I’ve been making videos for YouTube since 2006. I’ve made sketches, vlogs, DIYs, baking, music videos, short films, movie reviews, scripted web series, and talked to a camera a lot. Here are some of my favorites from over the years. Go to my YouTube for the rest.

where will i dig my roots?

Thanks to my friends at the OIAF, Juliana and I got passes to the 2017 Ottawa International Animation Festival!


it's been a slow slow march waiting for a reason to move
it's been a slow slow start but i'm hoping that i'll make it to june

The first season of my first scripted web series I made in 2013-14.


Dear July, I tried to capture a bit of life every single day. I got most of them.

Smash or Pass is the dumbest YouTube trend, so I made it into a weird game! Instead of people, we're choosing between two aliens from Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, DC, and more!


The Queen of Hearts shows you how to make cherry tart cupcakes and a pomegranate blood orange champagne cocktail.

In which I won a trip to Montreal for RIDM.


Ariel is here to show you how to make her favorite under the sea treats; chocolate cupcakes with sea salt buttercream and a fish bowl cocktail!