this time of discovery and accumulating many books and candles and crystals, I had never discussed my new interest with my parents. We didn't talk much about, well, anything. I didn’t exactly hide my growing collection from my parents, but I certainly did not show my mom the new book I just bought full of spells. My small bookshelf now read “Wicca” or “Witchcraft” on most of the spines, and I had an alter set up on my dresser, but still, the topic was never discussed. Until The Incident. Okay, it was not as ominous or dramatic as that title makes it sound. This was when my parents officially found out what I was into and we had to talk about it. I had lent a friend some of my books on Wicca, Witchcraft, and divination, at her request. She was curious to learn more about this thing I was into. Well, the next day her dad drove over to drop off the books saying that my friend wasn’t allowed to have them. (Or something to that effect, it was my brother who answered the door.) My brother was absolutely delighted to have something to laud over me and get me in trouble once our parents got home in a few hours. My mother’s reaction boiled down to the statement “As long as you live in our house you won’t practice any other religion [than Christianity].” My Dad was more understanding about my curiousity in other religions and responded by bringing me up an old World Religions calendar which had the holy days of many relgions marked on its days as well as information about the many religions. I was much happier with my Dad’s understanding and, to an extent, encouragement in my seeking knowledge of the world around me.  

I call this The Incident, as it is one of few family drama “big” conversations that we had in my house, and I don’t remember my interest in Wicca lasting much longer after that. It wasn’t because of what my mother said (She didn’t confiscate any books, so I figured I could still believe whatever I wanted to believe as long as I kept going to church) but I think at this point it had been over a year, and I was losing interest. I don’t remember an exact end to my time with Wicca, but I think by the time I started high school, I no longer had an alter, was no longer buying up all the Wicca and Witchcraft books from the bookstore, and was no longer considering myself a Wiccan. My connection to Wicca didn’t suddenly end, however. Throughout high school, I used my knowledge and interest in it for more than one school assignment. They say write what you know, right? 

Aside from the memories of that time in my life, my instinctual connection to any witch characters, and my ingrained knowledge of Wicca, there are a few parts of the religion that I still keep with me today. 

The Wiccan Rede 

"An it harm none, do what ye will." Sound familiar? Ya, it’s basically “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Just about every religion has as similar saying. Because all religions boil down to; “Don’t be dick", right? This rede is what I still use as a sort of morality test, should I find myself conflicted. How do I feel about religion, polictics, beliefs, sexuality, lifestyle choices? Well, as long as you’re not hurting anyone (emotionally, mentally, physically), then I can’t see why people shouldn’t do that! 

God and Goddess 

While I consider myself to be mostly atheist at this point, I did, and still do, like that Wicca specified two deities; one male, one female. These days I interperet that more like the yin and yang theory; that we all have masculine and feminine inside of us. It seems silly to gender anything these days, when even people don’t feel the need to be gendered, but I still believe there is a place for masculine and feminine, however you interpret each, in ourselves and everything we do. 

The Rule of Threefold 

You may have already heard of this one if you’re a fan of The Craft. That movie did have some legitimate Wiccan practices within it. The Rule of Threefold is also seen throughout religions and spirital beliefs. Ever heard of The Secret aka The Law of Attraction.? What you put out into the world comes back to you. Wicca specifies this as coming back to you threefold, but the premise is the same. If you put out positive energy (from an optimisitic outlook on life to performing acts of service) then you wil receive positive energy back into your life. And the same for negative energy, as they learn in The Craft. I like the idea of attracting the things you need in life because you are putting it out into the universe. Even if you don’t want to get spiritual about it, I think you can agree on something like a happy, positive person is more likely to bring happy, positive people into their life than an unhappy, negative person is. 

A Connection with Nature 

The respect and connection with nature and the four elements is an integral part of Wicca. Even though I know a tree doesn’t really have “feelings” like humans do, I still have the respect that my time with Wicca ingrained in me that stops me from, say, breaking a branch off a tree for no reason. Or if I have a reason, to mentally say a little “Sorry/thanks” to the tree. Spirituality aside, we’re all just trying to live on the same big rock flying through space, so let’s all work together and get along, right? 

The Aesthetics 

My love of an “occult” home decor style is everlasting. Candles everywhere, skulls, crystals, bits of nature, figurines of various religious figures… It makes me heart-eye-emoji. I’ve also always been quite a materialistic person. Not that I value material goods over the important things in life, but I get attached to physical objects when they have meaning and memories. So, while I don’t believe my rose quartz will bring me love, I do believe it holds memories and looks cool sitting on my shelf with my other crystals and rocks. 

While the Wiccan time of my life is long past, it will remain a part of my life as memories of my early teen years, knowledge of Wiccan practices, and where I picked up some beliefs that I still hold today. And I will never be able to help myself from being interested in witches in any TV show or movie, even if I end up just shaking my head at the misuse of Wiccan practices.

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May Round-Up: Purple Hair, Miyazaki, & New Board Games!
Weekend at my parents' house. // Hot tub selfie! // Miyazaki marathon

Movies Watched 
Coraline, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - These are in my very small DVD collection (the rest are digital). I only buy movies I really love and want to see special features on DVD.

Jennifer’s Body, The Ramen Girl - It was hard to find some movies that all my friends would enjoy while we all hung out while my friend did my hair. I really recommend The Ramen Girl, starring Brittany Murphy.

My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - I had a mostly Miyazaki/Japanese movie week. It's hard to pick a movie without any sort of love story when you are just not in the mood for seeing anyone in love, but Miyazaki movies are great adventures without any stupid romance.

Warm Bodies - The only zombie movie I'll ever need. Sooooo cute!

Ass Backwards - I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this movie until I listened to Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael on the Nerdist podcast talking about making the movie and I decided that it deserved my attention. It's a great buddy comedy.

Imagine Me & You - It's a cute little love story about a girl falling for a girl right after she married a man. One of those cute British rom-coms.

TV Watched
Charmed - My "background watching" this month, as I've seen it all a million times, but I haven't watched it in a couple years.

The Mindy Project: Season 2- Because I'm a masochist and I love/hate re-watching all the adorable Mindy + Danny = <3 scenes.
Music Played
Neon Jungle - It's fun dance-pop, but definitely watch them cover Hozier's Take Me to Church. I'm a little obsessed with Asami's (the Japanese girl) voice. I want a solo acoustic album from her. Damn, that voice.

Glorious by Foxes - It's fun dance-able pop, but it's also kinda retro groovy, akin to Ellie Goulding, a bit dreamy.

Sheezus by Lily Allen - I realized after a few listenings that almost every song mentions her husband & babies, so I'm dubbing it "Mom-Pop". Heh heh.

Games Played
I raided my parent's closet for more board games and totally scored! Our favorite we played on our Sunday Funday was Scotland Yard. One player is the criminal whose moves are hidden from the rest of the players who are detectives. The criminal only reveals his position a few times during the game, so the goal is for the detectives to capture the criminal. We three girls had so much fun being Charlie's Angels trying to find Greg, the criminal. 
Another really old game I scored, that only some of us geography nerds enjoyed (I never thought of myself as a geography nerd, but compared to my friends...), was National Geographic: Global Pursuit. It's part puzzle, part trivia. You use hexagonal pieces of a map to build onto each other and you get more chances to play your map cards if you answer your trivia question correctly. Our map got pretty crazy.
My friend and I totally kicked the engaged couple's ass at Catchphrase. Maybe they need to work on their communication skills. Ha.
A couple months ago, I ordered an adapter and two more PS2 controllers so I could finally play one of my favorite games with all my friends; The Bible Game. It's a long story how it all started, but the short versions is; I have a thing for Bible games (in an ironic way). This PS2 game is like a TV game show with mini games, trivia, and the ever-present threat of "Wrath of God!" We love it.
Kim and I had fun one day playing Mastermind. It's good to have some two-player games in your collection. I say we had fun, but I think it mostly drove Kim mad. You have to really use your brain for this one!

Cakes Made
Kelsey's belated birthday cake!

Fun Had

This was a pretty impulsive decision, but I don't regret it in the least! One night I got it in my head that I should actually bleach the shit outta my hair and go pastel (which I have always loved, but figured was impossible for my dark hair to achieve), so I stayed up past my bedtime pinning pretty colors, and the next day I was asking a hairstylist friend if she could do it. A week later, this was happening...
After a couple weeks of playing with the Manic Panic, I finally got my ends pink (had to mix some Hot Pink with the Cotton Candy Pink), and the rest some lovely shades of purple. I'm looking forward to trying lots of different colors eventually. :)

MONSTER SPECTACULAR! There are some things I would never say "No" to, and free VIP tickets to a monster truck show is one of them. There was BMX, stunt bikes, motocross bikes, and quad bikes as well as the monster trucks, so it was really quite a show.
Because we had VIP tickets, we got to go down onto the floor at half-time to get photos with the trucks & the guys and get autographs. Also, while we were walking around a guy asked me if I wanted to be in a music video! Duh, of course. I asked him who it was for, and he said Grandtheft, a Toronto artist. So, I will definitely be watching out for that!

My friends and I were really excited to see the bioluminescence exhibit at the Museum of Nature. It was pretty lame, though, because there wasn't any real animals to see. We wanted to see jellies and stuff! But then we went to the bug part of the museum, because they have real live bugs. I bought a rhinoceros beetle at the gift shop and then we hung out with this dino on the way home.

Link & Likes 

The Book of Life looks so incredible! I could have seen just one still from the trailer and I would still be obsessed! It's just my style with the Dio de los Meurtos skull faces and designs. I know what movie I will be seeing for my birthday (Halloween) this year! Aaaugh! Can't wait!

I'm really excited that one of my favorite YouTubers, Grace Helbig, has written a book!

A lot of trailers came out this month for the fall TV shows. I'm looking forward to A to Z, Marry Me, and Mulaney.
La Photocabine: My Selfie Journal

I first started using the French vintage-style photo booth website, La Photocabine, in November of 2009. I discovered it through a blog and I immediately loved it. This was before Instagram and its faux-vintage filters. I immediately saw the potential of using this virtual photo booth as a visual journal of myself because it was four photos in one (more potential for storytelling) and the photos would take place in front of my computer (where I always am).

"morning, just got dressed and was reading she mentioned so i checked it out. it's so cute and french, i love it. i'm going to take photos with it everyday" [Nov. 24, 2009]
Since then, I have come to La Photocabine whenever I had a cute new hairstyle to show, a holiday to celebrate, a craft I made, a purchase to show off, a new outfit, a new experience... There are been times that I have taken photos almost daily, and also long periods of not using it at all. Sadly, the reason I stopped using it a few years ago was because my Internet/computer was just too slow to even load the site; it was just too frustrating. But in December 2012, my iMac died (RIP) and I got a MacBook Pro, so I decided to try out La Photocabine again, and was very excited to start using it regularly. The fact that I had a laptop meant even more potential for the format, as I could take photos other than sitting at my desk! I was so pleased about this that I began 2013 with the intention of taking daily La Photocabine photos (downloading the iPhone app helped with that), but again, I experienced technical difficulties with the website (stretched/squished camera, which I was able to almost-fix with iGlasses). I didn't keep up with daily photos, but I used it intermittently throughout 2013. 

"I just thought I did a pretty good job on a messy bun today." [June 1, 2012]

When I decided to try it out while at my parents house (new location!) for Thanksgiving weekend last year, I found that the website had been updated with more options. There was now a GIF option, background options, and space to write a note! I thought adding a note directly onto the photo was great, because I had been including short captions with each photo when I uploaded them to my Flickr album.

[Oct. 13, 2013]
And, now, just the other day, when I went to La Photocabine to see if the camera was still messed up, Firefox froze. (Boo!) And when I re-opened Firefox, it had updated. I didn't like all the changes, so I tried other browsers. I almost settled with Chrome because La Photocabine worked perfectly (Yay!) but went back to Firefox (a bunch of little reasons). However, La Photocabine still doesn't work properly in Firefox (instead of stretched, it includes the entire widescreen inside of the square), so I decided to keep Chrome handy just for La Photocabine.

[May 11, 2014]
I don't want to turn this into a 'think piece' on selfie culture, but I do want to address why I like to take photos of myself. A big reason is; I like the way I look! I've always been visually creative above all else, which is why I started cultivating my own strange fashion sense as young as 11 years old. My body is my canvas, so I dye my hair and I do my make-up and I pick out my outfits to reflect who I am. Because I've always put thought into my look, capturing my looks over the years has been important, both as instant gratification (seeing myself look good in a photo) and for longevity (I can track where I was in my life by tracking what color/length my hair was or what style I was rocking). Capturing myself, my life, from when I was 13 with my first camcorder/digital camera, to Photo Booth on my iMac, to setting up photoshoots with backdrops and lighting, selfies on Instagram and La Photocabine, has been an artistic hobby for me, as well as a fun way of journalling my life.

"rushing off to class. just wanted to take a picture of my curly hair before it flattened.
after class i'll make my BVBN video." [Feb. 1, 2010]
So, I'm going to keep taking shameless selfies for Instagram, dressing up and having a photo shoot with myself, and capturing little and big moments with La Photocabine because I'd rather have a million photos of myself, and the rest of my life, to look back on when I'm a hundred years old, than a bunch of hand-written diaries, or doodles in a sketchbook. We all have our ways of capturing and remembering the times of our lives. I guess selfies is mine.

Halloween Cakes: Dia De La Meurtos Sugar Skulls
For my birthday/Halloween (it's the same day!), I decided to make several small cakes, rather than one big cake. I had a lot of fun making and taking photos of my birthday/Halloween cakes last year. I thought this year my friends and I could have fun painting these sugar skull cakes.

To go along with my sugar skulls, I created a candy table. Lots of candy, lots of glass containers, plates, and stands with a few Halloween decorations thrown in.

I couldn't have a candy table without a plate of my famous candy sushi.

You can tell which two of the six my friend Kim painted because she is a perfectionist and I was just having fun.

New Year's Resolution

My New Year’s Bakestress Resolution is less fondant, more fancy.

I’ve found myself less and less interested in the shaped, colorful, fondant cakes that I used to idolize and more interested in baking that isn’t about looking like something else. Subtle details and dainty decorations. Raw ingredients as decoration and exposed insides.

I think this change comes partly from my own personal style preference changing and also from my experiences making fondant cakes. I can understand better now that I’m not a sculptor. I’m not a cartoonist. I’m not always the best at making cake, icing, and fondant look like a cartoon character or a real life thing. But, I know I’m not completely lacking in skill. I can follow instructions and make a beautiful gum paste flower. I can apply techniques that I’ve learned to make something original. I can see a picture of a cake and recreate it. I can imagine icing techniques, recipes, and decorations in my head and try to make them work in my kitchen.

I’ve made enough plain old cakes for a lifetime. Now, I’m looking forward to trying different cake recipes, new decorating techniques, icing recipes, pies, pastries, cookies, anything new! I want to try new ingredients, altering recipes, concocting original recipes. I want to step up my game and expand my horizons. My sweet, delicious horizons.

2013, I’m going to bake you so good!

[Cake inspiration photos found on my Pinterest]
I'll Tumblr for Ya
My first re-blogged animated gif. I only re-blog posts that really reflect me personally.

It's happened. I'm on Tumblr.

I like to keep my blog here somewhat “professional” (aka not my personal diary). I take the time to research & write articles. I write mostly about movies & TV, as that’s what I spend a lot of my life doing and therefor have thoughts on. I recently made a second blog/website for my business, The Bakestress, because my baking posts didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the blog and I needed a more professional landing point for the brand.

However, I’ve been thinking, and sometimes writing, some more personal stuff lately. Not as personal as “Dear Diary, This is what happened today.” but not quit objective enough to be on my blog. It’s more along the lines of “social observations”, quite often inspired by shows like Sex and the City or Girls. I realized I could be writing down and sharing my thoughts about being a single 23 yr old girl still trying to “grow up”. So, I decided to give Tumblr a try as a place to put some of my thoughts about life and the world we live in that are too long for Twitter, or even a Facebook status. It seemed like a more casual format than creating another Blogger because I can also “reblog” little things, or just post a quick picture or quote without the hassle of HTML formatting a real blog post.

Well, here I go. Tumblin’.
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The Fairest of Them All...
For the first time in many years I planned, made, and wore a full costume on Halloween (aka my birthday). I had the idea for a while that I wanted to be Snow White now that I have my long, dark brown hair back. However, I wanted to do some sort of twist on the classic Disney Snow White outfit, so I chose to make a 50's pin-up Snow White.

My original idea involved a pencil skirt, which screams pin-up to me, but after not being able to find appropriate yellow fabric to make one, I remembered I had a yellow skirt (vintage square dancing skirt from Grandma) that would also work. 

The "make" part of the costume was mostly the shirt. I bought a blue collared shirt from Value Village, glued white t-shirt fabric inside the collar, glued red t-shirt pieces on the sleeves and sewed (because the glue soaked through) yellow ribbon on the shortened sleeves. I also safety pinned tulle to a strip of fabric to make a sort of tutu, to give the skirt some "poof". From there, the details were all pin-up classics. Bandana, short bangs, big hair, red lips, cat eyes, mary jane pumps. The little heart on my cheek is Marina and the Diamonds inspired, just because.

I combined my Halloween cake, an anatomical heart, with my Halloween costume to make a Snow White Facebook cover picture, using quotes from the story/movies. 
What was your Halloween costume?
Today is my twenty-third birthday. Every year, I pick a song to be my birthday theme. Generally, something that makes me feel sexy and bad ass, something with lyrics about being sexy and bad ass. Here are my previous birthday theme songs. And here are a few songs I'm listening to today...

"Rule number one that you gotta have fun. But, baby, when you're done you better be the first to run."

"All my life I've been good but now I'm thinking- What the hell?!"

"Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake."
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23 Years, 23 Movies: Part Two

Let's continue, shall we? This half of the list is filled with movies that are really some of my all-time favorites. I think that's because, at these older ages, I had more immediate access to movies, so the movies of these years I was actually watching in these years. As influential as some of the 90's movies were on my childhood,  these movies were influential in a different way, as I was more aware of their influence. With the Internet and what-not, I was able to really embrace my movie obsessions with DVD extras, downloadable wallpapers, website extras, fun facts, movie posters, and other media. And then there's just the scientific fact that I can remember my teenage & recent years much more clearly than my childhood years, so I still have strong memories attached to each of these movies.



A Walk to Remember

Before there were all those Nicholas Sparks movies to choose from, there was this, the ultimate teenage, ultimate romantic, ultimate chick-flick. I remember this being the best example of the perfect love story, the perfect romantic nice boy. So, when I found a boy that said he actually loved this movie, he seemed perfect, too. Of course, he wasn't. But when you're this young, it's nice to have too good to be true love stories to help your daydreams of a perfect boy out there somewhere....




This movie was a big part of my life story because it was one of the first movies I ever downloaded when I was 14. Which means that I watched it many, many, times because when I felt like watching a movie, I had a very small selection to choose from. Although I was a little older than 13 when I watched this, I related to it so much. Stuff I was going through currently, or had when I was much younger. The dynamic between the two girls was so familiar to me. I was also fascinated with the movie because it was "Indie", something I was just starting to learn about. Independent film. And this indie movie in particular was more interesting because I learned that one of the stars of the movie, Nikki Reed, had in fact co-written the script based on her own life. It doesn't get any more real than that.



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This movie blew my mind. (Just like another 2004 movie,

The Butterfly Effect

, but I had to pick just one.) I'm sure it wasn't until after seeing it five times that I could make sense of it all. But I love movies that challenge my brain like that. Sure, it's nice to just sit back and enjoy a story going on in front of your face. But once in a while a movie comes along that really makes me think. That makes me watch it again and again. That makes me shell out the cash to actually buy the DVD so that I can see all the behind-the-scenes extras. Michel Gondry is a genius. You have to see the behind the scenes stuff of how he made so many of the movies effects live, right there, in front of the camera, not digitally in post. Amazing stuff.




This movie sparked my need to travel. A road trip around America is now in my life plans. This movie just makes me want to hit the road! And also be super confident and quirky like Kirsten Dunst. As usual. I think there's a pattern in my favorite movies from high school in that they all feature a female character that I wanted to be more like. I also loved their relationship in that they're getting to know each other, becoming close, and, sure there's some sexual tension, but really they're becoming friends. This movie is nostalgic, hilarious, romantic, strange, thoughtful... Just everything I was looking for.



Factory Girl

For my 17th birthday, it was a choice between

Marie Antoinette


Factory Girl

to see in theatres. I think

Marie Antoinette

won and I was delighted with the overall prettiness of the movie while all my friends were bored by the slow plot. But that didn't mean that I didn't see

Factory Girl

as soon as I could get my hands on it, and immediately become obsessed with it, the fashion, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, the 60's, New York, everything about it. To this day, I still love Edie and everything 60's.




This movie is important to this time in my life partly just for the pop culture of it. So many jokes quoted amongst people, references and parodies in other media. I think this movie at this time is remembered by most people. I also have a very specific memory of the night I saw this movie in theatres. I was in college, just starting to make friends. A group of film students were all going to see it, so I went with my new BFF Jason as my "date". I remember we had really bad seats because the place was packed and that Jason kept joking that we should have a baby and rubbing my stomach to which I would swat him away and say "Ew!"




I'm not a Twi-hard, or anything close, but I have read the books and seen the movies and for a while I was a bit caught up in the hype. I saw the first


with my friend for her birthday, without knowing anything about it, and we both came out swooning over Robert Pattinson for the rest of the night. I went on the read the books, which I enjoyed, and have kept up with the movies, but not rushing to see them in theatres. But this Twilight makes the list because, yes, for a while this was my go-to romance movie, my Hollywood crush, and I still have fond memories of that fun birthday night with Kim.



S. Darko

This is one of those movies, like

Marie Antoinette

, that I like to watch just to be immersed in the visuals of the world, the vibe, the fashion, the characters, just the overall feeling it gives me. Yes, it gets dark with all the weird time travel stuff, and I do like that, but it's also the dreamy lightness of other parts of the movie. The girls driving across the dessert, best friends, their aloofness with strangers, the long flowing hair, the pretty dresses, the freedom of it all... And then there's the fun of trying to wrap my head around all the tiny details, and trying to fit the multiple time traveling story together. It's another movie that makes me want to jump in the car and just drive.



Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I immediately loved the style of this movie. They managed to combine a movie, a comic and a video game into one delightful masterpiece. It's hilarious, it's


al, it's bad ass. The characters are all so distinct in their personality and their appearance. You can really tell that it was adapted from a comic book if you notice how every character has a very specific style, shape, silhouette. It was also really fun to watch because it is set & filmed in Toronto, where some of my friends live. Scott is so adorkably loveable, Romana is so badass, and the rest, I just want to be friends with. After seeing the movie, I wanted to read the comics and I love them even more. The story actually extends over a couple years and includes the mundane life stuff juxtaposed with the video game style battles every so often. It's such a fun world to dive into.



Sucker Punch

I was looking forward to this movie for at least a year before it came out. The actresses, the concept, the imagery, I was addicted from the beginning. And it did not disappoint. I also got to see it in one of the new fancy theatres with comfy seats and amazing surround sound. (That was actually a bit too much sometimes. I didn't really need to feel the vibrations of the giant warriors stomping.) This movie is just exactly my definition of bad ass. The girls are sexy, but standing up for themselves, there's action and adventure and some kick ass tunes. I love escaping in this world(s). I heard a lot of people thought it was silly and stupid, but I think it's brilliant.


We'll have to wait and see...

Writing about all of these movies has brought back so many memories of my life attached to these movies. I can really look back on my life match movies to times in my life. I can remember watching certain movies with certain people at certain times. Things like who introduced me to that movie, the songs that I got from that movie, the boy I was hanging out with while I watched that movie, what movies I watched at my birthday parties, at friend's houses, which ones I saw in theatres, rented, borrowed, downloaded, bought, how many times I've watched them, things I noticed upon second and third viewings, things I learned from the IMDb trivia or DVD extras. Basically, movies have defined my life, at least since I was about 13 and really started acquiring movies, learning more about them, and getting attached to visual themes, characters, stories, directors, genres. My life is defined by the movies I watch. Maybe in another 23 years, I'll look back and see what movies defined those years of my life...

Rated FTishTish, Writing
23 Years, 23 Movies: Part One
The past couple of years, I've marked my birthday by making lists like "21 Things to Do Before 22". But since I never managed to accomplish any of those lists (my priorities change a lot, okay?), I decided instead of looking forward for this birthday, I would look back on my life.

Remember that time on Gilmore Girls, when Lane made a playlist for Lorelei's birthday party featuring a song for every year she was alive? Of course you do. I thought I would attempt something like that, but since I'm not much of a music fanatic, I'm going to do My Life in Movies!

I chose movies that are some of my favorites, of course, and if there was more than one good movie for a year (1995, 1999, 2005 & 2006 were particularly full of options!) I chose the movie that was the biggest part of my life at the time, since this is the movies of my life!

1989: The Little MermaidI obviously didn't see this particular movie when it was released in 1989, since I was only out-of-womb for the last 2 months of 1989. I probably didn't even see it when I was a youngin' as we never owned any Disney movies in our home (I lived such a deprived childhood!) Does anyone ever remember the first time they saw a Disney movie, anyway? Those are all the movies that we seem to just have known our entire life, like we're all just born with the vague memory of them until we watch them when we're older and delight in the childhood memories and sing along with them. Hmm... tangent, much, Tish?
Well, despite when it was released, The Little Mermaid (and Ariel's red hair) has been one of my favorites throughout the years. After analyzing my favorite Disney princess movies later in life, I came to the conclusion that the reason my favorites (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast) were my favorites were because they had more of a story between our heroine and her true love. The early movies (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty) only had a brief meeting of the two at the beginning and then he just shows up at the end to kiss her and live happily ever after. I mean, really? Is that what little girls were taught to think true love means? Disney finally got its act together and started giving their lovers more time to get to know each other before "true love's first kiss", which gives the movies a much more entertaining story than a girl living alone in the woods.

1990: Edward Scissorhands
I wasn't introduced to Edward Scissorhands, and Tim Burton in general, until friends exposed me to it in high school. I particularly loved this Tim Burton movie for the contrast of dark, creepy Edward in the pastel, sunny, suburban neighborhood and people. It's one thing to make an overall creepy movie, but I think sticking a horror movie creature in this happy, well-lit, perfectly groomed world is what makes Edward Scissorhands stand out.

1991: The Addams Family
Wednesday Addams, you're my soul sister. I feel you, girl. Wednesday's deadpan attitude and little goth girl wardrobe made her a bit of a role model. I can remember absolutely delighting in the Addams family's weirdness. They liked things that everyone else thought were scary, disgusting, or just plain wrong. Since I was a kid, I've reveled in liking things that no one else liked. (I still love to stroll through cemeteries.) I loved catching an Addams Family movie on TV and watching The New Addams Family TV show all day. Weird is just right up my ally.

1992: Sister Act
I haven't seen this movie in a really long time, guys. But I remember that I loved it. Whoopi Goldberg gettin' all spirited and jammin' with the nuns. It's musical, it's funny. Good times. (I really need to watch it again soon.)

1993: Hocus Pocus
I just watched this movie, of course, as it is that magical time of year! Everyone has seen this movie, right? I assume that all these old movies that I remember from my childhood must have been played on TV a lot otherwise I wouldn't have seen them. I guessing some channel would play this every year around Halloween. I watch it every year and I never get sick of it. I love their witch outfits, the cute story, the fun adventure. It's just not Halloween without a little Hocus Pocus, right?

1994: Only You
A friend put on this movie once at her house and I went "Oh my god, I know this movie!". I guess I must have seen it on TV once upon a time. Since then, I've enjoyed this movie for it's beautiful Italian views, a young Robert Downey Jr., and the classic they-hate-each-other-until-they-realize-they-love-each-other love story. Oh, and to cringe at the horrible 90's fashions. Eek.

1995: Clueless
I think Clueless was an important movie for every girl in the 90's. Whether you were a kid, like I was, looking up to teenagers because they were just so cool and you couldn't wait to be one or you were a teenager idolizing the Beverly Hills lifestyle, Cher and Dion became our new role models. Clueless was pretty influential on my young mind, mostly just the fashion. But I think it's important that I point out that I wanted to coordinate dresses with my BFF only for about a month, and then I was over it- back to being weird Tish.

1996: The Craft
Another 90's teen movie that I remember influencing me as a kid. But this one stuck with me more as I became more obsessed with it when I was in grade 9 and wanted to wear all black and white and be a badass bitch like Nancy walking down the school halls. It's aesthetically the opposite of Clueless, and yet the same in many ways. The group of girls accepting the new girl and giving her a "makeover", the girl power, the mistakes and lessons....

1997: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
I came across several other movies I could have chosen for this year, but I stuck with Austin Powers because as far as "movies of my life", this one was the most significant (of this year). I can forever blame Mike Meyers for giving me the sense of humor of an immature boy laughing at poop and penis jokes because of this movie. This is really the only big comedy movie I remember seeing at quite a young age, and I think it truly formed my sense of what to find funny. Because I still think Mike Meyers' stupid gags are funny. Even though I know they're stupid...

1998: Practical Magic
Another witchy movie that I clinged to growing up, and on into teenagerdom. I was so jealous of these girls who got to grow up with magic, cast spells, and have powers. As with a lot of movies with two opposite main characters, I identified more with one, but wished I was more like the other. Of course, I'm more like boring Sally with her brown hair and her "normal" life, but I wanted to be adventurous and wild like Jilly. She traveled, met interesting people, shacked up with hot men, partied all day- what a life! I also envied their deep sister bond. I think growing up, I was always looking for that one true BFF-soul-sister that I could always count on like this.

1999: Girl, Interrupted
If you ask me to name just one favorite movie, this title comes to mind first. For my formative years, this movie was my ultimate guide to life, inspiration, every thing I wanted to be. Ya, basically for a long time I thought a mental institution was the way to go. You get to just hang out and be as weird as you want and not have a job or any responsibilities. Seemed like a sweet deal. I also really identified with the main character, Susanna, who was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. And, at the same time, I wished I was more like sociopath Lisa. This movie started my interest in psychology, mental disorders, and convincing myself I had some sort of personality disorder. I also got the book that this movie was based on, and delved even further into the real life story of Susanna's time in the loony bin. While the movie tells a good story, and gives us a look into each character's mind, the book gives a good explanation of what it was really like inside her head while she was dealing with her "craziness". I've watched this movie so many times that I have it completely memorized and can't watch it anymore. :(

2000: Dude, Where's My Car?
This is an example of my low standard of comedy in my younger days. I can remember watching a lot of "guy-funny" movies when I was younger that I now despise. (ie. American Pie, Road Trip, etc.) But this one I still find pretty funny. "Zoltan!"

2001: Moulin Rouge!
Oh, my goodness. One of my favorite movies ever. One of the best movies ever. Epic. Beautiful. Magical. Sigh... I want to watch it right now just thinking about it! I can remember "discovering" this movie in high school and making everyone watch it when they would come over because I thought it was just the most amazing thing ever. The closing credits song "Bolero" is 8 minutes of glorious musical magic, that I've listened to countless times. One of my favorite songs ever. An epic masterpiece. The movie. The music. Sigh...

This seems like a good place to stop. Half way through life so far and also the year that my family moved across the province and I had to make new friends to watch movies with.

Click here for Part 2 of my life in movies in which I really begin my movie obsession, learn how to download movies, and discover some of my favorite filmmakers.

Tag- I'm it!
I was tagged by Mandy of Chocolate & Cream Cake for this eight questions thing. She chose some good questions, so I felt it would be rude not to share them and my answers.

What's the best gift you've ever received?
(Read the story here.)

What book are you most looking forward to being released?
Fart With Headphones On: The Book by Michelle Vargas. I should be getting it emailed to me today!

If you had the superpower that allowed you to shapeshift into an animal—but it could only be one animal—which animal would you choose?
I would be some sort of water bird. I know that's not very interesting, but I figure- if I'm going to turn into an animal, I want to get the most out of it, right? Animals can do stuff that humans can't. If I was a water bird, I could fly and swim and walk on land. It's a 3-in-1 deal!

What cancelled TV show would you most like to see rebooted? 
Firefly! I only just watched it this past year after years of hearing about it from geeky friends. One season and a movie was not enough! I'm not usually a sci-fi fan, but this "space western" (and Doctor Who) is the exception. 

What's your dream vehicle?

Would you rather travel forward in time or backward? 
Forward! I can learn all about history if I want to- yawn. But, it actually makes me really upset that I am only going to live, like, 70 more years. I won't be able to see what becomes of the Earth and the human race hundreds or thousands of years from now! (I blame Doctor Who for making me so jealous. Only living during one century of human existence seems like such a rip off!)

What is your favorite shape or pattern? 
Stripes are always a bold choice (lately, I'm into black and white) and I also love a damask pattern.

If you could trade places for one week with a famous (or quasi-famous) person, who would you choose and why? 
I think I would like to be in Gala Darling's place for one week. I don't completely want her life, but it would be fun for a week. I'd like to dress up in all her tutus and glittery clothes, hang out with her fabulous friends, go to fun fashion events, travel all over the country, and be a writer. It would be a fun change for a week.

Now, I'm supposed to play by the rules and tag eight people to answer eight questions I make up, but I don't know eight bloggers! But, if you want to play along, feel free to use these questions by Mandy and link back to me and/or her. (And leave a link to the post in the comments, so I can read your answers!)
Apartment Tour // Dark Art Wall
I have to start this post by introducing the latest addition to my wall...

One of my dearest, bestest, sweetest, most amazing friends, Jason (who lives on the other side of the country so I've only seen him once in the four years since we went to college together) sent me something in the mail for the first time ever.
 [I couldn't get a picture without glare! Argh!]

Is that not the most amazing thing ever?! He painted it based on a badass photo of myself (that you can see in this post). I squealed with glee and shock for about five minutes when I opened it. I was so excited to find a frame for it and add it to my wall so I could see it everyday and think "Damn, I'm cool." and "Damn, I love that boy."
[P.S. If you're into art 'n shit, you may care to know that he used spray paint and paint markers 'cause he's so talented 'n shit.]

Here is the rest of my corner...

The only real drawing I've ever done. It's Paris Hilton. I did it in high school for art class. // After seeing Adaptation., I found this beautiful photo of a ghost orchid. I've had it saved on my computer for years. I'm so glad I found a perfect frame for it.

This is one of those scratch art things. The picture is printed on the black, so you just have to scratch where it's grey. So, I can say that I did that, but also, don't be too impressed, it's not like I drew a wolf. // A collage I made of fashion-related things. Yes, that's another picture of me. // Another favorite picture, though more recent. I found this on Pinterest when searching "kites" before I made a kite for a kite-flying competition. I love jellyfish!

A tiny frame with a picture of Edie Sedgwick. A pin from a dress. Two Halloween decorations. // An Angie Wrona print. My friend Addie gave this to me, just because. Her mom is friends with Angie. I was so happy when she gave it to me because not only do I love Angie's art, but I loved the big, fat, detailed frame.

Also spotted: my mugshot card from this photoshoot.

The three smaller frames are actually Halloween decorations I bought last year and only recently figured out how to hang these heavy, table top frames on my wall. From there, it was a case of finding the perfect pictures for the frames.

[P.S. I am aware that I have not one, but two, pieces of art on my wall featuring my own face. And that in both photos I am doing a silent scream thing.]

Bonus: to the left of this area of my wall I recently made a magazine inspiration collage, something that I haven't done in years.

Stay tuned for more peeks at my little apartment!
Falling Back in Love with Hipstamatic
I first got the iPhone app Hipstamatic a couple years ago and loved it, but somewhere along the way (Instagram) stopped using it. Well, I'm back at it in full force and loving it. As well as their new app D-Series, which offers the unpredictable filter effects of Hipstamatic combined with the charm of a real-life disposable camera. (Remember those? Cameras outside of your phone?) You have to take your 24 photos before you can "develop" them and see them all. I had some fun trying it out on a walk to the store. In the rain, it turned out.

[Clockwise from top left: awkward pose, awkward pose, my brolly, all bundled up (after weeks of 30 degree weather, it was down to 12 that day), my new heavily studded belt.] [It wasn't actually that cold so the hair had to go up, I opened the door to find rain, a lost S, celtic knot in someone's garden, Ba-ba-ba-ba-Barbara Ann.]
 [Trees & flowers outside my house, walking home, exit sign in the hallway, flowers.]

I like to combine more than one photo app. I took some photos of my outfit one day with Hipstamatic, combined them into one image with Diptic, and then Instagram'd it.
 [My attempt at a feather hair piece, I cut up my black skinny jeans even more because I'm so bad ass, my face, a hand-me-down Harley Davidson shirt, black nail polish making a rare appearance.]

Yesterday was Canada Day and I chose to use Hipstamatic to capture some memories. Much more fun and lightweight than bringing my proper camera with me.
[Kelsey is excited, Rideau Canal, all alone in my photo because I was fifth wheel with two other couples, Me & Kelsey with friends creeping in the background, Kelsey and Greg.]
[A Parliament building?, walking  in downtown Ottawa, I love the old buildings downtown, the Parliament building with Feist playing on the big stage in front, a street performer.]

[We picked a bad place to view the fireworks from, so we saw the right half of them.]

Flashback Friday // La Photo Cabine
Once I discovered the cool website La Photo Cabine (in Fall '09) that lets you take old fashioned photo booth photos, I started using it almost everyday to, well, let's face it: be a little vain, but also as a sort of photo journal of my life.

I guess I forgot about it and/or lost interest in it at some point. It's been over a year since I was regularly taking photos with it. But, I'm back at it, trying to remember to take photos everyday. Rather than post them on my blog (like I used to) I've put them into a Flickr photo set where they can all be seen in order and write a short description to go along with them. You may have noticed the Flickr widget in my side column where you can see the latest photo, as well. So, if you're interested in my face, or like me, miss my long hair and want to reminisce with photos of it, take a look at the photo set and keep an eye on the widget for glimpses of what I'm up to, or just look like day-to-day.
Photo Shoot // Red, Black, and White
There have been periods of my life in which I was often doing photo shoots of myself dressed up in my new favorite outfit, or sporting a newly discovered hairstyle I liked. It's been quite a while since I've had the time and energy to get myself dolled up, get the lights and camera set up and have myself a fun little photo shoot. I haven't even taken a proper photo of myself since before I dyed the red section in my hair, in October. So, it's nice for me to see my lovely vivid red hair in good lighting and a bit of Photoshop effects.

Alright, call me superficial and self-centered, but I like having nice photos of myself to use as my Facebook profile picture, Twitter, blog, etc. It's fun and a confidence booster to do your hair and make-up and put together a nice outfit, and then have photos as evidence of that one time you looked nice to show off.

A high bun is definitely my favorite hair style right now. On myself, and on other girls. I especially love it with my bangs & red section. My everyday make-up is only eye make-up. Lipstick is way to high-maintenance for me, I'll stick to my Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker, thanks. But for photos, I love to rock the bright red lipstick with just mascara on the eyes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that when it comes to make-up you can emphasize the eyes or the lips, but both is too much. Which is why as soon as my lips get any color on them my unadorned eyes will just pop.

I'm also rocking my current idea of a good semi-dressed-up look consisting of an over-sized men's white shirt tucked into high-waisted black shorts. I often wear men's shirts at home and as soon as it's warm enough, I will be rocking them with shorts and boots outside. And the black and white color scheme made my red hair & lips stand out even more.

I guess I should stop talking about the photos and just let you have a look. These are the ones I chose as good enough to enhance a bit with Photoshop and share with you.

Bonus: An Instagram shot as I was getting ready and my La Photo Cabine of the day after I was done.

And then I had some fun adding effects to some of the photos with the iPhone app PictureShow.
Flashback Friday // Mug Shots
Once upon a time, two years ago, I started a group called Runaway Girls. We made videos, but it didn't last very long. When we first started the group, I thought it would be a cool idea to do mug shot photos of each of us. 'Cause we're, like, badass. As with most of my ideas, no one else wanted to do it, but I had fun with my own mug shot photoshoot.
If you're wondering about the card... 13 because it's my favorite number, 02/20/2010 was the day we put up our first videos and OPP is the Ontario Provincial Police (I live in Ontario, duh.)

Reasons Why I Would Be a Good Housewife
 1. I won't make you go through the insanity of actually getting engaged, planning an expensive wedding, and all that newlywed annoying nonsense. We can happily live in sin, playing house.

2. I don't cook, but I do bake. I will fatten you up like you're Hansel (or Gretel) and I'm a wicked witch living in a gingerbread house. In fact, I may even bake us a gingerbread house to live in.

3. Correction: I'll cook, if you'll clean up.

 4. I will do all this cooking and baking in a cute apron and a sexy outfit.

5. I can sew your buttons back on when they fall off and patch up the holes in your favorite jeans.

 6. I will not bother you or try to talk about important matters while you are watching the game or playing Portal 2. I will, however, make you and your friends treats, keep the beers coming, and decorate the house in theme for Superbowl Sunday or your Call of Duty tournament.

 7. I will not ask when we will be ready to have kids, because I've already decided the answer: Never.

8. We do not have to visit my family for Christmas. Or yours, if you don't want to. We can stay home alone, go to Fiji, whatever we want.

I expect the fellas to come flocking, now. ;)
TishTish, personal
2012. 12 Months. 12 Projects.

It just came to me one day... It's going to be 2012. I'll do 12 things. There are 12 months. I'll do one awesome thing every month.

I have a very bad track record at going through with plans (if you've read my blog, you'll know this by all the blog features I've started and not kept up with). I love making plans, it's the doing that I don't have a firm grasp on. 

So, once again, I have come up with a system of getting things done. This one might just actually make enough sense to work for me... I hope.

I always have a million projects on the go, or that I want to start. Blog posts, crafts, videos, art, music, etc. Which, for my short attention span, means that nothing actually ever gets done because I can never choose from the long list of things to do. And if I decide to focus on one project, I feel like I'm ignoring everything else I need to do.

My solution to this problem of everything-at-once is to assign myself one major project a month. I have the entire month to work on one project that will be done by the end of the month.

I haven't decided on every project for the year (the other reason I can't follow through with long-term plans is that I change my mind so often), but I have a few ideas.

Super Mario World felt mural, learn the banjo, write & draw a comic story, make graphic t-shirts, learn French, doodle journals, short film, make an amazing Halloween costume, record Christmas songs.

Some of those will require explanation for you when that month comes. Some are projects that will have a definite finished product at the end of the month, while some are more that I'm going to take a month to focus working on one thing.

I'll still be doing more than one crafty thing a month, but this will help me keep my focus. Hopefully, I'll be able to let go of all my other ideas, knowing that I will get to them another month, and just focus (most of) my free time on one main project.

I'm excited to get long-awaited ideas done this year. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my projects and experiences along the way.
It's My Birthday
Twenty two years ago today, I pushed my way out of my mother's vagina.

In other news... I dyed my hair!

It has a long explanation of how this came about. When I dyed my hair from bleached blonde back to brown in the Spring, I still had three containers of red Manic Panic. So, I thought, well, someday when my hair is longer I'll do a red chunk/streak/piece somewhere that looks cool. But then for a while I was torn between the idea of never having to dye my hair ever again and not wasting hair dye.

When thinking of how/where to put red in my hair, I looked to Knives Chau for inspiration, since I also had a short bob with bangs. About a week ago, I Googled Knives Chau to check out her hair to decide if that's what I wanted to do, and I saw that, although she dyed it blue in the movie, all the comic and fan art of Knives had a red streak. And then I remembered that I have a black and white striped scarf and it hit me- I could be Knives Chau for Halloween. So that pretty much cemented the idea of dying my hair.

I didn't have time to do a proper photo shoot, but I snapped this shot quickly...

 "Steal my boyfriend, taste my steel!"

Another birthday tradition, other than changing my hair (remember last year? Big mistake) is to make a list of things to do that year (aka 20 Before 21, 21 Before 22).
I've learned my lesson that I am no good at living up to amibitous goals like that, so this year I decided to make some goals I'm sure I can keep. And to make it more fun for all of us, I turned that list into a lovely poem. Let me present... 

Things I'm Going to Do When I'm Twenty-Two

I make these goals
Most every year
To make the most
Of my time here

I'm ashamed to say
That every time
I don't complete
The list of mine

This year will be different
This year I'll pull through
This year I'll get it done
That's why I'm telling you

These are some things
That I plan to do
This year starting now
While I'm twenty two

Soon it will be winter
A season that I hate
But this year I want to have fun
So I'm going to go skate

Snow can be pretty
As it falls from the sky
I'll use it to make a fort
Several stories high

I've always loved music
I can play the piano, guitar and flute
This year I've got a banjo
I want to learn to play, too.

I took some French in school
But I wish I'd taken more
This year I'm going to learn
The language I adore

This year I'll finally do it
I'm going to stick it out
I'll watch the entire Godfather series
That I've heard so much about   

For two years I've wanted to visit
Ripley, my hometown
Last time my plans fell through
But this year I'll go down
I'll continue to do what I love
Making videos for YouTube
But this year I want to
Make videos with other people, too
This year I'm sure
I'll go through with it
I'll accomplish all these goals
And have fun doing it!

Alright, that's it. I'm twenty-two years old, now. However, I have yet to "grow up"...