Buffy Virgin: Season 2, Part 1

Finally, we continue our adventures in Sunnydale! Now with screenshots, so you can feel like you were there watching it with me. (Don't you wish?)

Ep. 1: When She Was Bad

Awwwwww! Xander and Willow are so cute! They have a moment and almost kiss but then a vampire shows up. And so does Buffy.

"Miss me?” (They did.)

Buffy seems concerned with The Master being buried. Or maybe she just doesn't want to talk vampires. She seems uninterested but then she/SMG's body double goes full force into her training. PTSD? So, killing The Master and closing the Hellmouth didn't rid Sunnydale of vampires. There seems to be one piece they missed in the season one finale: The Anointed One. That damn kid is still around, apparently leading vampires. Angel is back. Pulling an Edward Cullen again. Warns Buffy of The Anointed One. Buffy's been acting weird since she got back but it is particularly weird when she blows off Angel to dance with Xander to the weird Japanese band at The Bronze. Even Cordelia calls her out on her 'tude right before being abducted by vamps. Ruh roh. Now the secrets out: The Master has been dug up. Bitch Buffy wants to take care of it all by herself. But she can't because it's a trap! She works through her issues by killing a bunch of vamps and smashing The Master’s bones. But, damnit, the annoying Anointed kid is still around! They always forget to tie up that lose end!

New Characters

: It's just all our old favorites! Although they all have new hair-do's!

Favorite Quote

: “You're the watcher. I just work here.”-Buffy

Mythology Lesson

: The Master can be brought back with a ritual involving the blood of those who were nearest him when he died.

Demon Death Count:

About 5 vamps

Human Death Count:

Buffy saves the day! No deaths.

Ep. 2: Some Assembly Required

Buffy is waiting for Stefan to wake up in the cemetery (who's Stefan?) and Angel shows up and they get in a cute jealous couple fight. Buffy falls in an open grave while chasing after Angel which is hilarious.

And this begins our mystery of the episode: a girl was dragged from her grave? Pervy yearbook camera nerd & his science nerd friend say something creepy about too bad Cordelia is alive. So, obviously they are the creeps we are looking for. The crew heads to the graveyard to see if any other of the recently deceased cheerleaders have been dug up while Angel finds Cordelia hiding in a dumpster where she finds some body parts. Cordelia hangs onto Angel like a sad puppy dog which Angel revels in as Buffy gets a taste of her own jealous medicine. They figure out that the creeps are indeed the creeps they are looking for but they don't show up for school because they are busy working on their patchwork girl who still needs a head. Why? Oh, because his dead brother is not dead but in fact a zombie who wants a lady-friend. 

 Commence the hunt and the fight. Buffy wins. All is well.

New Characters

: Chris, the science nerd. Pervy camera guy.

Favorite Quote

: “She's a techno-pagan, right? Ask her to bless your laptop." (This techno-pagan stuff cracks me up!)

Mythology Lesson

: You can stitch body parts together and reanimate dead flesh, apparently.

Demon Death Count

: Vamps: 1

Human Death Count

: Darryl, but he was already kind of dead

Ep. 3: School Hard

Buffy and the other worst student at Sunnydale are given the task of organizing the parent-teacher night together. Xander jinxes it by saying maybe nothing bad will happen and then Spike drives into town! He joins the vamps & the Anointed One chatting about killing the Slayer. And then Drusilla shows up! She acts all spacey and weird which I find confusing because I thought she was a vamp, too. What is she...? Oh, she's psychic? Anyway, Buffy is having trouble balancing school and slaying, made even more difficult by Spike testing her skills as he prepares to kill her on Saturday, which is night of Saint Vigeous, a night that vampires do a lot of killing or something. If we weren't sure spacey Drusilla was actually a vampire, we are now as she feeds on bad ass Sheila. Shit hits the fan when Spike and his gang crash parent-teacher night. But who comes to Buffy's rescue as Spike is about to do her in? Buffy's mom!

(I just noticed Spike's nail polish. I love him.)

The principal and police officer agree to use the usual excuse of gang members on PCP, which makes me think they know the truth... Spike kills the Anointed One, so I guess Spike is leader of the Sunnydale vamps now.

New Characters

: Spike! Drucilla! Worst student Sheila.

Favorite Quote

: “Now, any of you wanna test who's got the biggest wrinkles around here, step on up." -Spike

Mythology Lesson

: Night of St. Vigeous. Vampire crusades, killing etc. Spike's got history: William the bloody. Earned his nickname by torturing his victims with railroad spikes. He's killed two slayers in the last century. He and Angel have a history; Angel is Spike's "sire". (Or Spike is Angel's? Spike made Angel, I think.)

Demon Death Count

: Buffy defeats most of Spike’s gang. Spike kills a few himself and the Anointed One, finally.

Human Death Count

: Only two, according to the police.

Ep. 4: Inca Mummy Girl

Another international historically mystical mystery begins on a class field trip, this time at a museum where the kids are learning about Inca human sacrifice. There's a dumb kid who tries to steal some mystical curse plate from a mummy but he breaks it and she chokes him. When the crew go to look for him, they find that he has replaced the petrified mummy. Buffy is late picking up her foreign exchange student and he gets the life sucked out of him by the mummy. Damn, your tardiness, Buffy! The mummy becomes a real life girl thanks to his life force. She pretends to be the foreign exchange student so she can get her life back.

OMG it's Seth Green! He has facial hair! He's in a band! Their van has black & white stripes!

The mummy has a bodyguard, apparently. He wants the seal (broken plate) back to put the mummy back. But the mummy girl isn't having that. She sucks his life, too. Xander and mummy girl are adorably in puppy love at the dance while Willow looks adorable in her Eskimo costume and gets noticed by little Seth Green up on stage.

Mummy girl starts turning back into a mummy so she picks an unsuspecting boy to feed on- it's Doyle! (Gilmore Girls) but he gets away. Good, I can't wait for more 'Doyle: The Teenage Years'.

So, the mummy girl runs out of life before she can feed again and crumples up again, even though the seal wasn't fixed. And the gang just leaves this big ol mummy mess at the museum. Which, by the way, how did they get in after hours?! Where is museum security?! Goddamnit, Sunnydale. Get your shit together.

New Characters

: Rodney, the dumb kid. Seth Green! I mean, "Oz". Mummy girl. Doyle! (I don't know his characters name.)

Favorite Quote

: “Maybe he went out for a smoke.” "For 21 hours?" "It's addictive, you know." -Willow and Xander

Mythology Lesson

: Inca human sacrifice was a thing.

Demon Death Count

: Mummy girl goes back to being a mummy.

Human Death Count

: Mummified: 3

Thoughts So Far

This show is really funny. There are so many good one-liners amidst the demon-fighting chaos. I'm getting pretty tired of every episode following the same formula, though. Something mysterious happens, the team gets some of the clues, the rest is revealed to the viewer, the team catches up just in time to save the day. With no consequences or mention of these horrific occurences ever again. I was excited to see some more characters I actually remember; Spike, Drusilla, Seth Green "Oz".

Ep. 5: Reptile Boy

The episode begins with Buffy, Xander, and Willow trying to understand what is going on in a Bollywood movie, which sounds like a great way to spend an evening. Meanwhile, a girl is running away from some dudes in monk-like robes. I'm guessing they aren't monks, though, because the one dude is a 90's teen hunk. Oh, that's because they're frat boys! Gross. Cordelia is dating one and another one chats up Buffy and she totally falls for it which is weird because he is not even hot, especially compared to Angel. Angel, who shows up at the cemetery when Buffy finds a clue. They have a very emotional, tortured conversation about how they can't date because he's 241 and he can't control himself. Yes, it's all very Twilight. Poor Angel. Poor Buffy. So, Buffy agrees to go to the frat party with Cordelia where she dances with frat boy Tom and gets roofied.

(Don't drink drinks that strangers give to you!)

Buffy, Cordelia, and the other missing girl are now chained up in the basement as the frat summons up their demon snake that they worship, but of course Buffy breaks free and kills it just as the rest of the gang gets there.

New Characters

: Creepy frat boys.

Favorite Quote

: “The reflection thing. You don't have. Angel, how do you shave?" Good question, Willow.

Mythology Lesson

: The frat boys are worshipping some thing called Makita who looks like a Silurian/basilisk/Voldemort mix.

Demon Death Count

: Makita gets chopped.

Human Death Count

: None!

Ep. 6: Halloween

We start with a Buffy vs. vamp fight as usual, but this time she's being watched. A vampire is recording her with a video camera. I, for one, am impressed that someone that old managed to figure out the new technology. While Spike reviews the footage, Buffy is obsessing over Angel (big change there). She and Willow steal the Watcher diaries to find out more about him and Buffy is jealous of the old fashioned ladies in big dresses because she's feeling not-pretty-enough. The creepy costume shop guy just gives her a pretty old fashioned dress and then worships some chaos god which turns everyone into their Halloween costumes.

Kids are demons, Willow is a ghost, Xander is a soldier, and Buffy is an innocent young lady from 1775. Spike enjoys the chaos, hunting for the now-helpless Slayer. Xander enjoys being the big strong man protecting Buffy instead of the other way around.

Giles seems to have a history with the costume shop owner. Apparently a badass history for Giles, he keeps calling Giles “Ripper". Giles beats up shop owner until he tells him how to stop the chaos and Buffy turns back into her Slayer self just in time to fight off Spike. And we end with Buffy & Angel working out their issues and Giles being left an ominous note from his old pal Ethan.

New Characters

: Jerk who bullies Xander, Ethan Rayne the costume shop owner.

Favorite Quote

: "Do you love my insides? The parts you can't see." "Eyeballs to entrails my sweet.” Drusilla + Spike = Love

Mythology Lesson

: Yonos, the two-faced god.

Demon Death Count

: Vamps: 1

Human Death Count

: None that we see, but there was a lot of bad guys running around...

Ep. 7: Lie to Me

Buffy sees Angel and Drusilla getting close in the park: commence insecure jealousy. Do Angel and Drusilla have more of a history than we know about? They were getting very personal. Buffy cheers up when her old friend, Ford, moves to town. He surprises Buffy with his knowledge that she is the Slayer. She thinks it's nice not to have secrets but he's up to something with a bunch of other kids who want to become vampires.

Angel, Willow, & Xander check out the wannabe-vamp club while Buffy encounters some vamps with Ford. Instead of killing the vamp like he told Buffy he did, he asked her for information and set her free. When Buffy brings in Giles for help, she identifies Drusilla from a photo and the thought-slayed vampire as it steals a book from the library. So, Ford makes a deal with Spike: the Slayer in exchange for turning him into a vamp. Buffy's onto him but he has a sad story about brain tumors to try to justify his choice. The stupid vamp-wannabes get free because Buffy uses Drusilla as leverage with Spike. Ford gets what he wants only to be staked by Buffy when he pops up out of his grave.

New Characters

: Buffy's old friend, Ford.

Favorite Quote

: “Oh, that's what that song is about!” -Willow about "I Touch Myself"

Mythology Lesson

: In Angel's early vampire days, he was obsessed with a chaste Drusilla. He drove her mad by killing everyone she knew until she fled to a convent where Angel finally made her a vampire.

Demon Death Count

: One vamp

Human Death Count

: Ford

Ep. 8: The Dark Age

A man in a suit is desperate to find Giles, and escape a zombie named Deidre, but Buffy is in the library at night with Giles aerobicizing to loud music. I question the school board policies that allow a student to exercise in the library with a faculty member late at night while Deidre gets to the suit guy, kills him, and then turns to goo. The gang discuss how Giles is such an old fuddy-duddy but then he’s all adorable with the techno-pagan and they kiss. Giles and Jenny sitting in a tree...

Giles has to identify the body of the suit man, who turns out to be an old friend from jolly old England sporting an interesting tattoo, which we later see Giles sporting as well. He crosses Deidre off a list of names after he finds out she died. The only names left are Ethan Rayne (the costume shop guy who called Giles “Ripper”) and Giles himself. Damn, Giles, you’re finally getting interesting.

School on a Saturday is proven to be a bad idea when Buffy finds Ethan in the library and dead guy comes to get Ethan. Dead guy turns to goo before he can get Ethan, but when the goo touches Jenny (the techno-pagan) (still funny) she appears to contract the evilness. Evil Jenny goes after Giles, but Buffy steps in and Giles tells her his deep dark secret past of dropping out of Oxford, practicing magic, and summoning a demon. Buffy goes to find Ethan and falls for the stupid “No, you first.” trick and gets whacked on the back of the head and tied up for Ethan’s ritual.

Buffy gets the mark of Eyghon tattooed on her so it goes after her instead of Ethan but the kids bust in with Angel and a plan- the demon will go into Angel because he’s dead but the demon inside Angel fights back and wins. Ethan escapes, though, so I bet we haven’t seen the last of him.

New Characters

: Giles’ dead friends

Favorite Quote

: “Have I ever let you down?” “Should I answer that or just glare?” -Buffy and Giles

Mythology Lesson

: Giles and his friends have the mark of Eyghon, a demon who gave Giles and his friend a good high when invoked.

Demon Death Count

: A few vamps trying to steal blood from the hospital

Human Death Count

: Giles’ friends

Thoughts So Far

Now that Spike and Drusilla have been introduced, and we know they have a past with Angel, I want more of that storyline! I’m so over the demon-of-the-week routine. Let’s dive into a Spike-Drusilla-Angel tortured love/hate triangle, with Buffy thrown in there for some Twilight-level tortured romance. Speaking of romance, where did Seth Green aka Oz go? Let’s give the crew their own lives outside of being Buffy’s research monkeys, please.

Ep. 9: What’s My Line? Part 1

The kids are taking a career test but Buffy is bitter because she already knows what she's going to be when she grows up; The Slayer. I beg to differ since being the Slayer doesn't pay the rent. She has to go to high school while being the Slayer so I think she'll still need a job.

Spike and Drusilla are back! Spike is trying to find Drusilla's cure in a book but it's in code and they must find the key.

Buffy and Angel are being all adorable which is weird because I haven't even seen them together lately, let alone cutesy coupley. Speaking of cute couples, Oz is back! He and Willow were selected by some software company big wig to be recruited at the career fair.

Buffy and Giles are onto the plan to decode this book which will unleash unspeakable evil, etc. while Spike's hired bounty hunters find their way to Sunnydale as well as a girl looking like she belongs in a TLC music video.

Buffy and Angel have their skate date but I'm not impressed. By Buffy's skating, I mean. Sorry, girl but I used to be a figure skater and you ain't got shit. But they kill an assassin and then she kisses his vamp face while TLC girl watches. And then she tries to kill Angel and speaks in a bad fake Caribbean kind of accent.

We're left with a cliffhanger of Giles and Willow in the library figuring things out, Angel locked in a cage with the sun coming up, Xander and Cordelia in Buffy's house with one of the assassins, and Buffy fighting "Kendra, the Vampire Slayer".

New Characters

: Caribbean TLC girl says she's Kendra, the Vampire Slayer.

Favorite Quote

: "Why are they after me?" "'Cause you're the scurge of the underworld?" "I haven't been that scurgey lately." -Willow & Buffy

Mythology Lesson

: DuLac wrote a book and created a cross that is the decoder. It contains a ritual to heal a sick vampire.

Demon Death Count

: 1 vamp, bounty hunter/assassin dude

Human Death Count

: Buffy's neighbor invites assassin maggot demon in for free make-up samples and gets herself dead

Ep. 10: What’s My Line? Part 2

Kendra, the other Slayer, takes this Slayer thing super-serious. Friends? What are friends? Kendra and Buffy clash on their individual ways of going about Slayer business while they try to find out what happened to Angel. He didn’t “meet the sun” (Sorry, True Blood term.) because the gross bar owner dragged him into the sewer so Spike could have him for his ritual. While Xander and Cordelia are trapped in Buffy’s basement hiding from the assassin made of maggots, their fighting builds up to the point where there is no other option but to kiss. There’s a fine line between love and hate?

Kendra talks about how her parents gave her to her Watcher when she was very young to start her training, but I thought a new Slayer wasn’t “activated” until the current Slayer dies. Buffy only died (for a minute) a year ago. Kendra is the same age as Buffy, so if Buffy hadn’t died until she was much older then Kendra would have just been a Slayer-in-Training her whole life? I’m very confused by this system.

Drusilla has had some fun torturing Angel, but now it’s time for the ritual. Buffy is taken there as a hostage so Spike can have her, interrupting the ritual. Kendra and the gang bust in to help Buffy and somehow everyone significant escapes alive. How convenient.

It’s all wrapped up with Willow and Oz being adorable together, Cordelia and Xander angry kissing again, and Buffy and Kendra having a good Slayer heart-to-heart. So… what, there’s just two Slayers now? That’s okay? Buffy lives in Sunnydale because there are a lot of vampires because of the Hellmouth, but is there another vampire hot spot in whatever Caribbean country Kendra is from? I need this explained!

New Characters

: We get to know the assassins sent to kill Buffy a little better. Maggot Man, Police Poser.

Favorite Quote

: “Man, that guy got major neck in his day!” -Xander about Angel

Mythology Lesson

: The ritual to restore Drusilla to full health involves a new moon and her sire, Angel.

Demon Death Count

: Several vamps, including assassins

Human Death Count

: None.

Ep. 11: Ted

Buffy’s mom has a boyfriend! Ew! Old people kissing! Willow and Xander think he’s great, but Buffy understandably is weirded out and suspicious of Ted. And, after getting to know him at mini-golf, I am more than suspicious. That bitch be crazy!

But in other love stuff, Buffy is loving being Angel’s nursemaid bandaging his wounds, and Giles goes to check on Jenny the Techno-Pagan. She is still traumatized and wants nothing to do with him. Xander and “Cordy” are still in denial of what they’re doing together, refusing to acknowledge there’s something there in front of their friends, but then going to the utility closet to make out.

I hate Ted. Even if he didn’t have that extra bit of unnatural psycho freak stuff, he is so incredibly annoying and manipulative! I’m so glad Buffy kills him after she finds him in her room at night and he threatens her and smacks her real good. She feels really guilty about it though, so the gang investigates creepy Ted and finds drugs in his cookies that makes everyone chill and loving. While they’re investigating his address and marriage certificates going back all the way to 1957, Ted shows up in Buffy’s room again. Don’t worry, he’s not a zombie just a robot. She smashes his robo-head with his precious cast iron frying pan and everything’s back to normal. Oh, and Giles and Jenny/Ms. Calendar/the Techno-Pagan are back together. Smoochie smoochie.

New Characters

: Ted, mom’s boyfriend.

Favorite Quote

: “Vampires are creeps.” “Yes, that’s why one slays them.” -Buffy & Giles

Mythology Lesson

: Ted lived in the 50’s. When he got sick, his wife left him. So he built a robo-Ted, brought his wife home and kept her there until she died and kept bringing women like her back to replace her.

Demon Death Count

: 1 vamp.

Human Death Count

: Ted

Thoughts So Far

We’re finally moving away from demon-of-the-week episodes and into longer story arcs, thank you. I love the Spike, Drusilla, Angel stuff. More of those weirdos, please. I’m enjoying the show, but I’m still eagerly anticipating more of the stuff I vaguely remember like Willow being a powerful witch, Willow being a lesbian, Buffy has a little sister?, Xander and Cordelia are together?, Faith is another Slayer? Well, I’m only half way through the second season, so I better learn to be patient while all those things unfold over the next five and a half seasons...

Summer Round-Up: I Never Want It to End!
Best thing after a long work week: raspberries in the park // Summer sky // Painted more furniture black and enjoyed sitting outside while it dried

Wow! What a Summer! No time to sit inside blogging when there's Summer fun to be had! This is what I was up to in June, July, and August instead of blogging.

Movies Watched
Frances Ha - It made me sad. Sad about being alone and friends moving on with their lives without you.
Maleficent - I was looking forward to this since I heard of it and it did not disappoint!
Bad Teacher
My Blueberry Nights
Words and Pictures - I got an advanced screening pass from work, otherwise I wouldn't have seen it. It was definitely "thought-provoking" re: visual art, writing, and teen sexual harassment.
Wreck-It Ralph
Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor 2 - I had a Marvel craving.
Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4 - And then a pirate adventure craving.
Funny Girl - Love 60's movies. Love musicals. Love Barbara Streisand.
Sucker Punch - One of my favorite movies. I watch it when I need some badass-tough-chick inspiration.
Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises
Guardians of the Galaxy - Loved it! I would go see it in the theatre again if I wasn't broke.

TV Watched
Orphan Black: Season 1 - I was about to start season 2 when I realized I had completely forgotten how we left season 1.
Broad City - I think this was my third viewing. I just love them so much!
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Favorite new show this year. So good.
How I Met Your Mother - Yes, I actually made it this long without ever watching HIMYM. I knew everyone was disappointed with the finale, but I didn't know everything about it. After falling in love with all the characters and the show, I wish someone would have warned me to just not even watch the last couple episodes. It just ruined the whole thing for me.
The O.C. 
Doctor Who has returned!

Web Series Watched
Day Job - Sara Schaefer shares the lows and very lows of having an office job.
Spooked - The first (?) scripted show from Geek & Sundry!
Inside Amy Schumer -This isn't a web series so much as it is clips from her actual TV show, I guess.
HeyUSA! - Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart travel around the USA being their weird selves.
Broad City - Yes, it's a real TV show now but it started as a web series.
Chloe and Zoë - I love these girls.
Adult Wednesday Addams - I'm just jealous that I didn't come up with this idea first.
The Daly Show - It's just so goddamn funny, I watch it again and again.

Books Read
Jurassic Park - With all the weekends at my parents house in the country, camping trips, and picnics in the park, I was able to finish a book! I read it in high school and really enjoyed it so this was a fun re-read.

Music Played
Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence
Chlöe Howl - Señorita, Disappointed, Girls & Boys
DJ Raff - Latino & Proud
Kongos - Lunatic
Banks - Goddess
Betty Who - Heartbreak Dream
Sia - 1000 Forms of Fear
Paramore - Paramore
Tove Lo - Truth Serum
78violet - Hothouse
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Games Played
I had to buy a shelf just for board games // Recent purchases // I am always Wario and I always win

PS3: Little Big Planet Karting, Mortal Kombat, InFamous, Child of Light
My brother finally handed over (one of) his PS3 to me. I consider myself a retro gamer, so I'm not interested in newer consoles, but Felicia Day told me about this beautiful game, Child of Light, that I was desperate to play, so I insisted on a PS3. The game is beautiful, very fairy-tale-esque, and my style of gameplay. I also tried out some of the games my brother already had loaded on the PS3. I liked InFamous until I died. I don't like games that are difficult. I don't like dying and having to do a level over and over.

N64: Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 2
I spent way too much money on these games on eBay. But, considering they are the only reasons I wanted an N64 and I haven't seen them anywhere online for less than $50 each, I got a deal on the two together. They both bring out my crazy competitive side. Peach has become my nemesis in Mario Party. I yelled a lot of NSFW words at her...

Board Games: Say Anything, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Wheel of Fortune, Trivial Pursuit
These are some old games that my mom got from a coworker for her to donate, but she gave them to me instead. Say Anything is a new game I bought and we played it three times in a row, so I guess it was a hit! It's a really fun game to play with friends you know really well. You write your own answers, so we had a lot of laughs playing this game.

Cakes Made
I made cakes for my friend's mom's 50th birthday and her daughter's 2nd birthday. A steampunk welder helmet for Mom and a cute pink cake that didn't quite make the journey for little Clover.

Fun Had
Canada Day // I got my first Nerd Block in June // I made my friend's daughter a smash cake

Pigtails mean camping // Perfect weather // We stopped at The Big Apple / Colorful campfire / Aquarium

Our camping trip was part camping, part staying in Toronto for cheap. My friend Kelsey had an appointment at a bridal shop to try on dresses and then we went to the Toronto aquarium. There were a few groups of us, family & friends, camping next to each other so there were big campfires and games of Cards Against Humanity. Our group of four enjoyed making our meals together, lawn games, shopping, lots of friend time and some chill time. We all were wishing we didn't have to go back to work after.

The next weekend, I did something I've never done before. I got my ears pierced! Yes, at 24 years old I had never had any piercings. I just was never really interested in it when I was younger, and then as I got older I liked the idea of not having any piercings or tattoos. I had been thinking about these piercings for a while, though, and we finally found a time to go get pierced! They seem to be healing nicely, and I'm looking forward to changing the boring silver barbells for black hoops. (I never wanted silver balls on my ears, I got these piercings specifically for gold hoops. Gold is more expensive though, so I'm starting with black.)
That evening, as my ears throbbed in steady pain, we went to see The Book of Mormon. I wasn't overwhelmed. It had some pretty funny moments, the musical numbers were great, but overall it didn't seem worth the money to see it from up on the balcony.

The quarry is the perfect spot to take panoramas // I didn't want to jump in the dirty water because of my new piercings // August ended in a double rainbow

The rest of my summer included lots of game nights, good times with friends, parties with co-workers and one particularly awesome day swimming at a quarry.

Links & Likes 

One day my Brazilian boss wrote down "Meu pedacinho de chão" on a piece of paper and told me to go home and Google it. He said it was a Brazilian TV show and that everyone on it had colorful hair like mine. I only see one girl with pink hair, but it looks like a very colorful, fun show! I wish I could find it with English subtitles!

I almost convinced my friends to go on a Color Run with me, but half of them were put off by the word "run" and half actually wanted to run. I was just in it for the color powder, but the ladies of A Beautiful Mess showed me how to make your own color powder.

I still watch Sia's video for Chandelier once in a while. I love the abstract dance routine.

I always love Walk Off the Earth's covers. Their cover of Rude is really fun.
Dancing Baby Groot is so cute, I cry.
Baking Inspiration: Rosebud Cakes

I do a lot of the buttercream decorating on cakes at work while my co-cake decorator, Theresa, specializes in fondant. She brought Rosebud Cakes' work to my attention a while ago. She had always thought that the custom caricatures were created with modeling chocolate, but when the bakery posted step-by-step photos of the process, she was amazed to find out that they were created with buttercream icing.


I don't think I could create caricatures of people, but I am interested in trying out this kind of buttercream sculpting. Before working at the bakery, I had learned that I am not a sculptor; fondant cakes were not my forté at all. But I had no idea what you can do with the right icing. I've done cakes out of just buttercream that, a year ago, I wouldn't have thought possible without fondant (ie. An Audi) and used piping tips and techniques in new ways to create textures. (ie. These swans) I love would the challenge to create more 3-dimensional cakes & cake toppers with buttercream.

Image credits: Rosebud Cakes Facebook
Buffy Virgin: Season 1

Can you believe I've never really watched

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

? I have vague memories of watching it as a kid. I know the main characters and vampires. But I never watched it week-to-week when it was on the air. I now consider myself a

Joss Whedon

fan (



Dr. Horrible


The Avengers


Much Ado

) but how can I say that when I have not fully experienced


? Well, I'm experiencing it now! Come with me as I watch


from beginning to end, making snarky comments and counting deaths.

Ep. 1: Welcome to the Hellmouth

I feel like I'm already behind because I didn't see

the movie

first, in which Buffy actually discovers that she is the slayer. I was expecting it to be more like the first episode of


in which she finds out she's a witch on her 16th birthday. But, since I heard that Joss wasn't happy with the movie because they changed it so far from his original script, I thought I should skip it and start with the Buffy world that Joss wanted.

First Impression: It's super cheesey and 90's. Real obvious introduction of main characters, full of high school tropes; the "cool" kids, the "weird" kids. I thought I remembered Giles as old and wise but in the first episode he's like a bumbling nervous professor type. I know most shows' first episodes don't match the vibe of the series as a whole, so I won't hold it against the show.

The episode ends with a big vampire on top of Buffy in a mausoleum (I'm guessing this won't be the only time she fights vampires in a mausoleum) and a "to be continued", so let's continue and see how she gets out of her first vampire showdown in Sunnydale.

New Characters

: They're all new! Buffy bumps into Angel and doesn't even know he's a vampire. (She hasn't honed her vampy senses.) Willow is super shy and dresses like a Sister Wife. Not a witch yet, I guess. Cordelia is a too-cool-for-anything bitch. Does she become part of the friend group or stay the school bitch? Giles is not as wise and steady as I remember him. Where is your confidence, Giles? And Xander sounds like he hasn't hit puberty yet. They all, do, actually. It's hilarious. I'm not sure how long this Master guy will last, the only recurring vamps I remember are Spike, Drusilla, and Angel.

Favorite Quote

: "I never said I'm not going to ever slay another vampire. It's not like I have any fluffy bunny feelings for them. I'm just not going to get real extracurricular about it." -Buffy

Mythology Lesson

: "Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer." Woah. That's a lot for a sixteen year old girl.

Vampire Death Count

: Just one.

Human Death Count

: A kid is found dead in the locker room.

Ep. 2: The Harvest

Xander and Willow officially join Giles and Buffy in Vamp club. Willow helps Giles figure out what "The Harvest" is and Xander tries to help Buffy save his friend Jesse. Well, Jesse's already a vampire and The Master has a chosen a vessel. Angel is still creeping on Buffy and Cordelia is still a bitch. I find it strange that it was so easy to avoid the end of the world. How can there be seven seasons of this show, when it's as simple as slaying a few vamps in a nightclub to avoid all Hell literally breaking loose? I guess things get more complicated when Buffy starts making friends with vampires and it's not as simple as vampires = bad.

New Characters

: Cordelia's friend, Harmony. She is bad at programming class.

Favorite Quote

: Willow: Oh, I-I need to sit down. Buffy: You are sitting down. Willow: Oh. Good for me.

Mythology Lesson

: Once a century, there is The Harvest. The Master is trapped underground since the last time he tried to end the world, or whatever, so he chooses a vessel to feed on his behalf.

Vampire Death Count

: Countless. There's a showdown at Bronze where even Xander and Willow get in on some slaying action.

Human Death Count

: Zero? I must have missed some, right? I mean, it's The Harvest.

Ep. 3: Witch

Buffy's trying out for cheerleading and Giles does not approve. At cheerleading tryouts, a girls hands spontaneously combust and Buffy saves the day. It's our first non-vampire supernatural mystery! It's witchcraft! It's Amy, the girl who wants to be a cheerleader to make her mom happy. But first she has to get some cheerleaders out of the way so she can make the team. Oh, wait, it's actually Amy's crazy witch mom in Amy's body trying to relive her glory days. Also, Xander wants to ask Buffy out, which is clearly a bad idea because inter-vampire-slaying-team relationships never end well. Let's just all be friends. I'd say he should go out with cute little Willow instead but I know she ends up being a lesbian.

New Characters

: Amy, the witch. Or rather her mom, the witch. In Amy's body.

Favorite Quote

: "I laugh in the face of danger. And then I hide until it goes away." -Xander

Mythology Lesson

: We see a little bit of witchcraft this episode including a bubbling potion, voo-doo-like dolls, and a spell book.

Vampire Death Count

: No vampires this episode!

Human Death Count

: Just Amy's mom. (She deserved it.)

Ep. 4: Teacher's Pet

Xander's crush on Buffy continues with a daydream of him saving her from a vampire (Saving the vampire slayer from a vampire? He has some serious alpha-male issues.) and then rocking out on the guitar. The science teacher gets killed by what looks like a giant insect. (Is this the prequel to the


movie?) Sexy Angel shows up with another vague warning for Buffy. Sexy new science teacher shows up with an affinity for praying mantises... She's also clearly a pedophile/sexual predator. Gives me the icks. She seduces male students to help her fertilize her eggs or something gross. They kill her with bat sonar sounds. Keep that in mind if you ever need to fend off praying mantises.

New Characters

: Sexy science teacher, Blayne the douchebag

Favorite Quote

: Buffy: So, I'm an undead monster that can shave with my hand - How many things am I afraid of? Giles: Not many, and not substitute teachers as a rule.

Mythology Lesson

: It's more of a entomology lesson. "Dr. Ferris Carlyle spent years transcribing a lost pre-Germanic language. What he discovered he kept to himself until several teenage boys were murdered in the Cotswolds. Then he went hunting for it. He calls her a She-Mantis. This type of creature, the Kleptes-Virgo, or virgin-thief, appears in many cultures. The Greek sirens, the Celtic sea maidens..."

Vampire Death Count

: One in Xander's dream, a fork-handed vampire in real life.

Human Death Count

: Science teache


Thoughts So Far

Buffy has shown some of her amazing physical abilities. She's yanked open a locked gym door, did a hand stand on a bar, jumped over the school fence, and all the usual vampire/creature fighting.

I am digging the mysterious Angel. I'm looking forward to seeing how their relationship goes and at what point we find out that he's a vampire.

I can draw so many parallels between

Buffy the


Vampire Slayer


Sabrina the Teenage Witch

. Buffy is Sabrina, of course. Cordelia is bitch Libby. Willow is the sad friend (Jenny, Valerie, etc.). Xander is Harvey (except they stay just friends). I guess Giles is the Aunts, giving guidance.

Ep. 5: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

The Master is back and up to his old tricks! Buffy and Giles are researching a ring a vamp left behind when Owen comes into the library (The first student not in vamp club to enter the library!) and Buffy goes all gooey over him. Commence Xander jealousy. The Master is working on a prophecy about five dying and The Anointed One, but Buffy's too busy trying to date Owen to care. Turns out dating and slaying don't mix. Buffy congratulates herself on stopping The Master's plans once again, but- surprise ending! The Anointed One was not the vampire they thought! It's a little boy! Because nothing's creepier than a demon boy.

New Characters

: Owen, who reads Emily Dickenson and has a death wish.

Favorite Quote

: Giles: They came after me, but I was more than a match for them. Buffy: Meaning? Giles: I hid.

Mythology Lesson

: "And there will be a time of crisis, of worlds hanging in the balance. And in this time shall come the Anointed, the Master's great warrior. And the Slayer will not know him, will not stop him, and he will lead her into hell. As it is written, so it shall be. Five will die, and from their ashes the Anointed One shall rise. The Brethren of Aurelius shall greet him and usher him to his immortal destiny."

Vampire Death Count

: The one in the cemetery that leaves his ring behind and the vampire they think is The Anointed One gets shoved in the crematorium oven.

Human Death Count

: "Five die in van accident"

Ep. 6: The Pack

On the class field trip to the zoo, the mean kids are mean to the loser kid and then take him into the closed hyena exhibit. The hyena appears to be evil and infects the mean kids and Xander with evilness. So, Xander and the mean kids are evil hyena people, eating the school mascot pig and then the principal. The zoo keeper is very knowledgeable about the evil hyenas but turns out that he wanted the hyena evil for himself. Obviously, Buffy won't stand for that.

New Characters

: The four mean kids, the loser kid, and the zoo keeper hyena expert.

Favorite Quote

: "I cannot believe that you, of all people, are trying to Scully me." -Buffy

Mythology Lesson

: The zoo keeper explains something about rumors of evil hyenas in Africa, Maasai warriors, and the hyenas'/demon's great power.

Vampire Death Count

: No vamps, just hyena teens.

Human Death Count

: Principal Flootie, zoo keeper

Ep. 7: Angel

This episode started with a "Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer..", so we know some old shit is coming back. Looks like we'll finally see what The Master intends to do with the Anointed kid, and Angel will show his beautiful face again. Angel does what Xander dreams about; saves Buffy from some vampires. And then he takes his shirt off. Thank you. Angel hides out in Buffy's room for the night. And a day. And the next night they finally kiss. But then he gets too excited and reveals his ugly vampy face and scares her. (


flashbacks.) The secrets out! Now, Darla is trying to get Angel to embrace his vampness and kill Buffy, but he’s like totally in love with her. He’s only like 224 years older than her, so I’m sure it will work out.

New Characters

: Darla isn't a new character, but this is the first episode that she's actually important to the plot.

Favorite Quote

: "That way leads to madness and sweaty palms." -Willow

Mythology Lesson

: Angel was like all the other vampires for the first hundred years of his life, until he came to America and decided to lay low. Why? Gypsies put a curse on him that gave him back his soul. Also, Darla is his maker. (Oops, is that only a

True Blood


Vampire Death Count

: The Three (vampire assassins sent to kill Buffy but fail), Darla

Human Death Count

: None!

Ep. 8: I, Robot... You, Jane

The future is now, kids! We have the technology to scan books into the computer with the Scan-O-Matic! Unfortunately, Willow uses it to unknowingly scan a book that had captured a demon, so now the demon is possessing the school’s computers. It’s seducing Willow as a seemingly innocent boy, Malcolm, through online chat and telling some computer geeks to do bad things. When Giles goes to the computer teacher with this information, she’s already down with it because she’s a “techno pagan”. (I’ll let that sink in…) As if that wasn't all crazy enough, the demon is getting computer geeks to build him a robot body, and he's kind of in love with Willow. But they manage to read the curse to trap him back in the book.

New Characters

: Ms. Calendar, Computer Science teacher and Techno-Pagan

Favorite Quote

: "Smell is the most powerful trigger to the memory there is. A certain flower, or a-a whiff of smoke can bring up experiences long forgotten. Books smell musty and-and-and rich. The knowledge gained from a computer is a - it, uh, it has no-no texture, no-no context. It's-it's there and then it's gone. If it's to last, then-then the getting of knowledge should be, uh, tangible, it should be, um, smelly" -Giles

Mythology Lesson

: Back in 1418 in Italy, a priest or monk or something trapped Maloch in a book.

Vampire Death Count

: No vamps! (One robo-demon.)

Human Death Count

: Poor Dave gets killed and made to look like suicide.

Thoughts So Far

Like most first seasons of demon-of-the-week type shows, most episodes are just a silly plot with a problem that only lasts the episode. Demonic hyenas this week, cyber demons the next. We still have The Master and his Anointed kid waiting to make their move, though. And I assume Angel will be back soon to give Buffy more cryptic warnings and make her knees weak at the sight of him.

Ep. 9: The Puppet Show

It's the Annual School Talentless Show! The ventriloquist dummy is super creepy. Something is looking for flesh. The new principal is a dick and forces Buffy, Willow & Xander to come up with something for the talent show. A girl is killed by the thing wanting flesh, and then Morgan is caught talking to his dummy, or rather the dummy is caught talking. Buffy is convinced the dummy is the demon, while the rest of the team thinks it's Morgan. Plot twist! The dummy isn't a demon going after Buffy to cut out her organs, he's a demon hunter going after Buffy because he thought she was the demon! The show must go on! Who's the demon? The magician guy who is now trying to slice off Giles' head to get to his smart brains. But Buffy & gang arrive in the nick of time and the demon hunter dummy finishes his quest and rests in peace. And then Buffy, Xander and Willow perform their half-hearted play.

New Characters

: Morgan, the guy with the dummy, and the demon hunter stuck in the body of a dummy.

Favorite Quote

: Cordelia: "It could have been me!" Xander: "We can dream."

Mythology Lesson

: Something about 7 demons and demon hunter dummy has only got 6 so far. When he finishes his mission, he will released from his wooden prison.

Vampire Death Count

: No vamps! (One demon.)

Human Death Count

: Emily, who loses her heart. Morgan, who loses his brain.

Ep. 10: Nightmares

It's your worst nightmare come to life! Literally. People's nightmares are coming true. All the classics like spiders, not being prepared for a test, showing up for class in your underwear, your dad blaming you for your parents' divorce, or turning into a vampire. They think a little boy in a coma has something to do with it. Buffy sees him walking around, so apparently he's brought the nightmare world into reality, including a big ugly dude that's after Billy. They figure out how to wake up little Billy and find that it was his baseball coach who put him in a coma and was represented by the scary nightmare guy. Once again, everything is back to normal in the end so we can start next episode with a clean slate.

New Characters

: Billy, the coma kid.

Favorite Quote

: "A dream is a wish your heart makes. This is reality." -The Master

Mythology Lesson

: Astral projection is the ability to project yourself to another time and/or place while you're asleep, or in Billy's case, in a coma. It's not explained why exactly Billy is the one kid who could turn his (everyone's) nightmares into reality.

Vampire Death Count

: None

Human Death Count

: They only die of embarrassment this episode.

Ep. 11: Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Cordelia got herself some man candy to be King to her May Queen, or whatever the stupid dance is called. She seems to actually care about school for a moment, which seems suspicious. Or at least significant to a forthcoming subplot. And when she says "Mitch is gonna die" when he sees her in her dress, I don't think she meant literally. But that's what almost happens when someone invisible beats him with a bat. And then Cordelia's friend Harmony gets pushed down the stairs by something invisible. What's the common denominator? Cordelia. What a surprise someone invisible hates Queen Bee Cordelia. Angel is back! He's too in love with Buffy to see her, so he chats with Giles about The Master, slayer lore, and getting him an ancient book. They figure out who the invisible girl is and Buffy finds her hideout. The next victim is a teacher. It seems that the invisible girl was so invisible to everyone she actually became invisible. She also became totally crazy. She locks Giles, Xander and Willow in the boiler room filling up with gas, but our guardian Angel rescues them while Buffy fights off the invisible girl trying to give Cordelia a face to remember. And then the FBI shows up to take away invisible girl saying she'll become "a useful member of society." Very ominous. The episode ends with a classroom of invisible kids turning to Chapter 11: Assassination and Infiltration. I must say, I am way more into a show about invisible kids being trained as assassins that Buffy the Vampire not-very-often Slayer. I hope this comes back in the show.

New Characters

: Mitch, Cordelia's arm candy; Marcie, the invisible girl.

Favorite Quote

: Xander: Maybe it's a vampire bat.

Mythology Lesson

: Xander tries to prove he is useful for research when he throws our some knowledge of Greek gods' invisibility cloaks. Giles needs the Pergamum Codex, a book of prophecies.

Vampire Death Count:

No vamps, again! Vampire slayer isn't slaying many vampires lately...

Human Death Count

: Several attempts, but no successful murders this time.

Ep. 12: Prophecy Girl

There's an earthquake! The end is, like, nigh. The techno-pagan (stop laughing) Computer Science teacher is back in the picture, wanting to help Giles with apocalypse stuff. Xander gets shut down by Buffy, while Willow pines for Xander. Meanwhile, Giles is translating that special book of prophecies that always come true and it says Buffy will face The Master and Buffy will die. She doesn't take the news well at first, but she comes around to accept her destiny and goes after The Master. And she dies. But then she doesn't. CPR works, kids! Willow, Giles and the techno-pagan fight off the hoards of vamps and the creature of the Hellmouth while Buffy struts across town in her pretty white prom dress on her way to The Master. She kills him fairly easily and then it's like no biggie, saved the world, might as well go to prom since everyone likes my dress. No closure. 

New Characters

: None. It's the same old gang fighting the same old bad guys.

Favorite Quote

: "We saved the world. I say we party." -Buffy

Mythology Lesson

: The Pergamum Codex's prophecies always come true.

Vampire Death Count

: When Buffy kills The Master, apparently the hoards of vamps all over the school also died.

Human Death Count

: Like 8 kids in the A/V room. And Buffy, but that didn't stick.

Thoughts on Season One

What an unsatisfying season finale! Everyone has feelings that needed to be dealt with and weren't. Cordelia definitely knows about all this supernatural stuff now, but we don't get an initiation scene like Willow and Xander did. I thought for sure Giles and the techno-pagan chick would have some sort of romance thing going on. Willow never tells Xander how she feels. Buffy finaly sees Angel again but all this prophecy stuff gets in the way and they don't get a reunion "Where do we go from here?" moment. I guess I better keep going on to Season Two to see if any of these things are dealt with...

Join me next time, as I go through the first half of Season Two! If you're a


fan, I welcome any suggestions as to what I should like out for (along the lines of new characters, death count, etc.) And I'll remember to get some screen shots as I watch, so my posts are a little more visual. :)

No Sex in My City: Models and Mortals

Season 1, Episode 2: Models and Mortals

“What am I? Your intellectual beard for the evening?”

Miranda discovers that she’s on a date with a “modelizer”. Yes, apparently there are men who choose to only date women with a very particular occupation. Miranda is horrified, not just at finding out this nice guy is actual pathetically shallow, but that she is just an experiment date since she’s clearly not his type. Bringing up the subject of models at dinner brings out everyone’s insecurities, which I find hard to watch. These women are smarter than that! Carrie looks deeper into this modelizer world by visiting a known modelizer, who basically emobdies the worst qualities you can imagine in a man, objectifying women as “things”. Things that he collects by taping himself having sex with them. Samantha doesn’t find this as disgusting as the rest of us, instead she sees it as a challenge to be worthy of being taped. While Samantha validates her looks, Carrie spends the night getting to know a male model. Even he thinks models are dumb. No modelizer solution is found, but we end with another great line from Big. “After a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh."

Favorite Outfit

Carrie looks great in a simple little black strapless dress. The super long chain necklace thing is super 90's, but I'm kinda into it.

Character I Most Identify with: Samantha

Samantha wins for confidence in this episode, as she usually does. When the women are all listing their physical traits that they don’t like, Samantha is silent. She likes the way she looks. High-five, Samantha! Teach those girls a lesson! Shut up about your thighs, your chin, your nose, or whatever you think is your flaw and realize that you are beautiful and sexy and amazing, intelligent women! Don’t let the media tell you what the ideal woman looks like. Samantha is always confident because she knows that she is beautiful, stylish, smart, sexy, powerful, successful, everything she wants to be. She has no reason to let a model on the cover of a magazine make her feel bad about her own body, and neither do you! Comparing ourselves to other women never ends well. There is no ideal woman. We are all so different in looks, smarts, personality, interests, careers. That’s why we’re so amazing, and why guys fall for us!

“I think you’re luminous.”

There’s a lot of model hate going on here. “They’re stupid and lazy and should be shot on site.” I don’t think we’d talk about models like this anymore. The 90’s was the height of the “Supermodel”. Since then, there have been countless reality shows exposing people to the fashion & modelling worlds, and now just about every female celebrity is also a model. The modelling world is no longer a mystery, we know what they go through and what their job can entail. We also know so much about the top models thanks to magazine profiles, interviews, and their own social media. Models are not seen as a separate species anymore and there is more diversity in the modelling world, so that spotting a “model” on the street is not so obvious.

This “modelizer” phenomenon isn’t about men only being attracted to attractive women. “Attractive” is subjective. This is about men with no imagination blindly following what the media tells them they should be attracted to. The show only uses models to illustrate the point because, as I said, this was the Time of the Supermodel. These days, there are so many beautiful famous women thrown in a man’s face everyday, that his ideal woman is a combination of his favorite physical attributes from various women. The worst part of this “ideal woman” concept is that women get sucked in by it, too! We put pressure on ourselves, and other women, to fit into whichever body ideal that we choose to subscribe to. Some women make themselves miserable trying to shrink down to a bony runway model body type, but women who are naturally thin wish they had curves. Small breasted women wish they had something to put on display, while large-breasted women wish they could pull off those deep-Vs without looking like porn stars. It seems like we all want what we don’t have because what we have never seems good enough to attract the men we want, or impress the women we envy. The easy solution to all this is to just accept your body, and everyone else’s body.

But, what headlines would they put on magazine covers, how would they market anything, if they couldn’t prey on women’s insecurities, hmm?

May Round-Up: Purple Hair, Miyazaki, & New Board Games!
Weekend at my parents' house. // Hot tub selfie! // Miyazaki marathon

Movies Watched 
Coraline, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - These are in my very small DVD collection (the rest are digital). I only buy movies I really love and want to see special features on DVD.

Jennifer’s Body, The Ramen Girl - It was hard to find some movies that all my friends would enjoy while we all hung out while my friend did my hair. I really recommend The Ramen Girl, starring Brittany Murphy.

My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - I had a mostly Miyazaki/Japanese movie week. It's hard to pick a movie without any sort of love story when you are just not in the mood for seeing anyone in love, but Miyazaki movies are great adventures without any stupid romance.

Warm Bodies - The only zombie movie I'll ever need. Sooooo cute!

Ass Backwards - I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this movie until I listened to Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael on the Nerdist podcast talking about making the movie and I decided that it deserved my attention. It's a great buddy comedy.

Imagine Me & You - It's a cute little love story about a girl falling for a girl right after she married a man. One of those cute British rom-coms.

TV Watched
Charmed - My "background watching" this month, as I've seen it all a million times, but I haven't watched it in a couple years.

The Mindy Project: Season 2- Because I'm a masochist and I love/hate re-watching all the adorable Mindy + Danny = <3 scenes.
Music Played
Neon Jungle - It's fun dance-pop, but definitely watch them cover Hozier's Take Me to Church. I'm a little obsessed with Asami's (the Japanese girl) voice. I want a solo acoustic album from her. Damn, that voice.

Glorious by Foxes - It's fun dance-able pop, but it's also kinda retro groovy, akin to Ellie Goulding, a bit dreamy.

Sheezus by Lily Allen - I realized after a few listenings that almost every song mentions her husband & babies, so I'm dubbing it "Mom-Pop". Heh heh.

Games Played
I raided my parent's closet for more board games and totally scored! Our favorite we played on our Sunday Funday was Scotland Yard. One player is the criminal whose moves are hidden from the rest of the players who are detectives. The criminal only reveals his position a few times during the game, so the goal is for the detectives to capture the criminal. We three girls had so much fun being Charlie's Angels trying to find Greg, the criminal. 
Another really old game I scored, that only some of us geography nerds enjoyed (I never thought of myself as a geography nerd, but compared to my friends...), was National Geographic: Global Pursuit. It's part puzzle, part trivia. You use hexagonal pieces of a map to build onto each other and you get more chances to play your map cards if you answer your trivia question correctly. Our map got pretty crazy.
My friend and I totally kicked the engaged couple's ass at Catchphrase. Maybe they need to work on their communication skills. Ha.
A couple months ago, I ordered an adapter and two more PS2 controllers so I could finally play one of my favorite games with all my friends; The Bible Game. It's a long story how it all started, but the short versions is; I have a thing for Bible games (in an ironic way). This PS2 game is like a TV game show with mini games, trivia, and the ever-present threat of "Wrath of God!" We love it.
Kim and I had fun one day playing Mastermind. It's good to have some two-player games in your collection. I say we had fun, but I think it mostly drove Kim mad. You have to really use your brain for this one!

Cakes Made
Kelsey's belated birthday cake!

Fun Had

This was a pretty impulsive decision, but I don't regret it in the least! One night I got it in my head that I should actually bleach the shit outta my hair and go pastel (which I have always loved, but figured was impossible for my dark hair to achieve), so I stayed up past my bedtime pinning pretty colors, and the next day I was asking a hairstylist friend if she could do it. A week later, this was happening...
After a couple weeks of playing with the Manic Panic, I finally got my ends pink (had to mix some Hot Pink with the Cotton Candy Pink), and the rest some lovely shades of purple. I'm looking forward to trying lots of different colors eventually. :)

MONSTER SPECTACULAR! There are some things I would never say "No" to, and free VIP tickets to a monster truck show is one of them. There was BMX, stunt bikes, motocross bikes, and quad bikes as well as the monster trucks, so it was really quite a show.
Because we had VIP tickets, we got to go down onto the floor at half-time to get photos with the trucks & the guys and get autographs. Also, while we were walking around a guy asked me if I wanted to be in a music video! Duh, of course. I asked him who it was for, and he said Grandtheft, a Toronto artist. So, I will definitely be watching out for that!

My friends and I were really excited to see the bioluminescence exhibit at the Museum of Nature. It was pretty lame, though, because there wasn't any real animals to see. We wanted to see jellies and stuff! But then we went to the bug part of the museum, because they have real live bugs. I bought a rhinoceros beetle at the gift shop and then we hung out with this dino on the way home.

Link & Likes 

The Book of Life looks so incredible! I could have seen just one still from the trailer and I would still be obsessed! It's just my style with the Dio de los Meurtos skull faces and designs. I know what movie I will be seeing for my birthday (Halloween) this year! Aaaugh! Can't wait!

I'm really excited that one of my favorite YouTubers, Grace Helbig, has written a book!

A lot of trailers came out this month for the fall TV shows. I'm looking forward to A to Z, Marry Me, and Mulaney.
Girl I Love: Iggy Azalea

With the top two songs on the Billboard Hot 100, Iggy Azalea is taking the world by storm, and I, for one, am thrilled. I think this lady is amazing.

If you're not yet familiar with Iggy's origin story, just listen to her hit 'Work'; "No money. No family. Sixteen in the middle of Miami." Iggy Azalea (real name: Amethyst Amelia Kelly, which is so beautiful I don't know why she would change it) came from Australia to America to pursue her career in hip-hop at just 16 years old. She learned from and worked with the best in her industry and made a name for herself.

Oddly enough, it took a while for me to get interested in Iggy's music. Or, I guess, that's not odd since hip-hop/rap is not my favorite style of music. I had watched her music videos occasionally, fascinated, but didn't feel that I would actually listen to the songs if I downloaded them. I think it wasn't until I watched her video for 'Fancy' that I finally looked into her music, and realized I actually love it.

Iggy is not who you would expect to see if I said this is a rapper with the top two songs. Allow me to be superficial for a moment to say that one of the reasons I love Iggy Azalea is because she is drop-dead gorgeous. She's stunning. Her body is banging. Her hair rivals Rapunzel's golden locks. I would be in love with this girl even if I wasn't in love with her music, as well.

Iggy Azalea is a Girl I Love because she speaks (& raps) her mind, she dominates the charts, and she is a powerful example of where hard work & passion can get you.

Check out Iggy Azalea in these places!
Website // Wikipedia // YouTube // iTunes // Twitter
TishGirl I Love
No Sex in My City: Sex and the City

Season 1, Episode 1: Sex and the City

The year is 1998. Sarah Jessica Parker's hair is brown. And Carrie is talking directly to the camera. Sex and the City has begun.

In this inaugural episode, Carrie, the "sexual anthropologist" is researching the idea of women who have sex like men. No, not with dildos. Carrie, and her friends, are under the impression that all men are capable of having casual sex, one-night stands, and fuck buddies because they can have sex without feelings. And only a few rare women, like Samantha, are capable of, or want, the same.

Carrie tests this theory for herself when she bumps into an ex while out to lunch with her GBF, Stanford. Instead of making the mistake of falling for Kurt a fourth time, she will have sex with him without attaching any emotions to him, or the act. After their sex date, Carrie feels “powerful, potent, and incredibly alive” but that night when she bumps into him at a club, and he reveals his delight that she understands the kind of relationship he wants, her face falls.

Meanwhile, at the same club, Samantha is putting the moves on Mr. Big. He doesn’t go for it, but don’t worry, Samantha finds someone to go home with. Cynical Miranda is fending off young, sweet Skipper. He tries to compliment her, but accidentally insults her, creating the intriguing conundrum of women falling into one of two categories; beautiful & stupid or homely & interesting.

Despite Charlotte’s perfect evening, as she leaves in her cab her date joins her, confessing that he’s going to a club because he really needs to have sex tonight. While Carrie ends her evening in Mr. Big’s car, discussing her research, to which his response is “Oh, I get it. You’ve never been in love.”
“Have you ever been in love?”

My Favorite Outfit


This episode is filled with horrible 1998 fashion, so I have to go with Carrie's adorable (and timeless) outfit she sports in the opening credits. And, unlike the episode, she has her trademark curly blonde hair.

Character I Identify with Most: Miranda

I wish we could have had more discussion about this beautiful and stupid vs. homely and interesting conversation. Women are praised for their outer beauty and (not often enough, but still) their brains/talent/contributions. When a woman is both (in the eyes of the beholder), she's considered a precious anomaly. It's often a joke in movies for a pretty girl to reveal that she's actually a grad student or something, shocking the male protagonist. On the reverse side, women who aren't conventionally attractive are forgiven that if they are doing something interesting. I think the bottom line here is that we need to stop defining qualities that are undefinable like physical beauty, inner beauty, personality, and intelligence. People are a beautiful mess of those qualities and it's everyone's unique combination of traits that makes them amazing in someone's eyes.

“Welcome to the age of un-innocence. No one has breakfast at Tiffany’s and no one has affairs to remember."

I agree with Samantha that women should explore the concept of having feelings-detached sex, if they so desire. I think it only becomes a problem when both people are not on the same page. People give sex different values, or conditions. For some people, sex on the first date might be their way of starting a relationship, while for others it may be all they want out of the date. I think perhaps some women still have this old-fashioned sensibility ingrained in them not to speak about topics like sex on a first date. Women must remain demure, hold back, keep some mystery. They might like the romantic notion of just “letting things happen”, but when things don’t happen the way they imagined, they get upset. When the easy solution would have been to be upfront about feelings and values before beginning a sexual relationship with someone. We hear a lot about safe sex, but I think safe sex isn’t just about making sure everyone’s physically protected. I think we should all practice emotionally safe sex; going into and coming out of a sexual experience with the same intentions. But, I think we all know that just like some people who would rather have unsafe sex than no sex at all, there will always be people more than willing to lie about their intentions for the future in order to have sex in the present.

In this episode the men are pretty forthcoming with their feelings about sex. Charlotte’s date plainly states that, although he respects Charlotte’s choice, he wants to have sex tonight. Kurt is open with Carrie about the kind of relationship he wants with her; fuck-buddies. The men are straight-forward about what they want while Charlotte is trying to remain a lady, but clearly sending mixed singles. But, that’s always Charlotte’s M.O.; playing games to get what she wants out of a man/relationship.

Apparently, we have experienced the end of romance. Although Charlotte is clearly a believer, the rest of the women are not so sure it exists anymore. I mean, this show took place 15 years ago and already people were living with the “I want it now” mentality. It’s exponentially worse now, with everything that the Internet and technology can offer us. We can get almost anything we want in a moment’s notice, including sex. So, why bother with romance? Isn’t romance just a way to get a woman into bed? Do we have to choose between romance and sex? If you want sex now, don’t bother with the romance. If you want romance, you’ll have to wait for the sex.

What do you think about Samantha’s “having sex like men” theory? Have we seen the end of romance?

La Photocabine: My Selfie Journal

I first started using the French vintage-style photo booth website, La Photocabine, in November of 2009. I discovered it through a blog and I immediately loved it. This was before Instagram and its faux-vintage filters. I immediately saw the potential of using this virtual photo booth as a visual journal of myself because it was four photos in one (more potential for storytelling) and the photos would take place in front of my computer (where I always am).

"morning, just got dressed and was reading bleubirdvintage.typepad.com she mentioned www.laphotocabine.com so i checked it out. it's so cute and french, i love it. i'm going to take photos with it everyday" [Nov. 24, 2009]
Since then, I have come to La Photocabine whenever I had a cute new hairstyle to show, a holiday to celebrate, a craft I made, a purchase to show off, a new outfit, a new experience... There are been times that I have taken photos almost daily, and also long periods of not using it at all. Sadly, the reason I stopped using it a few years ago was because my Internet/computer was just too slow to even load the site; it was just too frustrating. But in December 2012, my iMac died (RIP) and I got a MacBook Pro, so I decided to try out La Photocabine again, and was very excited to start using it regularly. The fact that I had a laptop meant even more potential for the format, as I could take photos other than sitting at my desk! I was so pleased about this that I began 2013 with the intention of taking daily La Photocabine photos (downloading the iPhone app helped with that), but again, I experienced technical difficulties with the website (stretched/squished camera, which I was able to almost-fix with iGlasses). I didn't keep up with daily photos, but I used it intermittently throughout 2013. 

"I just thought I did a pretty good job on a messy bun today." [June 1, 2012]

When I decided to try it out while at my parents house (new location!) for Thanksgiving weekend last year, I found that the website had been updated with more options. There was now a GIF option, background options, and space to write a note! I thought adding a note directly onto the photo was great, because I had been including short captions with each photo when I uploaded them to my Flickr album.

[Oct. 13, 2013]
And, now, just the other day, when I went to La Photocabine to see if the camera was still messed up, Firefox froze. (Boo!) And when I re-opened Firefox, it had updated. I didn't like all the changes, so I tried other browsers. I almost settled with Chrome because La Photocabine worked perfectly (Yay!) but went back to Firefox (a bunch of little reasons). However, La Photocabine still doesn't work properly in Firefox (instead of stretched, it includes the entire widescreen inside of the square), so I decided to keep Chrome handy just for La Photocabine.

[May 11, 2014]
I don't want to turn this into a 'think piece' on selfie culture, but I do want to address why I like to take photos of myself. A big reason is; I like the way I look! I've always been visually creative above all else, which is why I started cultivating my own strange fashion sense as young as 11 years old. My body is my canvas, so I dye my hair and I do my make-up and I pick out my outfits to reflect who I am. Because I've always put thought into my look, capturing my looks over the years has been important, both as instant gratification (seeing myself look good in a photo) and for longevity (I can track where I was in my life by tracking what color/length my hair was or what style I was rocking). Capturing myself, my life, from when I was 13 with my first camcorder/digital camera, to Photo Booth on my iMac, to setting up photoshoots with backdrops and lighting, selfies on Instagram and La Photocabine, has been an artistic hobby for me, as well as a fun way of journalling my life.

"rushing off to class. just wanted to take a picture of my curly hair before it flattened.
after class i'll make my BVBN video." [Feb. 1, 2010]
So, I'm going to keep taking shameless selfies for Instagram, dressing up and having a photo shoot with myself, and capturing little and big moments with La Photocabine because I'd rather have a million photos of myself, and the rest of my life, to look back on when I'm a hundred years old, than a bunch of hand-written diaries, or doodles in a sketchbook. We all have our ways of capturing and remembering the times of our lives. I guess selfies is mine.

April Round-Up: Geek & Sundry, The Host, & a New Bike!

Movies Watched 
2 Days in New York - A sort-of sequel to 2 Days in Paris, in which Marion and her boyfriend visit her family in Paris, this movie takes place years later when Marion's crazy French family comes to stay with her and her boyfriend (and their children from previous relationships). Her family is absolutely nuts, so it's all so hilarious.

Before Midnight - If you haven't seen Before Sunrise or Before Sunset (Before Midnight is the third in this series), I highly recommend them if you like character-based movies with lots of thought-provoking conversation.

Much Ado About Nothing - I love Shakespeare movies because they allow me to actually enjoy Shakespeare! No one can appreciate or understand Shakespeare when it's being read awkwardly aloud by a 15 yr-old boy in your 10th grade English class. They are plays, they need to be played out! If you're not familiar with Shakespeare, this is a good movie to start with. It's totally understandable (they just speak in a lot of metaphors) and hilarious.

Frozen - I swear, by the time I watched this movie, I had already seen half of it in gifs on Tumblr. I'm not nearly as over-the-moon about it as everyone else seems to be. It had laugh-out-loud moments, but the story was nothing special. A pretty quick fairytale. It needed more development time. I didn't feel like I knew the characters at all. (But maybe I'm just getting too old for Disney fairy tales?)

Monsters University - Monsters Inc. is a movie I've rewatched many times because it's lighthearted and fun (and Boo is so cute!) and Monsters University is the same. I really liked seeing younger Mike & Sully become a team.

TV Watched
Happy Endings - I watched this series (only 3 seasons- wah!) sometime last year for the first time. It's pretty funny and I love the characters. (P.S. If you are watching it on Netflix or something, the episodes (esp. season 1) are out of order. Look it up on Wikipedia and watch in order of the production code numbers. I realized this problem the first time I watched it because they put episodes 2 & 3 later in the season and I was like "Why are they dealing with this stuff months after the fact?")

Sherlock: Season 3 - I just had to watch it again! Drunk Sherlock & Watson is my favorite! :)

American Horror Story: Coven - I'm a sucker for anything witchy and everyone was so obsessed with it on Tumblr that I gave in even though horror/thriller as a genre does not appeal to me. I really loved it, of course. Incredible and crazy. I'm definitely going to watch the first two seasons now, and I'm excited for next season- Freak Show!

Broad City - These girls are ridiculous and amazing. I love these shows (mostly web shows) coming out that show twenty-something girls in a more realistic way. It's the humor of everyday life that we can all relate to. Or, if not, you would laugh if it happened to a friend.

Web Series Watched 
Caper - This is a great series from Geek & Sundry about a group of superheroes that live together and find that having superpowers doesn't mean you can pay rent.

Dragon Age: Redemption - I checked this out because of my recent Felicia Day obsession (she wrote & starred in it) even though it's based in a video game world and I'm not a gamer. It's actually a really good story. It does a good job of explaining how things in their world work, so you don't feel out of the loop.

Cristina Viseu - This isn't a web series, exactly, just a channel. Cristina is Geek & Sundry's videography & photography vlogger. I've already learned a lot from her about equipment, cameras, and shooting.

Chaotic Awesome - It's a live online show, but segments are uploaded to the channel after. I haven't been interested in every segment, but I watch any that look interesting. It's all about geek culture, technology, gaming, etc.

The Flog - It's my favorite geek girl- Felicia Day! She talks at the camera about cool stuff and then there is a segment in which she learns something like blacksmith-ing, crocheting, yo-yo-ing, even trapeze-ing! Lots of fun.

Felicia Day - Again, not a web series, but rather a channel. Felicia no longer does her series The Flog, but she has been uploading vlogs on her own channel. She talks about interesting stuff or recaps her adventures.

Bee and Puppycat - Blame Felicia again. She mentioned this web series, so I checked it out. It's only two parts right now, but a successful Kickstarter campaign means they are making more! It's so weird but so funny and awesome.

Books Read 
The Host- I finally read it! Once I got started, I couldn't stop. (As with any good novel.) It's been 5 years since I last read it, so it was still exciting to read, even though I knew the gist of what would happen. I'm going to watch the movie this weekend. I'm a bit nervous because I know it will not be as good, but I'm interested to see how they adapted it.

Music Played
Christina Perri - Head or Heart
Iggy Azalea - New Classic
OneRepublic - Waking Up, Native
Shakira - Shakira.

Games Played
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (PlayStation)
I last year, my friends and I had a yard sale, and they were selling their PlayStation and games. Being the retro console collector that I was (or trying to be) I snatched that baby up. I haven't played it much until my gaming kick I've been on lately, and I finally found a game for it that I liked. Being the "casual" gamer that I am, I like easy games. Spyro is pretty chill. There's no pressure to be fast, or good, or not die. Plus, he's really cute!

Cakes Made at Work

Fun Had 
I got a new bike! I've had the same bike since I was a kid. I didn't use it much, so I didn't care how stupid I looked on a boy's blue and yellow mountain bike. But this past year, I biked to work all Summer, until it finally got a flat tire. I was planning on getting myself a new bike in the Spring anyway, so I said so long to my childhood bike and looked forward to a cute bike in the Spring! I could only find one bike that had the cute retro cruiser style, but actually had gears. I wasn't looking for a purple bike, but I've come to love it.

After I got my new futon mattress, I got out my sewing machine to fix up/make some pillowcases I've been meaning to do. I'd been saving this cute Nintendo t-shirt to make into a pillowcase. It wasn't big enough on its own, so I had to use a scrap red t-shirt to give it a border, and a white t-shirt to make the back.

I tweeted the link to my Girl I Love: Felicia Day blog post to Felicia and she tweeted back! So exciting!

Links & Likes
A Bad Lip Reading of The Twlight Saga: Eclipse made me laugh so hard. Do yourself a favor and watch all the bad lip readings videos. Maybe have a paramedic standing by to revive you when you kill yourself laughing.

In 2012, Miley Cyrus made a few Backyard Sessions videos. Her rendition of Jolene is pretty amazing.

I love this geek anthem from Felicia Day & friends; I'm the One That's Cool. It's an awesome song with a great message.
Recollections: Mean Girls

I'm sure you've been seeing and reading a lot about

Mean Girls

this, the week of its tenth anniversary, so here's one last article to end your Mean Week.

Realizing that it's been ten years since

Mean Girls

sends me into a time warp. Has it really been

ten years

since I was in grade nine?! And, has a movie really stayed in the pop-culture vernacular for ten years straight?! Such is the power of

Mean Girls

. I honestly feel sorry for teenagers today who don't get to experience fresh and new

Mean Girls

in their high school years. (Although, I bet older people say that about my generation and


or John Hughes movies.) My school actually sent all the girls to see

Mean Girls

in theatres, to teach us a lesson, I guess. I'm pretty sure I came out of it wondering how everyone was classifying everyone else into their cliques. "So, like, who are The Plastics of our school?" "Oh my god, those are the weird art kids." "There's the jocks." But, I've always been judgmental, so maybe it was just me.

I feel so lucky to have been just the right age for this movie and be a part of the

Mean Girls

generation. Ya, sure, everyone quotes it now and gets the in-jokes, but I was actually a high-schooler when this high-school movie came out. I wasn't a kid watching a high-school movie (like when I watched


at 8 years old) or a twenty-something reliving the glory days of high school with a movie. This movie was made for


, okay? And it's been a long time since I've re-watched it, so let's get on with this and relive my high school glory days of quoting

Mean Girls


Isn't Janis the coolest?

She has the best comebacks, she's super confident, she doesn't take anybody's shit. We all strive to be Janis. If you're not, you're doing life wrong. Well, except she totally buys into the whole cliques thing and starts the whole plan to ruin Regina's life, which isn't very nice. But, everyone learns their lesson in the end, so I guess it's okay.

Why does everyone think The Plastics are so cool?

They're more like outcasts. The three of them hang out with only each other, right? They look so sad sitting at their cafeteria table by themselves. In my school, the "popular" kids were the ones in the big group of other "popular" kids in the cafeteria and the ones who talked to everyone as they walked down the halls. Any super exclusive group of three girls would have been weirdos, even if they were super rich and pretty.

I know that teens tend to divide into friend groups/cliques, but do they actually make up rules?

All the rules that The Plastics have just seems like another way for them to have control. Girls like that are obviously unhappy and controlling their lives like that gives them comfort. Sorry to get all grown-up on you, but it's been ten years. I have some adult-ish perspective on teens now.

Who would create a Burn Book after the age of ten?

I feel like that is the kind of thing that I would have done with my friends when I was a wee kid, not a teenager. I went through my trouble child, back-stabbing-bitch-frenemies phase pretty young, though. By the time I was in high school I was over that shit.

Did anyone ever go to a high school party like that?

So many people. There are just so many people. Where is the parental supervision?! Is there alcohol in those cups?!

How long has Janis been waiting for an opportunity to execute this plan?

I think she's been planning this for a while. She is really prepared.

Are we really supposed to believe that they are using a tiny boombox sitting in the middle of the stage to play music for that huge auditorium?

Oh, I guess it's okay because it's for a joke.

How did they manage to go the whole school year with this double-friend-life?

Cady talks to Janis and Damien in class and at the mall all the time. No one noticed? And they must get together to work on their evil plan, so how is Cady fitting in school, homework, and two separate friend groups hang time? 

And, why are they still friends, anyway? Wouldn't Regina have gotten bored with her little experiment pretty quickly? And if Cady is being such a Plastic bitch, why are Janis and Damien still friends with her? This is a very long-term scheme. I don't think teenagers have attention spans that long. I remember waiting a weekend to see a crush again felt like


in teen time.

"Is butter a carb?"

At this point it seems clear that Regina knows what is going on. She knows that her "diet" isn't working. She's breaking her rules. It seems like she's going along with it because she has her own plan to get back at Cady...

Who does this MAN think he is telling young WOMEN how they should act?

You don't have to be female to see that there is a problem with the way these girls were behaving, but this seems like another situation where women would rise up a protest against a man telling them what to do. That's right, give up and let Ms. Norburry take over. This is woman's work.

Would joining The Matheletes still be considered "social suicide"?

Nerds are cool now, right? If someone made fun of you for liking math, you could just come back with "I'm going to use my mad math skillz to pilot the first manned mission to Mars in 20 years. You think


lame?" Or maybe it's not so much the times, but their age. I didn't take science classes in high school, but now I love learning about science. Is it because science is cool now, or because I'm no longer a teenager who only cares about having less homework?

Does it really work to spend an entire movie glamorizing horrible behavior if you make a heartfelt speech at the end about how wrong the behavior was?

People don't remember this movie because it's how they learned to not call each other sluts. They remember the jokes, and the quotable dialogue, most of which is mean. Obviously, my school sent all the girls to see this movie so we would learn the lesson at the end, but I don't think we did. We still went on to be gossiping, back-stabbing, frenemy bitches sometimes. I think it's only now that we're out of high school that we want to reblog subtitled screenshots of the final scenes because we've all learned about feminism. But back then, we were probably more interested in following Lindsay Lohan's downward spiral on PerezHilton.com or learning to dance to Kelis' Milkshake like Regina's little sister.

Why doesn't Gretchen get a happy ending?

She found a new "Queen Bee" to serve? That's horrible! Everyone else grew and learned from their experiences, but Gretchen failed at the public apology/trust fall and then just kept living her sad subservient life.

Did we all learn a lesson?

I learned that Lindsay Lohan looks best as a redhead. Rachel McAdams looks weird in that blonde wig. Lacey Chabert has done nothing of interest since

Mean Girls

. Amanda Seyfried has come a long way from playing the dumb sidekick. And Tina Fey will always be our reigning comedy queen.

Love ya! *kiss*kiss*

Girl I Love: Felicia Day

I can't remember the first time I heard about Felicia Day, but I'm sure her name was used in relation to something YouTubey, Geeky, or Internety. You might know Felicia for her acting work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. I know her as the Internet's Geek Queen, founder of Geek & Sundry.

Felicia's rise to Geek Queen status started in 2007 when she was spending her life playing video games between acting jobs. She decided to finally do something, so she wrote a TV pilot, which turned into season one of The Guild. The Guild just ended their sixth and final season on Felicia's YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry, last year. Geek & Sundry also produces several scripted and not-so-scripted shows like The Flog (in which Felicia vlogs and goes on adventures), Caper (scripted series about superheros trying to just make rent), and my favorites Co-Optitude (in which Felicia and her brother, Ryon, play retro console games) and TableTop (in which Wil Wheaton plays board games with friends). Geek & Sundry also has a vlogs channel, and several associated vloggers' channels. That's right, the geeks are indeed taking over the world, guys.

Aside from the simple fact that Felicia is a female in a male-dominated industry (aren't they all, though?), Felicia stands out to me as someone who never backed down from doing what she loves, liking what she likes, and doesn't take shit from anyone who thinks she's not [insert qualification here] enough. Being a geek and gamer is deemed pretty cool now, but when Felicia created The Guild, she was taking a big risk that there were enough gamers that would find this web series and that non-gamers would like it, too. (As a non-gamer, I can say that it is not a gamers-only series. It's hilarious and charming.)

Felicia as Tallis in Dragon Age: Redemption
Felicia has become a huge inspiration & role model to me because of her "origin story" (writing The Guild and having the guts to make it happen) and everything she's done since. She's created her own niche on the Internet by just sticking with what she likes, not bending to short-lived trends. By being her awesome self, she's attracted an audience of people that share her interests as well as people like me, who are not gamers or geeks in all the same ways, but who have a penchant for geekiness and enjoy quality work. As a multi-passionate creative person, I also look to Felicia as an example of someone who has pursued multiple passions, and been able to incorporate them all into her creative work. Felicia is an accomplished violinist, singer, actor, writer, producer, gamer, and a reader of both comics and fantasy romance novels. With Geek & Sundry, and other projects, I've been able to see how Felicia has incorporated all of these talents into her work.

Felicia Day is a Girl I Love because she stands up for herself, she broke the mold of a gamer/geek, she pursues her passions unapologetically, and she does it all with gratitude & respect for the fans who helped her get where she is.

Check out Felicia Day in these places!
Geek & Sundry // YouTube // Twitter // Website // Wikipedia // IMDb
TishGirl I Love
Recollections: The Matrix

It's been 15 years since The Matrix was released. Really? 15 years? No, surely that's a glitch in the Matrix...

Let’s just get this question out of the way because I know it’s the first one on all of our minds right now…

What is the Matrix?!

Did every little girl who watched this want to be bad ass Trinity, too? 

Or just me? I was 9 when The Matrix came out in 1999. I wanted to be Trinity. It was probably because she was the only female character in the movie, to be honest. Sigh.

“Get up, Trinity. Just get up. Get. Up.”

I use a similar self-motivation technique to get myself out of bed in the morning.

Remember floppy discs?

Ha ha ha ha! Floppy discs...

Do these kinds of clubs really exist and do they still play Dragula by Rob Zombie?

I never understand club scene in movies because they show the commoners dancing all in a mass to some bad ass, but not really dance-able song while the tough crew sit in the VIP area and manage to have conversations without leaning in and screaming to be able to hear.

Do you remember this kind of cell phone?

I had a Spice Girls toy cell phone that slid open. Man, it was the coolest. Who wants to flip when you can slide? I wish I still had that Spice Girls phone…

Which pill would you take?

I think we all like to say we would take the red pill but I bet most of us would rather just chill in the Matrix than live in the real world. But, Neo’s already gotten to this point. He’s not going to turn back now. What an exciting adventure! I think if I got to this point, knew I was in The Matrix, then I would just want to stay in the Matrix, but could they give me some cheat codes like infinite money and health?

Also, how do his glasses stay on his nose?

That is the greatest mystery of The Matrix indeed… Maybe I just need to realize the truth; there are no glasses…

“I can’t go back, can I?” “No. But if you could, would you really want to?”

If you found out the world was a lie, would you want to stay in the real world, fighting to survive, or go back to your comfortable life? This reminds me of a

Doctor Who

episode wherein the Queen chooses over and over again to forget the horrible truth behind her country’s survival, so that they can go on living comfortably. But, I feel like we face this kind of decision very often and most people choose to ignore the “real world” and go back to their comfortable lives. How many times have you seen something on the news, or posted in your Facebook feed about the terrors going on around the world? How many times have you actually done something about it? I guessing, like me, you feel bad for a moment, perhaps even click on the article to learn more, but in the end you are just grateful that you can choose to leave it behind and continue your life as it is. Unfortunately, there are not many people who, when faced with the world’s suffering, jump into action. It’s easy to ignore a Facebook post, but if you found yourself in the thick of it, would you want to go home and forget about it, or would it finally be close enough to change your life?

“How did I beat you?”

Because you’re really badass, okay, Morpheus? We get it.

How did they not see Cypher’s betrayal coming?

He’s such a dick. It’s so obvious that he doesn’t want to be there, he doesn’t like anyone, he outright says that he would rather be in the Matrix and he drinks disgusting moonshine. Also, he is bald with a soul patch. Obviously a baddie.

Is that really what you would call deja-vu?

Seeing the exact same thing 3 seconds apart isn’t deja-vu… Deja-vu is when your brain has a glitch and is experiencing and remembering at the same time. That scene always bugged me. I get that they wanted to show something identical twice, to demonstrate deja-vu, but deja-vu would have been if he just saw the cat once and said “Woah. Deja-vu.” That aside, do you also worry that you are in the Matrix when you get deja-vu?

Do you agree that the human race is a virus?

I think it’s a pretty fair analogy. If the Earth is a living organism, which supports many other living organisms (Whether you like it or not, the human body houses something like 2 pounds of bacteria, FYI. Organisms support other organisms.) and of all the organisms on Earth, humans are the only ones changing the Earth to support our own life, sacrificing the health of Earth for our own procreation, and are eager to spread ourselves to other planets that we could infect. It’s strange to hear from a computer, but he’s right. We are the biggest virus problem.

Dudes, why do you keep wasting your bullets on the concrete pillars?

You know you can’t shoot through them, right? You’re not going to hit him as long as he’s behind one. These guys are terrible. Save your ammo. Shoot the targets, not the walls, dum dums. Yeesh.

If the Agents can manipulate The Matrix, why do they stay human?

It’s their program, right? So, they could add to it, change the physics, or instantly create matter? Why don’t they become killing machines more efficient than humans? Or, why can’t they just change a little bit of code in the Matrix and make people dead? Maybe, the computers who took over the world are not actually so clever...

Why doesn’t Neo die?

Morpheous said “The body cannot live without the mind.” but if my mind doesn’t think I’m dead, then I’m not dead? Neo just took “mind over matter” to the next level. Or I guess it’s “mind over Matrix”. Heh heh heh.

Okay, but seriously, are we or are we not actually in The Matrix?

That is the question...

March Round-Up

Spring is in the air! Finally! Here’s what I was up to in March, while I impatiently waited for Spring to arrive…

Movies Watched
The Great Gatsby - Although I was listening to the soundtrack pretty much as soon as the movie was out, I took a long time to actually watch it. The story was not what I thought, but I only knew the gist of it. The music and the party scenes were great and overall it had that grandiose feel of a Baz Luhrman movie, but more tragedy than comedy.

Jack the Giant Slayer - This was a pretty fun adventure. They took the giant-in-the-clouds concept and made it so much better.

Cool Runnings - All that Olympics bullshit reminded me of one of my favorite classics, so I wrote about it for my first Recollections post.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - Much better than the other teen fantasy novel-turned movie (Beautiful Creatures) that I watched last month. I want everyone's wardrobe. Black, leather, straps, buckles, metal, boots, bad ass. I am intrigued and actually anticipating the next movie!

Side By Side - Great documentary for anyone interested in filmmaking and the film industry. It consists mainly of interviews with filmmakers, directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, colorists, editors, etc. discussing film vs. digital. It also explains how film and digital work, gives lots of movie clip examples. I found it fascinating for the film nerd in me, and the film fan in me.

TV Watched
The Conversation -This was a re-watch. I think every woman needs to watch this show. The women discuss absolutely anything and everything. You will find something to relate to, something inspiring, something to make you pause it and think about your opinion on the issues. After I watched it all this time, I decided that I will give it to my mom and insist she watches it. We're not really close like we'd talk about this stuff, but I just feel like every woman should experience conversations like these. Lucky for you, you can watch the entire show, and extra interviews online.

Bunheads - As I was aching for Spring, I decided to watch this show that makes me feel very Spring/Summery. Ah, small town California. It's so idyllic. If you're a Gilmore Girls fan (I'm a massive one) you will enjoy Bunheads. From the same writer/creator, and featuring a lot of familiar cast.  It has more high school girl stuff than Gilmore Girls, but it doesn't get annoying like high school shows do. It's that pop-culture-reference-laden-fast-talking-humor that you love from Gilmore Girls, plus- dance!

Lost Girl: Season 4 - I discovered this show sometime last year, and I finally watched the latest season this past month. It's a sci-fi/fantasy show. Lots of adventures, fae, drama, sex, humor. I've come to love it, and the characters. My favorite in Kenzi (Ksenia Solo). She's smart and funny and has the most bad ass tough goth chick wardrobe.

Misfits: Season 5 - Sadly, the last season. But that means that you can snuggle in for a weekend and devour the entire series. What can I say to recommend this show? How about some keywords: British, superpowers, community service, murder, sex, loveable characters, hilarious, weird.

Web Series Watched
On Nerdist: Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling, Neil’s Puppet Dreams, Nerdist News
I've been listening to the Nerdist podcast for a while, and just recently checked out the YouTube channel. What a treasure trove of delights!

On Geek & Sundry: TableTop, The Guild, Co-Optitude
So much gaming! I'm not a "gamer" but after a few weeks of watching nothing but TableTop (board games) and Co-Optitude (retro video games) I filled up my Amazon wishlist with far too many board games and video games. I admit, watching these shows helped me have my big life revelation (that I wrote about here) about enjoying my life with my friends, instead of making myself feel guilty that I haven't achieved all my life goals yet. I want to have more fun!

Boozy Mom - This is just hilarious and how I imagine I will be as Crazy Aunt Tish when my friends' kids are older.

OMG We Bought a House! - I've been a Mr. Kate follower for quite a while now. I'm not always into her DIYs, but I love her new series about fixing up her new home. So many cool decor DIY ideas, and just fun to watch!

Music Played

The Glitch Mob, Bassnectar - I've been gettin' my dubstep on.

Pulses by Karmin -Love this whole album! So much fun dance music!

Run Run Run by Celeste Buckinham - A really fun, catchy song. I really love the line "You better know, know, know that I have conditions. I make the rules and make the decisions. And I want nothing less than what I deserve." I feel like I would straight up say that to anyone trying to start a relationship with me.

Charli XCX - Super fun dance-pop-bass-trippy-IdunnobutIloveit...

Games Played
My friends and I had our first (hopefully regular) Game Night at the end of March! After watching all that TableTop and Co-Optitude all month, I sent my friends a crazed Facebook message one night when I couldn’t sleep about starting a regular Game Night for board games, and maybe some retro video games. For our first Game Night, we all brought our favorites to see what we all like. We started easy with Yahtzee, then Linda had a fun game like Telephone/Chinese Whispers but writing & drawing which got very inappropriate very fast. (My friends have foul sense of humor and I ended up having to draw myself doing some unladylike things.) We tried playing Cranium but got bored/confused so we went right to Cards Against Humanity for the rest of the night. My friends' childish, disgusting sense of humor meant that the most vile card was always chosen, which made me mad because I thought my cards were funny yet made sense. Turned out we all tied in the end, so I pouted for no reason.

Cakes Made at Work

Videos Made
It’s the season finale of The Unicorn Hunt! Don’t be sad, though. I have some Fun Facts posts on our Tumblr going up every Wednesday, and we will be back with Season 2 before you know it. If you want to help us make Season 2, you can support us on Patreon.

Fun Had
I was so jealous of the photos Mandy was taking on Take Your Action Figure to Work Day because I did not know about it, nor did I own any action figures. I thought it would have been so cute to have a little Avenger helping me make cakes at work. Well, I liked this idea so much that I wouldn't let it go and it evolved into what I have named My Tiny Heroes. It will be an ongoing photo series, posted on my Instagram (#MyTinyHeroes) and also on its own Tumblr. I really wanted to start my action figure collection with an Avenger, but I found no appropriately pose-able figures at Wal-Mart that day, so I started with a no less awesome hero: Angry Raphael. He's angry. I can't wait to see what he does when I ask him to help me make cookies.

Link & Likes
Jimmy Kimmel Live turned viral videos into epic movie trailers. There are four altogether, but I think this interpretation of Charlie Bit My Finger starring the Hemsworth brothers is my favorite.

I love Lily Allen's video for Our Time. I can't wait for the album!

I've been happily dancing around to Pharrell's Happy this month, and I love this cover by Walk Off the Earth.

The ladies of A Beautiful Mess are always inspiring. I'm not always interested in their DIY or recipe posts, but they also post gems like this article about working in Young Industries (in their case, blogging). It's a good read for anyone pursuing an Internet-centered career, as it's all new and always changing!
TishThe Unicorn Hunt, video
Contemplating Careers (+ a Love Letter to my Friends)

“When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not. What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn't they matter most now?
- Max Lucado

Sometimes something comes into your life at just the right time. Something that gives you an answer that you weren’t even looking for. You watch a movie, read a book, see a photo, a place, or, in my case, a quote on Pinterest.

I’ve been having one of those mid-twenties-existential-life-crisis-things lately. Maybe just a minor one. Or the beginning of one. When things got rocky for the business I work for, I suddenly had to consider other job opportunities, which made me realize that I didn’t want to get another job in another bakery. When I think about my life path, I am not a cake decorator in my 30’s, 40’s, and beyond. I’m an Internet content creator. I’m a writer. I’m a filmmaker. I’m a producer. I’m traveling and meeting people in the entertainment industry. I’m not still getting up at 5am, wearing a hairnet all day, and working for someone else. So, I decided that if I was going to change jobs, it couldn’t be a lateral move. I had to move upwards and onwards. I had to look for jobs in media production. The problem with that is; I live in Ottawa. Not Toronto, Vancouver, or even Montreal. Ottawa is not exactly a hub of activity for the film industry. I’ve always known this and always planned to move to Vancouver eventually. However, when faced with this sudden need, not just want, for a job change, it all hit me at once. I’m 24. I’m still living in Ottawa, a city I chose only for its proximity to my parents and friends. I have no money saved. I am no closer to moving across the country than I was 4 years ago when I started working. My dreams are still daydreams. So, what am I going to do about it?

I’m a procrastinator. I get comfortable where I am and lose motivation. The problem is; I’m not unhappy. I like my job and my coworkers. I like my little apartment and the things in it. I like having two of my best friends living close enough to hang out often. I like visiting my parents on long weekends. But I don’t have a car. I live in a basement apartment. I hate the weather 5 months of year. I don’t have any money to travel. I don’t have any friends with similar interests (ie. Internet, video, movies).

So, I did what I’ve done several times before. I started Googling flight costs to visit my friend in Victoria, the cost of living in Vancouver vs. Ottawa, moving costs, jobs in Vancouver, etc. But even if I can save up the money for the move, and I finally get me and my stuff to the West Coast, get a job in media, meet lots of cool industry people, and have opportunities to travel there will be one big piece of a happy life missing. My friends. I’ve had the same best friends since I was 15. We’re family. We’re inseparable. They understand me and put up with me. We fight and make up. Sometimes I forget that we are not the same person. We are introverts that don’t meet a lot of new people or make new friends. Two of my besties I see regularly and another that I haven’t seen in years just moved back to Ontario from Alberta. I haven’t made any new friends since film school. What would I do in a brand new city without any friends? Ya, sure, I could make new friends with similar interests and we could create together. But, as much as I dream about the amazing experiences I would have working in media/film, traveling all over the world, I can’t imagine not seeing my friends' kids grow up. I can’t imagine not getting together with my girls regularly for game nights and good times. On the one hand, I can think that 24 is still young. I will have plenty of new friendships and relationships in my life. 50 years from now, I could be getting together with a new group of ladies for game night. But on this other hand is 10 years of friendship with girls who may not share my love of making videos or understand social media, but who have loved me for 10 years and will love me for 100 more. Girls who I hope I am still getting together with for game nights in 50 years.

And that was what made me realize that no amount of mild Winter weather, or proximity to the entertainment industry that I love so much, can replace how I feel when I see my friend at my door, when I see my friend play with her kids, when I see my friend with her fiancé, when I will see my friends get married, when I will be asked for Cool Aunt Tish advice, when I get to celebrate my friend’s birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, jobs, babies, lives with them. Nothing’s better than my friends. I’m better with my friends.

I’m not giving up my career dreams to stay in a city that I don’t like just so I don’t have to make new friends. I’ve had the dream of Vancouver in my mind since I was 12, when I used a video camera for the first time and knew that I wanted to be a filmmaker. That dream has stuck with me, but it’s also evolved. All these revelations have reminded me of my other incarnation of my dream; being able to work from anywhere. I’ve always known that I want to travel, and in recent years it’s becoming more and more clear that whatever I pursue creatively that it’s going to involve the Internet. Well, working on the Internet and traveling work well together because the Internet can travel with me. Yes, Vancouver is nice if you want to start as a PA and work your way up in the industry to be a camera assistant or other crew member. But that’s never been my dream. I’ve always been intent on carving my own path, and I’ve been slowly working away at it since I was a teenager.

So, I’ve got a new life plan. Enjoy your 20’s. Now is the time to be broke. Now is the time to spend all the time you can with your friends because, you think you’re grown-ups now, well, there are still more kids to be had, marriages to happen, jobs to be taken, moves to be made. But right now, you and your friends are here, so fucking enjoy it. You don’t need money or a new city to sit down with your laptop and write. Make videos. Share your work. Make a name for yourself. Maybe someday it will take you places. Or maybe you’ll have to take yourself places with the money you finally saved up from your day job and your Google Adsense. You’re only 24. You’ve got time for all that. But right now, you’ve got your laptop and your friends. So fucking enjoy it.

Tishpersonal, Writing
Baked: Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is the third vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that I've tried. The first was from The Joy of Vegan Baking. It used powdered egg replacer as the eggs. My cookies always turned out flat and kind of gross looking, tough not soft.

My next recipe was a friend's recipe for her delicious, soft, chewy cookies that she would spoil us with in high school. I veganized it by using soft tofu to replace the eggs. My cookies never turned out as big and fluffy as hers used to, but they were chewy and delicious. The only thing about the recipe that I didn't like was the soft tofu. I used less than half of the container of tofu, and it only lasted a couple days in the fridge, so I was always wasting tofu. And, it's not an ingredient I have on-hand, so if I had a craving for cookies, I had to add tofu to my grocery list instead of being able to whip up a batch right away.

This latest recipe is from Chloe's Vegan Desserts and it is my favorite so far. It uses only ingredients that I always have on hand, which makes it easy. I first made them a few weeks ago, and I had to substitute a bit because I wasn't quite as prepared as I thought, and I tried out chocolate chunks instead of chips. The cookies were delicious, soft, and chewy just how I like them. I didn't love the chunks instead of chips, though. They made the cookies wonky shapes and did not distribute the chocolate evenly in each bite.

I wanted to perfect this recipe, so I made it again yesterday, with a few changes. I tried out tiny chocolate chips (even distribution of chocolate) and I chilled the dough before baking (prevents spreading, so your cookies stay thicker). I had two trays of cookies. The first tray I baked for the recommended 12 minutes. They turned out to be a few minutes under-baked. So, I kept the second tray in for longer and they were about 5 minutes over-baked. The photos above are each tray right out of the oven. The cookies look so much bigger right out of the oven, but as they cool they deflate. It always makes me a little sad because I think without eggs you can't get those really big fluffy chewy cookies, but vegan cookies are still just as delicious and have a great chewy texture (if you bake them right).

Below, you can see what each tray of cookies ended up looking like. They're both chewy and delicious, but the under-baked are soft and the over-baked are a tougher kind of chewy, with a bit of a crispy finish. I prefer under-baked to over-baked, but if I wanted to eat raw cookie dough, I would have kept snacking from the bowl, instead of stopping to make it into cookies. I will have to try this recipe again soon, with regular size chocolate chips and the perfect baking time. I'm glad I've finally got a recipe that is easy to put together and gives the perfect result. A good chocolate chip cookie recipe is an essential for any baker.

Movie Marathon: Planets in the Sky

This is what I call extreme science fiction. Hyper-drive, laser weapons, space ships, and terra-formed moons are all fun to watch, but obviously far from our current reality. But, a planet so close to Earth that we can see it in the sky? That's bringing some serious science fiction home. Like most science fiction, the situation is clearly impossible, or at the very least hard to comprehend, but unlike podracing in a galaxy, far, far away, the idea of outer space affecting our life here on our little planet might unnerve you a little bit. Or a lot, if you're me. And you coincidentally watched both of these movies within one weekend and got thoroughly freaked out by the concept of other planets getting all up in Earth's face.


is divided into two parts. The first takes place at a wedding where we follow the bride, groom and their families through the reception. It's clear the bride suffers from depression and their relationship is codependent as the groom comforts the bride through her little bouts of depression and family drama. There are family fights, awkward speeches, and, of course, dancing. At the end of Part One, our bride, Justine, who apparently knows the night sky very well, comments that a star is gone. It's spot in the sky is just black.

In part two, we become aware that the reason that star was not to be found was because a new planet, Melancholia, was in front of it. It's months later and Melancholia now appears bigger than the moon in the blue sky. Justine, suffering from her depression, has come to stay with her sister, Claire, and her family. Claire is freaking out about Melancholia coming closer to Earth. The media is assuring the public that the planet will pass by Earth with no damage, but the conspiracy theorists online have convincing diagrams that show otherwise...

Overall, part one is pretty boring and part two freaked me out.

Another Earth

also has an ominous beginning. Rhoda is driving home intoxicated after celebrating her acceptance to MIT when she notices a 'star' in the sky that wasn't there before. While distracted, she drives into another car containing a man, woman, and child. Four years later, Rhoda is released from prison, and seeks out the man whose family she killed. She becomes a part of his life without ever revealing her secret. Meanwhile, the new planet is close enough that we can see it in the sky and it looks to be identical to Earth. When it gets close enough, communication is possible and we discover that the planet not only looks like Earth, but holds identical people on it as well...

Aside from the sci-fi aspects, this movie is really a character-driven film. It focuses on the relationship between Rhoda and the man. I think it's really interesting to watch a unique personal relationship develop not just in our regular old world, but with this enormous inter-planetary event happening. It gives the movie an opportunity to step back from the central relationship, with another interesting aspect of their world to learn about. Some character-driven films lose any sense of plot, they are just so involved in a single personal relationship.

So, if you're ready for some too-close-to-home science fiction stories, watch both these movies tonight and see if you don't get an ominous feeling in your gut the next time you see the full moon during the day...

Recollections: Cool Runnings

New Blog Feature Alert!

This feature is for those movies considered “classics”, that we’ve all seen (several times), that I can write about without spoiling anything. For these movies, I have a lot of questions. Let’s take a look back at our favorite movies through the form of questions. A lot of questions. Some of which may actually have answers, but most of which just bring up more questions.

The Olympics were last month. Right? I try to ignore it as much as possible as I have very strong opinions about the Olympics. (Namely the money and the spirit of competition). The one good thing about all that Olympics talk was that it reminded me to watch one of my favorite movies, Cool Runnings. And that is as close as I want to get to the Olympics.

“Jamaica, we have a bobsled team!"

Is this based on a true story?

Wikipedia tells me, yes, it is. Although, a lot has been changed to make it a more dramatic movie. Well, real life is never as interesting as movies, so that makes sense.

"Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up! It’s


push-cart time!"

Anybody want to start a push-cart league?

This looks super fun! Was it just an 80’s thing? Or a Jamaica thing? This seems way cooler than those soap box derbies The Scouts or whoever does. But, why are there children riding on the carts, if the adult is doing the pushing and the driving? I feel a child endangerment lawsuit coming on...

They really wouldn’t redo that race?

Is that not considered the same as someone interfering with the race? The guy who tripped, fine, he fucked up his shot, but the two he tripped didn’t do anything wrong! That doesn’t seem fair.

"What’s a bobsled?"

A bobsled is a push-cart with no wheels.

"How ‘bout I draw a line down the middle of your head so it looks like a butt?"

Ha ha ha ha. I did it. It looks like a butt.

"Sanka, man, whatcha smokin’?"

Accurate depiction of Canadian winter is accurate. (He's not smoking, he's breathing.)

Is that really how you register for the Olympics?

You just walk up to a guy at a table wearing a lot of buttons on his lapels and say you want to register a Jamaican bobsled team? Maybe I’ll try that some time.

Is this the brotherly love that everyone says the Olympics is all about?

Whenever I say that I am against the Olympics, people come back with this nonsense about it bringing all the countries of the world together. Ya, it brings all the countries of the world together to


! For what? Little medals? Pride? Statistics? Money? They try to make it look like they’re creating world peace with the beautiful opening and closing ceremonies, but it’s all just competition. Everyone wants to be the best. There are no touching stories of athletes carrying fallen competitors across finish lines in real life, guys. Those people are in it to win it, no matter the cost. I just don’t see the point. It costs billions of dollars to put on the Olympics. If we put that much money towards helping people in need, instead of fostering unhealthy competitive nature in people, maybe we could actually celebrate some world peace. Just saying.

"You wanna know what I see? I see pride. I see power. I see a bad ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody."

Which Jamaican bobsledder are you?

I’m Sanka. When it comes to bobsledding, we are all Sanka. Because who da fuck can actually do bobsled? Or chin-ups?!

“What exactly does it mean?”

‘Cool Runnings’ means ‘peace be the journey’.

Is this the best version of The Lord’s Prayer you’ve ever heard?

I’m not one for sports or religion, but this is brilliant. “Our Father, who art in Calgary, Bobsled be thy name. Thy kingdom come, gold medals won, on Earth as it is in Turn Seven. With Liberty and Justice for Jamaica and Haile Selassie. Amen.”

Are you feeling the Olympic feels?

I am. I feel the feels. Put something in a movie and it is in a central line directly into my heart. If you tried to tell me the story of the Jamaican bobsled team, I would be like “Ha ha ha. Jamaica. Weed. Bob Marley. WTF is bobsledding, anyway?” But goddamnit, you tell me that story in a movie and I am ALL THE FEELS. Jamaica feels. Olympic feels. Bobsled feels.

Are you crying?

*sniff* Me, neither...

February Round-Up
Movies Watched
Upside Down - The concept of two planets being so close together and their gravity applying only to their respective matter intrigued the sci-fi nerd in me. The love story was kind of sweet, but the flaws in the physics distracted me.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - This is an example of my excellent movie instincts. I knew I wanted to see this movie as soon as I saw the trailer. Despite poor reviews and general lack of enthusiasm from the public, it stayed on my list. I loved it. It is so bad ass. I have a default interest in anything fairy tale or witches, so it already had those going for it, but that's not why it's great. It had cheeky humor when it needed to, it had a good back story revealed throughout, and it is just super bad. Ass.

Camp Takota - If you have not heard of this movie, then you're not an avid YouTube watcher. YouTube stars Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart got together to star in this movie that Mamrie wrote. It was not the laugh riot I expected of these hilarious girls, but I don't mean that as a bad thing. It was most definitely funny but not in an obnoxious way, like trying to shove in as many jokes as possible. It was smart kind of funny and was a really nice story. You can buy it on iTunes now!

Identity Thief - This is an example of going against my movie instincts. I was not too interested in seeing this movie based on the trailer. However, my friend insisted it was hilarious and the short scene she showed me was pretty funny, so I took a chance on it. It had it's funny moments and jokes. I love Melissa McCarthy, of course, but overall it didn't do it for me. And I hated the ending.

The Cell - Based on my love of The Fall and Mirror Mirror, I was interested to see this earlier film directed by Tarsem Singh as well. It had the cinematic beauty of The Fall, but much darker. I loved it. It's definitely disturbing, but just so incredible to watch.

The Fall - After watching The Cell, I had the urge to watch one of my favorite films, The Fall, again. I realized right away that this was my first time watching it since getting my HDTV because- Wow. It is so beautiful. And the story is so beautiful and heartbreaking. It's amazing to watch Lee Pace (yummy!) interact with the young Spanish-speaking actress, it's so realistic (because she really didn't understand English very well, a lot was improvised). This is a movie that I will always recommend to everyone.

Midnight in Paris - Nothing like a movie set in Paris to give your mind an escape for a couple hours. And Paris in the 20's? I die. It's all so lovely and such an adventure.

Beautiful Creatures - I was in the mood for a fantasy, so I chose this one. It was a little too familiar. High school kids, special powers, "But, I love him!". It was pretty cool, but the kind of movie you can tell is based on a book because things move along a little too quickly and feel unexplained.

TV Watched
Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Just background viewing. I've seen it all before, so I don't laugh out loud too much, but it's something I can ignore or just listen to without missing out.

Miranda - I've mentioned before my distaste for laugh-track sit-coms, but this is a big exception. Miranda Hart is hilarious. All the characters are hilarious, but not unrealistic caricatures. I love that she "breaks the fourth wall" by giving the camera looks or repeating jokes, she introduces each episode like she's catching up with the audience, and at the end of each episode everyone waves goodbye. It's not the usual "dry" humor you expect from British shows, it's a lot of physical comedy, actually.

Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls - Oh, Bryan Fuller... Why do they pick on you so? Does every Bryan Fuller show have to be cancelled so soon? The last one he tried to make didn't even make it past the pilot! (Mockingbird Lane) I love re-watching Bryan Fuller shows. They're funny and cute and just a joy to watch. But also, a little dark.

Web Series Watched
Friendship is Witchcraft - This is a genius parody show. The creators dubbed over episodes of the My Little Pony show, Friendship is Magic, to make it hilarious and weird. Like, really weird. It got taken off YouTube for copyright infringement, of course, but someone else uploaded it, thank goodness.

The Better Half, The Neighbors, and Kiss Her I’m Famous - I found some article on Buzzfeed about lesbian web series you should watching, so I checked them all out and these are three that I liked. They all have an effortless quality about them. The acting is just so natural. I particularly love The Better Half. The characters are adorable together.

Books Read
The Host - Okay, I've barely read any of this book, to be honest. I just haven't been in a reading mood, okay? I read this years ago when it was new, and after the movie came out I had to decide if I wanted to re-read the book before seeing the movie or vice versa. I decided to re-read it first, so I don't have any movie images or interpretations invading my reading. I remember when I was reading it, wondering how they could turn it into a movie (I often do that with novels) because the majority of conversations take place between two beings inhabiting one body. I guess I'll find out when I finally finish the book and watch the movie.

Music Heard
Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Rey - It's sooooooo dreamy and beautiful. I just close my eyes and sway slowly while listening to it.

Take Me to Church by Hozier - At first listen it seemed like a love song, but after listening to it more, I decided it seems more like singing to one's muse, than a person. I love (attempting to) belt out the chorus, so I've added it to my list of songs to learn on the piano.

Say You’ll Be There by MØ - Why are there not more Spice Girls covers in the world?

Girl Talk by Kate Nash - I don't love the whole album, but there are a few fun songs like Fri-End? and OMYGOD!

Cakes Made

Videos Made

Fun Had
Over a year ago, I donated to a Kickstarter for a web series that I loved created by a girl I loved (Marissa A. Ross) called Tangents & the Times. The Kickstarter's success meant that we got more episodes of this great series. Well, they finally got around to mailing out the Kickstarter rewards, and I received my copy of the series on DVD, along with a personal note from Marissa. Aside from the excitement of having the series on DVD to watch (which I did that night, of course), the note from Marissa was really touching because she actually remembers who I am (and likes my cakes!). After a few weeks of shitty things happening, that note was just what I needed to cheer me up and inspire me. I think Marissa is a great writer and just an awesome person. She's the kind of person that serves as great inspiration for me, but not because I want to be just like her. Yes, I do want to pursue writing like she has, but it's seeing her do things like this web series and hearing about her writing a TV pilot that give me that "If she can do it, I can do it" lift I need. I'll stop gushing, now. You start watching.

TishThe Unicorn Hunt
20 Habits to Change This Year

Inspired by my 24th birthday, the new year, and this article from Hello Giggles, I’ve been working on my own list of habits to quit, start, or change this year. The Hello Giggles article focused on bad habits to break, but as I started writing my own list I found the bad habits restriction limiting and quite negative. I could think of many more good habits that I should start than bad habits I have. I always find it more motivating and productive to focus on the good things you want to happen, not the bad things you want to go away.
I’m sure you can relate to some of these, and maybe you’ll also make a commitment to changing some of your habits this year!

Mindless TV eating
Pretty much all my spare time is spent sitting (lying) in bed watching TV & movies. I also spend a lot of my spare time eating. I just love food, guys. This means I am guilty of the big bad food habit- mindless TV eating. When you watch TV while eating, you just keep eating and eating and eating because you’re not paying attention to it. I need to start caring more about my food, cooking meals instead of constantly snacking, and sitting down at a table to eat like a civilized person.

Being “just in time” for work
I am that person, guys. I’m always running late. I always push the limit of how much time I have to get ready whether it’s for work, an appointment, or a friend coming over. Of course, a boss calls you out on always bring five minutes late, but you know it’s really bad when you’re friends are constantly telling you “Come on, Teeeesh! Let’s gooooo!” I think this is a simple act of being mature, responsible, grown-up, all that good stuff. How hard is it for me to leave home 5 minutes earlier in the morning? It’s not hard at all, actually. So I need to get my ass in motion.

Keeping my apartment clean
I hate cleaning. I love a clean and organized space, but my cleaning moods come few and far between. It’s only when I know I have company coming over that I look around and think how embarrassed I would be for someone to see my overflowing bins and piles of dirty dishes. This is an everyday habit that I have to get into. Just tidy up a little bit everyday, and then I don’t have to spend an entire day of my weekend cleaning, or speed-clean before a friend stops by.

Compulsive Checking Disorder
This is what I have dubbed my incessant need to re-re-re-check my phone, refresh Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Even when it’s 7am on a Sunday, and I know that no one is on the Internet, I will still pick up my phone every five minutes and go through everything. Sometimes it’s a symptom of being stuck in a public place with nothing but my phone to keep me company. I need to be aware of how often I go back to social media sites throughout the day. It’s not like I’ll miss anything. In fact, it’s better the less I check because then when I do, I can take a break and scroll through Tumblr for five minutes instead of seeing one new post at a time because I’m going back every five minutes. I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering from CCD, right?

Choosing TV over any other activity
I need a physical and mental break when I get home from work, so I go straight for bed and turn on my computer/tv to watch whatever old series I’m currently re-watching. But after a couple episodes of chill out time, I could step it up to watching a new movie, reading a book, or even, if my brain is up for it, writing. I need to learn that TV is fine for a little bit of chill-out time and break-from-work time, but re-watching Friends is not how I want to spend my life.

Cheating on my vegan diet
Okay, I’m admitting it officially. Over the past four years of my veganism, I have occasionally slipped back into mere vegetarianism. It’s the cheesey snacks, guys. They are my weakness. I also regularly ignore “milk ingredients” on some of my favorite food staples. It’s time I not only stopped “cheating” but, more importantly, found some healthier options for my snacks and meals.

Daydreaming about ideas instead of working on ideas
I’m a daydreamer. That may sound romantic in songs, but it actually means that I would rather basically nap, playing out scenarios in my head than, say, write down some ideas that I could actually do. Instead of dreaming of winning an Oscar, I should sit down and work on my web series. Because the web series is happening, and the Oscar won’t happen without everything that comes in between your first web series and your first feature film. The good news is I got my acceptance speech down pat. ;)

Letting Facebook give me a false sense of closeness with long distance friends
A while ago I realized that it had been a very long time since I had had an actual one-on-one conversation with one of my dearest friends. I blame Facebook. I didn’t realize it for so long because I see her updates in my feed. We like and comment on each other’s stuff. But that’s not friendship! I need to stop relying on Facebook and instead make an effort to text far away friends more often and make some Skype dates.

Spending extra money immediately
I don’t make a lot of money, okay? I make enough to live on but I can't seem to save up for anything big. Whenever I have some money left over after rent & bills, I think of what I can check off my wish list like a new camera, a new TV, or a winter wardrobe. I need to resist spending for a while, so I can see some savings build up and get excited about the really BIG things I’m saving for (like moving somewhere warmer!)

Read more
I know, what a cliché resolution-type thing. It’s true, though! I used to read so much more as a teenager. I could go to a bookstore, browse the Teen Fiction section and come out of there with a couple books about teenage girls that I would absolutely love. Since growing out of the teen fiction time of my life, I find it harder to find books I want to read, particularly fiction. I guess I just don’t know what I like. I currently have quite a few books I’ve picked up recently to read, though. New ones like How to Be a Woman and old ones that I want to re-read like The Host and Jurassic Park.

Say "Yes" more often
I don’t need to go nuts about it like in Yes Man, but I need to start taking some risks and opening myself up to new experiences. This includes little things like trying a new food to big things like getting out of the house and meeting new people. I mean, the worst that can happen is I endure an experience that I don’t like. At least it’s an experience.

Stop biting off more than I can chew
I’ve always been a girl that “dreams big” but sometimes I attempt something I can’t follow through with. This is everything from downloading movies that I think I want to see but never watching them to starting projects like blogs or videos that I don’t continue. I think this is because I just want to do so much, I tend to get ahead of myself in the process and put something out there before I’ve thought through the entire process. I’ve been doing really well with planning and consistency with The Unicorn Hunt, so perhaps I’m already on my way to curbing this habit.

Text speak
I just really want to stop using “lol” and “was like” when texting. I’ve never been a bad texter that uses “2” and other weird abbreviations. I do generally type “ha ha ha” if I’m actually laughing, or “BAH! HA HA HA HA!”, you know, depending on my actual laughter. But I find myself adding “lol” to the end of texts to make sure that the tone is lighthearted. Instead, I (we all) need to just write clear, more descriptive messages that create their tone with words. Remember words? I also don’t know why I constantly write stuff like “And then I was like “Go away.” and he was like “No.”” When I could write concisely, using the return button and colons to type a conversation like a script. Me: Go away Him: No. (What does it say about me that I chose that interaction as a sample conversation?)

Overcome my fear of the phone
I'm only okay talking on the phone with my parents. I don't have to worry about awkward silences or being embarrassed. I'm okay using the phone at work because I just have to be professional. But every time my phone rings, I stare at it in terror and try to work up the courage to answer it but by then it's gone to voicemail. What’s the worse that can happen, Tish? Come on.

Drink more often but drink less at a time
My friends and I don’t party or go out much (read: ever) so the few occasions a year when we have a party with drinking, I tend to over-do it. I want to be more of a grown-up about alcohol and less of a college kid (not that I was ever a binge-drinking, partying college kid). I want to learn to make cocktails, try new drinks when we go out, and generally drink more often.

Watch more new movies, less old tv
I always have an old tv show going as my “background watching”, but more often than not, I just plop myself down in bed and just watch that show that I’ve watched a million times already instead of doing things with it on in the background. I have some weird backwards sense of my attention span. When I think of watching a movie, I look at the clock and think “Oh, that’s two whole hours, I dunno…” but I will sit down to watch that background show while I eat and then never stop watching it. Three hours later, nothing has been accomplished, but I could have expanded my mind with a new movie experience instead of dulling it with an old tv experience. I’ve started keeping track of my movie watching this year (I’ve been keeping track of my old-tv watching for a year already, to avoid watching a show too often and ruining it) and so far I’ve watched 11 new movies and 2 old movies. I’m working my way through the 40+ movies that I have but haven’t watched yet at a pretty good rate, I think.

Make an effort to make Internet friends/connections
Like many introverts, I turn to the Internet to live most of my life. However, I manage to be an introvert even on the Internet. Even Internet socializing is exhausting for me. I find it hard to connect with people on the Internet because you have to really put yourself out there and be vulnerable. I could reply to someone’s tweet, or comment on their blog post and never hear back because they are like a super-popular Internet famous person who doesn’t have time to mingle with lowly non-Internet-famous people. I don’t understand how people make friends on Twitter. How can you begin any sort of relationship with 140-character bits of conversation back and forth? I have been tweeting at cool people and making more of an effort to comment on blogs that I like, though. I have one Internet friend, and I honestly cannot remember how we became friends.

Make an effort to make real-life friends
Not surprising that this is difficult for me since, as I said, I am an introvert. And so are my friends. I don’t know how people meet new people other than through people they already know. So, my problem with that is that my friends also don’t meet new people to introduce me to. We each live in our own small world. I have found it so hard to make friends since high school/college when you’re forced to spend everyday with a bunch of people, so you can slowly make contact and build something up. How do you make friends with strangers you just meet? Right now my friend project is making friends with a girl at work. First step: inviting her to hang out. In person. Outside of work. I hope I can do it...

Offline hobbies
Since the Internet has become such a big part of my life (circa high school) it’s hard for me to imagine anything mattering that isn’t Internet-able. If it doesn’t get Instagrammed, or Twittered, or blogged then did it really happen? Obviously, this is an unhealthy way to think about life. I need to start making time for hobbies and activities that I enjoy, but are not exactly “shareable”. Things like practicing on my keyboard that I got for Christmas, craft projects that are just for me (not DIYs), etc. Not everything I do has to be Internet-able. I can at least show my real-life friends what I learned to play on the keyboard, or the pillowcase I sewed.

Bring the laptop to bed ;)
This may sound like a bad habit; being so lazy that I won’t get up and sit at my computer desk, but this actually makes me more productive. I’m writing this in bed right now, actually. I do like to sit down at the computer and get work done sometimes, but after a while my butt is like “Get off of meeeeee!” and I need to go be horizontal in bed for a break. But when I bring my laptop into bed, I can rearrange myself to get comfy and last longer on the computer. The real reason I’m reluctant to move my laptop anywhere is because for a laptop- it’s not so portable! When it’s at my desk, it’s plugged into two hard drives, my TV, and my stereo. So to use it in bed I have to transfer anything I’ll need from the two hard drives onto the MacBook itself and untangle some cords to keep it plugged into the TV & stereo (because I may be working, but I can work with an old TV show or music playing).

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