The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I'm off to my parents' house tomorrow right after my last exam, so I'm up late tonight packing and getting ready. And I figured I better do this Christmas blog before I go.

Some pretty pictures to get you feeling festive.
This year I had my heart set on getting a mini white or pink Christmas tree. I went with white. These adorable trees were my inspiration.

And here's my adorable little Christmas tree. Disco ball ornaments stolen from the centerpieces at Kim's work Christmas party. Garland finger knitted by me. Star made by me from foam, glue and glitter!

Here are my presents wrapped. Coincidentally (or not?) the size matches how much I like them...

I like to copy cute fonts when I hand write things. You can download the adorable font here.

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a holly jolly new year!
Christmas Movies
I went crazy downloading every Christmas movie I could think of this year. There might still be more I should get. Any suggestions?

Today I'm watching all of these:

These I've seen:

These I have yet to watch:
(I find it greatly amusing that the girl that played the Virgin Mary got knocked up at 16.)

Me Likey Lykke Li
I discovered Lykke Li's music a long time ago and I keep finding more songs by her that I love. If I made music, I would try to make music like hers.

Here is a playlist I made of my favorite Lykke Li songs that I think you should check out!

Lykke Li is an amazing performer. I suggest just searching "Lykke Li" on YouTube to see some amazing performances. Here are some of my favorites to get you started.

Oh, and her music video for Little Bit is possibly the most amazing video ever!
Ruby Gloom Makes Good Music
I love this song from Ruby Gloom! There are two versions. The first is my favorite. If you don't watch the show, you need to know Misery (the character the song is written for) is a walking disaster. Everything she touches crumbles or explodes, natural disasters follow her around, she just creates disaster everywhere she goes. Now you get it?

You can listen to more music from the show and watch clips at
It's a really good show! It's Canadian! It's like The Addams family. Everything is all dark and gloomy but the characters are actually really happy and like weird things.
20 Things To Do Before I Turn 21

I finally finished my list! I made it into a cute poster that will hang above my bed to remind me everyday to work on these things this year.

1. Sell art, crafts, clothes, etc. on Etsy
I've been slowly but surely starting to create arts and crafts. I have lots of ideas, so this year I'm working on actually creating the things I think about creating. So far my ideas include; dresses, screen-printed t-shirts (original graphic designs), sleep masks, aprons, pillows, purses, hair accessories, jewelry, mobiles, chandeliers, paintings, collages, and other types of art.

(t-shirt graphic)

2. Finish draft of The Little Pink Book
I've been writing articles for The Little Pink Book for about a year. Click here to see what it's about and some things I've written for it.

3. Road trip
I don't know where. I don't know when. I don't know with who. I don't care. Let's just go, baby!

4. Save money
I know this is a very vague goal, but what can I say? I just need money. It's life.

5. Read the Bible
I already started reading it a while ago. I'm not Christian (although I was raised Presbyterian and my dad was a minister), I just find religion interesting. I'm interested in it more as history than religion.

6. Learn French
I bought a cd/book set a while ago to learn French but I haven't started it yet. I really love the language and Paris is on the top of my places to visit. I'm so jealous of bilingual people. I think it's so amazing to be able to communicate in more than one way. I already say some phrases in French on a daily basis (Qu'est-ce que c'est ?) but my goal is to finish that cd/book thing and be able to have a French conversation.
7. Have a website
This isn't just about having a website, but having a reason to have a website. This kind of goes with selling stuff on Etsy, because that would be a reason to have a website.

8. Create my own fragrance
I love perfume! I love smells! I want to create my own signature fragrance (or more than one). Not sure how yet, probably a store like The Body Shop that has all those fragrance oils you can combine to create your own scent.

9. Sell cakes
Everyone tells Kim and I we should go into the cake business because our wedding cake for Addie and Mike was so amazing. Next semester I have Cake Decorating class, so I'll hopefully learn lots. Cake decorating is what I want as a career (among other things) so I really want to do this.

10. Make friends
I really only have three best friends and a few people I'm friendly with. I think I should have friends. But this isn't something I'm going to try really hard to do, I'm just going to be open and hopefully people like me...

11. Have all-nighter in Kemptville
One of my favorite things to do and I haven't in a looooooong time. My friends and I like to walk around town, play in the cemetery, hang out at Tim Horton's getting free ice and water, push each other around in shopping carts in the mall parking lot, steal letters from signs, and just get up to no good.

12. Enter every contest/draw
Growing up, I remember my Grandma was always winning stuff and lots of stuff in her house was stuff she had won in draws. My mom told me it wasn't that my Grandma was really lucky or won things more than other people. It was because she entered so many contests and draws. So I am going to enter any (easy) contest and draw I can so I can win more stuff!

13. “No rules, no fear.” (no excuses!)
The quote is from The Jane Austen Book Club. It just really stuck with me. I later decided I needed to add "no excuses". This should keep me from not trying new things because I'm afraid, or I make up an excuse.

14. Finish a script
I have a lot of movie ideas that I work on occasionally. I want to actually develop one of my stories enough to write an actual script so I have more than just ideas to show for all my work and research.

15. Write a story
I've never been that good at creative writing, but I love creating stories. So this one is sort of a challenge to myself to develop my creative writing skills. And I can share a story with people, but not everyone can read a script.

16. Make music
I used to write lyrics and songs all the time, but I haven't in a really long time. I also haven't gotten out my guitar in too long. I want to get musical again.

17. Get a pet
I've had hamsters in the past but I think I want to get naked rats (you have to get more than one, or else they get cold being naked and all) or a bunny. I already have names picked out. Rats: Johnny Mullet, Pooter, Penis, Willy Pajamas. Bunny (black and white with floppy ears): Mr. Buns (from Ruby Gloom)

18. Get a job
I've never had one. I need money!

19. Lose 20 pounds
It's not exactly about how much weight I lose, it's about how I do it. I need to start eating healthy (I somehow manage to be an extremely unhealthy vegan) and exercising. Plus, I gained the weight being all depressed so I need to lose all this weight that came from a bad time in my life.

20. Get involved with a charity
I was stumped thinking of one last thing for my list until I realized I should add something that isn't just for me, but something about helping other people.

My Tips for Making Your Own List
Just because your birthday isn’t recently passed or coming up soon doesn’t mean you can't make your own list. You always have time.

- don’t include things that you know you’re going to do anyway like “read 25 books” or “make art”
- include goals that you will have to work toward
- include special things that you will have to plan for and make time to do (ie. road trip)
- include things that you can continue to work on/learn/do through out the year that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment in the end (ie. learn French)
- don’t include things that you know you won’t keep up with (ie. start an exercise routine)
- don’t be too vague; you need to be able to look back and definitively say whether or not you accomplished that goal

I hope this inspires you to make your own list and do some amazing things this year!
New Music Today
I finally added/downloaded all this music I've been meaning to...

Some of my parents' Christmas CDs I ripped including...
(My parents have this on vinyl and one of my favorite memories of childhood Christmases is listening to this album, especially 'Feliz Navidad'. It's groovy, baby!)

Mambo #5 CD
One of the first CDs I bought as a kid. It's not even the original artists, they're all covers by "The Countdown Singers". I used to love all these songs, I don't know why I didn't put this on my computer before. Oh, right, because they aren't the original songs! Ha ha ha! Can you imagine me at 8 years old singing "I wanna have sex on the beach"? Oh, god.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Greg Laswell
(Really nice, slow acoustic version. You've probably heard it in a movie before)
Technologic - Daft Punk
Love Sex Magic - Ciara
Love Stoned - Justin Timberlake
Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake
We Are Golden - Mika

Some songs from the New Moon soundtrack...

Possibillity - Lykke Li (Love her!!!)
Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
I Belong to You - Muse (Love them!!!)

Sexy Bitch - David Guetta ft. Akon
(omg i love it, can't stop dancing to it. sex on the dancefloor, baby)

Tik Tok - Kesha
(can't stop dancing to this one, either. makes me wanna dance and party all night. the video is pretty sweet, too. i like that chick's style.)

Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue

The Dark Side

I dyed my hair today! It was getting a little faded (because it's bleached underneath). I wanted it back to a nice dark dark almost black brown. That's how I like it.

Here are some before and after shots (in different lighting so you can really see the difference).
I love it! Going darker, even just slightly, instantly makes you look foxier! ;)

Workin' That Up-Do!
I've been wearing my hair up in a bun a lot recently. It started out as practical, to keep all my hair up and out of my face, but then I decided it was a good look.

It reminds me of Lykke Li. She almost always has her hair in a high bun.

I've noticed girls on fashion sites and celebrities workin' that up-do lately, as well.

Another style trend taken from ballerinas. We already took leg warmers, leggings, tutus and leotards. Just don't try to work all those trends at once.
35 Questions Answered
1. where is your cell phone?
on the sofa
2. your hair?

Is my natural color and growing out

3. your mother:
Cares too much what other people think of her

4. your father:
Drinks too much

5. your favorite food?
fries & chick'n nuggets
6. your dream last night?
Something creepy and scary starring the characters of Eastwick

7. your favorite drink?

and for alcohol...
8. your dream/goal?
I have so many… most would be embarrassing to tell…

9. the room you are in?
Is a mess...
10. what is your hobby?
Making art
making videos

11. what is your fear?
That no one loves me. That no one will notice me, care about me, remember me. That’s why I get so paranoid when people don’t text me back. I constantly need reassurance that the people I care about care about me.

12. where were you last night?


13. something you are not anymore?
Depressed. Shy.

14. muffins:

Are cupcakes' ugly cousins.

15. wish list items:

So many…

A boy to love

For Addie & Mike to move back close to me

16. where did you grow up?
South Eastern Ontario, along Lake Huron. Molesworth until I was five then Ripley until I was 11.
17. last thing you did:
pimped out my buzznet page

18. what you are wearing:
my heart on my sleeve

19. your tv:

Has movie quotes on it
“You will drink the black sperm of my vengence!”
“There will always be women in rubber flirting with me!”
“Your moon is in Uranus.”
“I’ll tell you in another life when we are both cats.”
20. your pets:

Are dead.

21. your friends:
Are my family. I would fall apart without them.

22. your life:
Is just getting started, I hope.

23. song that describes your mood:

All I Want For Christmas Is You

24. missing someone?

25. vehicle:

I’d like one, please. Preferably one of these.

26. something you're not wearing:
a bra

27. your favorite store:

28. your favorite color:

Lately I’ve been liking this combination.

29. the last time you laughed:
Watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks

30. the last time you cried:
Watching My Sister's Keeper

31. your best friend:

32. one place you go over and over:
Kim’s house

33. guilty pleasure:

Junk food.

34. favorite place to eat:
A&W for fries with seasoning salt, apple pie and root beer.
35. where do you want to be in 6 years?
With my friends. Happy. Not living in the city.
Tish Vocabulary: Cake Brain
Cake Brain - | k-ay-k br-ay-n |

Noun. Mental State.

the state of your brain after spending too much time making cake(s).

Symptoms include: disorientation, inability to focus on anything but cake, insomnia, temporarily lower IQ, inability to talk about anything besides cake, irritability towards people interrupting your cake making, severe stress,

ie. I can't even put my pants on properly because I have such bad cake brain.

Origin: Kim and I discovered we had cake brain when we were making Addie & Mike's wedding cake.
How to Be
This movie may just be the cure to your Robert Pattinson obsession. He is the total opposite of Edward Cullen in this movie. His hair is too long, he’s a loser, he’s pathetic, he’s stupid, he can’t sing well (although I know Robert actually can), he’s insecure, he’s just a big pathetic insecure loser. But that’s the point of the movie. He hires a self-help guru to live with him and help him make his life not so pathetic. The movie really isn’t funny or clever or anything. Pretty dull.

Cheese Rating: 2/5
Hilarity Rating: 1/5
Drama Rating: 1/5
Quality Rating: 2/5
For Fans of: Cashback
Final Verdict: Mediocre.